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The veteran got a win in his 300th match, helping snap a losing skid for Colorado along the way.

It is a number associated with warriors, legends, and champions. Saturday night the number 300 was coupled another champion - 5-time MLS Champion Brian Mullan.

A 1-0 win over rival Real Salt Lake marked Mullan’s 300th appearance in an MLS match. To decorate this rare occasion, president Tim Hinchey and technical director Paul Bravo presented Brian Mullan and his family with a framed Colorado Rapids jersey sporting the number 300.
“It’s great,” Mullan said of the honor. “I’ve had a lot of great years, a lot of great games and bad games.  To be able to win the 300th with the slump we’ve been in, it means a lot.”
Brian Mullan was traded to Colorado, his hometown team, in 2010, the year the club won the MLS Cup. His presence has been a silent strength to the Rapids club.
“Brian Mullan, Aka the ledge (the legend),” smiles forward Omar Cummings. “A guy like Brian is one of those guys with experience and the fight in him to still work hard. He is probably one of the hardest workers in this team and in the league. When you see guys that have won so many championships and are still working that hard, and trying to get the next one, it is motivation for everybody in the locker room.”
After the thrilling 1-0 victory, the players presented Mullan with another 300 Rapids jersey.
“You can’t see above the 300, but it says ‘Da Champ’,” Jeff Larentowicz explained. “We all call him the champ because he has been around so long, and all he has done is won. He is a great guy to have in the locker room, always works hard.
“Whether he was the oldest guy or the youngest guy, I’m sure when he was a rookie, he was working just as hard. We are happy to have him. Like you saw tonight, he can play a lot of different positions and help out the team. Brian’s always there to play hard for us.”
For Brian Mullan, the best part of his night wasn’t being honored for his 300th appearance. It wasn’t even the win after a 6-game losing streak. The moment he will always cherish took place before the game when he entered the stadium with his team, and walked hand in hand with his two sons. For a man who finds more joy in being called a husband and father than he does a 5-time MLS Cup Champion, that moment was one he had dreamed of.
“For me that was the highlight of the night,” Mullan shared, “I have never walked out with them before, and this was good milestone to do it.”

Additional reporting by Tim Gardner

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