Steve Nash: Turning Kobe into a Whitecaps fan will be tough

The newest member of the Los Angeles Lakers told that it's going to be difficult to turn Kobe Bryant, a Galaxy fan, into a Whitecaps fan.
BALTIMORE -- Steve Nash admits that one of his tasks as a new member of Los Angeles Lakers will be to hopefully turn Kobe Bryant into a Vancouver Whitecaps fan.

But he acknowledges the task might be difficult. 

"Yeah," Nash said to laughing before adding, "But he's been in LA for a long time."

Nash is a part owner of the Major League Soccer club which currently sits a point above the Galaxy in fourth place. The two-time NBA Most Valuable Player makes no secret of his love for soccer as he decided to wear No. 10 when joining the Lakers. Nash is one of the league's most gifted playmakers and he credits his love for soccer as part of his court vision, hence the choice in number.

Nash is impressed with the major improvement displayed by Whitecaps, who were MLS's worst team just a season ago. With impressive young players like Darren Mattocks, Nash believes Vancouver has a promising squad. The Canadian point guard also pointed out stellar seasons from two of his veteran defenders.

"I think Lee [Young-Pyo] has been fantastic this year and Jay DeMerit has been amazing this year as well," Nash said. "All of the guys have been great. We gotten some new strikers and midfield players as well so there's a lot of promise."


He added: "We're doing quite well for our second season. Being in the playoff hunt is exciting. We're trying to keep on improving the squad. Sometimes it can be difficult but its constructive as well."

Nash was in attendance at Baltimore's M&T Stadium to watch his beloved Tottenham draw 0-0 against Liverpool. After the game, Nash, in a Spurs jersey, met with some of the team's players and staff. Nash is a lifelong Spurs fan thanks to his family and he states that the past few years have been great to fans of the club.

"The last couple of years have been great being a Tottenham fan but I've been a Spurs fan my entire life, my dad and grandfather were fans. It's part of my family," he said.

"My dad and grandfather are from [the] Tottenham [neighborhood of London]. It's been a part of our family for a long, long time. I was born into it."