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Tecos President Antonio Leaño said that Rafael Marquez should no longer be allowed to wear the captain's armband following a red card against the U.S.

Tecos President Antonio Leaño said Thursday that, if it were up to him, the Mexican national team would have a new captain.

Rafael Marquez was sent off from Wednesday's 2-0 loss to the United States following a vicious kick to U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard. Marquez will miss at least one World Cup qualifier due to suspension but FIFA is investigating the red card and may suspend the Barcelona man further.

Leaño would be in favor of extending that punishment even more.

"Marquez cannot continue doing these types of things... There should be a harsh reprimand," he said. "If you ask me, stripping him of the captaincy would be a good way of letting him know that you cannot commit those types of acts."

Marquez, who also was sent off in the 2002 World Cup and the 2005 Confederations Cup, privately apologized to his teammates, coaches and federation officials immediately after the match, then publicly apologized to the media and fans. He claimed his desire to win sometimes forces him to act in a way that he would not otherwise, and that he would try and control his temper in the future.

That future should not feature the captain's armband around his arm, Leaño insisted. Additionally, Leaño said further changes should be in order for the national team. Oswaldo Sanchez was at fault on both goals and could have done far better, Leaño said.

"I believe on both goals Oswaldo Sanchez is at fault," he said. "On the first one, he lets the ball bounce around when he could have thrown his body on it. A goalkeeper of his caliber cannot make those kinds of mistakes. The second goal was just disastrous. A goalkeeper with his kind of experience can be valuable, but in this game his mistakes were more noticeable."

Two goalkeepers, including Tecos' Jesus Corona, are waiting in the wings behind Sanchez, and should Eriksson call on one of the other two Leaño said the team would be well off.

"Guillermo Ochoa, whom I think is a talent, and Chuy Corona has demonstrated his worth in the past. And there is (Chivas') Luis Michel and others too."