Tim Cahill targets first career league trophy with New York Red Bulls

Cahill talks to Goal.com about his transition to New York and MLS from Everton, sharing his intrigue about his new league's open playoff format.
NEW YORK -- Tucked away, leaning against the walls of Manhattan nightclub Spin, Tim Cahill appears more relaxed than usual.

No, it's not because he's avoided the massive amount of media swarming his well-known Red Bulls teammates Thierry Henry or Rafa Marquez at a party showcasing the new FIFA 13.

Rather, it's the Australian Designated Player's first real night on the town since joining the New York Red Bulls in July.

"To be totally honest with you, it's my first day off in a while," Cahill tells Goal.com. "All I've done is either trained or played since arriving here."

In the past two months, Cahill has traveled across the globe, playing for his national team in Jordan and Lebanon with stops in Houston, Kansas City, D.C. and Boston for the Red Bulls. Cahill's road trips with his former club Everton averaged between mostly 300 to 400 miles. Despite the grueling transition, Cahill hasn't complained much about the lengthy amount of time that he's had to spend on the road.

"I've done the best I can to stay fit and stay in the time zone," Cahill says. "I'm finishing games and training the next, regrouping real quick. I'm happy with where my body is and the way the season is going."

New York has gone 3-3-2 in the eight games that Cahill has played, with the midfielder scoring a goal and providing two assists. With the league's highest payroll, it will be up to head coach Hans Backe to effectively utilize the 32-year-old if the Red Bulls hope to contend for the MLS Cup. 

Cahill believes it's only a matter of time before New York develops a cohesive understanding and pulls together results.

"I don't think much needs to change," Cahill says. "We always look for consistency and want to improve but I think we've got a great team with good players."

If there's is one thing that is becoming obvious about Cahill, it's his desire to finally win a league trophy. 

During his eight years with Everton, the closest Cahill came to the Premier League trophy was his first, when the Toffees finished fourth. Still, the Merseyside club was 34 points adrift from title-winning Chelsea FC. For the remainder of his career, Everton hovered consistently between fifth and ninth place in the Premier League.

So Cahill is intrigued by MLS's playoff structure.

"It gives a lot teams a chance to win a title, which is a pretty unique thing," Cahill explained. "I want to enjoy the whole experience of playing away, playing at home, playing in big games. I just want to see what happens."

With the LA Galaxy proving last season that MLS teams can win with star power, eyes will be focused on New York to see if the club can win its first MLS Cup.

Cahill doesn't pay attention on those expectations, instead wanting to focus on developing his relationships with his teammates and getting comfortable in his surroundings. He says that he's involved with a fantasy NFL league with his fellow Red Bulls players and has already been to both a Giants and a Jets game.

Thus far there are no regrets in his decision to move to MLS and New York.

"I've enjoyed the football. It's been a pretty special place," Cahill said. "It just makes me feel like we can reach the playoffs and go on a really good run. "