Costa Rica's Kenton: Mexicans Are Not Humble

Costa Rica manager Rodrigo Kenton said Mexicans lack humility and rarely treat Central American rivals with respect.
After the release of Hernan Medford as Costa Rica's boss, Rodrigo Kenton has taken over and has found success.  

Costa Rica advanced effortlessly into the Hexagonal round of World Cup qualifying with the most points out of any other team in CONCACAF. They also won their opener against a very tough Honduras squad. But their next opponent is Mexico and the Azteca where they will really be tested. Kenton though feels confident in that his side can come out victorious. He mentioned that the Mexican’s will underestimate Costa Rica like they do to all the other Central American squads.

“They always underestimate the teams from Central America. They always say that the Central American teams are not rivals to them. Mexicans also say that they should be participating in European tournaments, and that to us shows their lack of humility”, said Kenton.

He mentioned that Costa Rica deserve respect. After all, they beat Mexico in Estadio Azteca eight years ago heading into the 2002 World Cup.

“I think that’s what hurt them the most, because if they would have had respect, if they would have been careful, maybe the impact wouldn’t have been that hard”, he mentioned.

Although Kenton is confident, it will take more than just Mexico’s lack of humility for them to win the game. The Azteca has always been a fortress for Mexico and taking them down there will be extremely difficult. Not only will there likely be 100,000-plus fans cheering for El Tri, but Costa Rica will also have to factor in the smog and the altitude. The Mexicans will be more accustomed to these types of conditions and will be real difficult to take down.

Costa Rica will hope that Mexico’s lack of humbleness will cause them the game and ultimately provide their second “Aztecazo”.

Sylvestre Adame,