Chelsea's Frank Lampard: All-Star games wouldn't work in Europe

The iconic Chelsea midfielder enjoys the idea of an All-Star game but thinks it wouldn't be logistically possible in European soccer leagues.
PHILADELPHIA -- The All-Star game is a staple of the American sports scene as leagues get a chance to market their best collective talent for one night. Could the event work in a European soccer league like the Premier League or La Liga?

Chelsea's Frank Lampard doesn't think so.

"To try to fit another game in our season, it's not that easy," Lampard said at the Major League Soccer All-Star game press conference on Tuesday.

Still, Lampard believes that the event would be a good one if it was ever logistically possible.

"If we had the time, I think it would be a great game," Lampard explained. "I like the idea of a competition that recognizes what players do for their clubs and be rewarded by playing in this kind of a game. Unfortunately, we don't have time for that [in Europe]."


While an All-Star game in Europe's soccer leagues would likely be unfeasible, it could provide many financial benefits to players.

If a soccer star plays for a national team that is rarely involved in major international competition, he is likely to be at a marketing disadvantage to peers that play on established teams. Gareth Bale is a perfect example of a player who likely could likely earn double in sponsorships if he played for a team like England as opposed to Wales.

Having a major event that displays the best of a league would likely bring major income from television deals and that would trickle down to the players. The TV audience would likely rival a Champions League game. A player that is a 10-time All-Star would be a global brand regardless of what national team he plays for.

It also gives fans a chance to see players who never get a chance to play with each other. Imagine seeing Eden Hazard feed Wayne Rooney on a killer pass for an assist. Since the match is a friendly, players could put on a show not having to worry about head coaches getting upset. It would be definitely an entertaining match for fans.

It might be an unrealistic idea but leagues in Europe are missing out on a chance to make serious revenue.