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Federation executives Justino Compean and Decio de Maria try and calm fears upon arriving in Mexico City on Thursday.

Despite rumors and speculation surrounding Sven-Goran Eriksson's standing with the Mexican national team, Mexico Football Federation officials said Thursday that support for the Swede has not wavered.

FMF officials held a press conference at Mexico City International Airport early Thursday, a day after Mexico lost to the United States 2-0 in the opening World Cup qualifying match for both sides.

"We fully stand behind Eriksson because our objective is to reach the World Cup. And we will be at the World Cup," FMF President Justino Compean said in a press conference. "There are 30 points at stake and we missed out on the first three. It pains us to lose just as much as it pains... the players, the fans, our families. There is no justifying this defeat."

Eriksson has been linked to an English Premiership opening as English media have speculated whehter or not Eriksson would fill Portsmouth's coaching vacancy.

His future, though, seems filled with CONCACAF matches instead of EPL games, and the next challenge will be preparing for Costa Rica. Mexico will host los ticos on March 28 in a World Cup qualifier.

FMF officials said they hope the team will respond.

"We want to win to have a better image," Compean said. "The national team's image diminishes when we don't give everything we have on the field. But when we play like we are capable of and put forth our maximum effort, that does not happen."

The bottom line, though, is winning. Mexico can ill afford not to beat Costa Rica at home, as El Tri will head to the road for two matches afterwards.

"We have to win. We are all aware of this, and Eriksson knows that while we don't win, we have not accomplished anything," Compean said. "If we don't win, there will be no justification for anything, explanations possibly but no justifying our losses."

Meanwhile, FMF General Secretary Decio de Maria also tried to calm nerves upon arriving in Mexico City.

"One bad result should not be catastrophic," de Maria said. "We all wanted to win and while we didn't that does not mean we are not going to the World Cup. There are nine games left, 27 points at stake and to formulate conclusions after one game is hazardous."