Patrick Vieira: Manchester City and New York City FC will share playing philosophy

The EPL and MLS sides will attempt to foster a relationship that will benefit both parties when New York City FC enters the league in 2015
NEW YORK -- Manchester City and New York City FC won't just be sharing the same owner, they'll be sharing a playing philosophy as well.

Speaking to reporters, Manchester City U-21 head coach Patrick Vieira said he anticipates that the two teams will display a very similar style when NYCFC takes the field as MLS's 20th team in 2015.

"The style of the game will be the same between New York City and Manchester City," Vieira said. "We will share the same philosophy, we will share the same way of developing young talent, and I think that is why it will be really exciting."

The news will hardly come as a surprise, as representatives of City, NYCFC and co-owners the New York Yankees have admitted loaning players between the two teams will likely take place.

Vieira stressed that each loan will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

"I think we need to find out how we can all together find the right solution for the young boys from Manchester or from anywhere else," the former Arsenal and France national team star said. "It can be to come to the U.S., it can be to play in Manchester... I think when we're talking about the development of young players, we need to find what the best solution is for him to help him to get to his best."

One key figure in the relationship between NYCFC and Manchester City will be Claudio Reyna, who was named director of football for NYCFC on Wednesday. With experience playing both in MLS and with Manchester City, Reyna is an ideal fit for the job.

"We have a lot of challenges, but i believe we have the right people to get the right answer," Vieira said. "Like I said before, I believe Claudio is one of the best American football players of all-time and we're really lucky because he knows MLS, he knows the Premier League, and he knows international football."