Brek Shea Blog: I'd be honored to be selected for the MLS All-Star game

In his latest entry for, the FC Dallas star and U.S. international says he would appreciate a chance to play for the fans in the star-studded matchup against Chelsea.
Hey everyone,

It's been a while but I'm back to blogging again. The first half of the Major League Soccer season is coming to a close, and entering the second half gives me some optimism.

It isn't a secret that FC Dallas sits at the bottom of the Western Conference. Moving forward, I think the biggest thing for us right now is to just get healthy.

We haven’t had a week all year when we’ve been at full strength. It’s been great having David Ferreira back on the field, but we’re still missing key players, like Blas Perez, George John and Ugo Ihemelu. Even with David and Ricardo back, they aren’t playing at 100 percent yet.

So, getting healthy and staying healthy will go a long way towards getting us back in the hunt. Hopefully, with a more consistent lineup, we can find a rhythm and get on a roll in the second half.

It just takes one win to get things started.

Another reason why I'm excited about the second half is because the All-Star Game in Philadelphia is only a few days away. A lot of people question the value of the All-Star Game because MLS is the only soccer league that has the event, but I like it.

In my opinion, All-Star Games are supposed to be for the fans more than anything. It’s fun to get to play with some of the other guys around the league and it’s always an honor to be selected, but I think across all professional sports, All-Star Games are meant to be something fun for the fans first and foremost.

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Some people have asked me whether or not I feel I deserve to be an All-Star this year. I would, of course, be honored to be chosen, but I think it is recognition for players who have been the best of the first half of this season.

I’ve missed some games because of injury or suspension. I haven’t been healthy to play at 100 percent and our team has struggled in the first half. The honor should go to the players who have had the best first half of the season. You can always debate who deserves or doesn’t deserve an All-Star nod - I think that’s part of the fun for the fans.

But I wouldn't mind having a shot against Chelsea on July 25 . . .

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