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After previously expressing an interest in coaching, Henry admits that it is now unlikely that he will coach after retiring. He also talks about Anelka's decision to play in China

NEW YORK -- After previously expressing a desire to become a head coach one day, Thierry Henry admits that he might have had a change of heart.

The New York Red Bulls star and Arsenal legend spoke with about his future during PUMA's evoSpeed boot launch event in New York last Sunday.

"The more I think about it, it's pretty difficult," Henry explained to "You don't think about it but you need to be a teacher [as a head coach]. Teaching isn't easy. Sometimes you see things yourself but how do you pass it on?

"When you know something and you're talking to someone who just doesn't get it. That must be hard."

Last year, Henry told reporters that his dream would be to take over Arsenal after current head coach Arsene Wenger decided to retire. While he couldn't specifically pinpoint what changed his mind, he stated that the daily challenges that a head coach faces must be overwhelming.

"It's like if I only talk to you as a boss, it's [one thing]. But you have to teach 30 players. Going through all of their temper, their character and dealing with big players, wow," he said.

After Henry retires from soccer, he maintains that he will pursue opportunities within the sport but he is currently undecided on what that will be. Yet, it is looking more and more certain that it won't be coaching.

"The more I see that, the more I'm...Don't get me wrong, I will eventually end up coming back to the game but I don't know how," he said.

Henry also touched on his former France teammate Nicolas Anelka's decision to head to China as opposed to MLS. While Didier Drogba appears to be following Anelka to Shanghai Shenhua, Henry doesn't believe that's necessarily a rejection of the North American league.

"You have to respect the decision of some of the guys," said Henry. "Some of the guys that you are talking about, they've been there and done that. I don't know if you can put it down to a No to MLS, I think it was just more of a choice. Nicolas, I'm sure, felt like he was more into being in China."


Henry wouldn't speculate on Drogba's future but he claims that there are still several top players who want to join the league. He also was adamant that if he was offered a deal similar to Anelka, he'd still pick New York.

"Right from the start, since I was 16, I wanted to play in New York," Henry said. "I called in and offered myself."

"I wanted to come here and I know a lot of players who want to come here," he added.

The all-time leading scorer for the French national team also touched briefly on his time at Arsenal.

"The experience was kind of weird," he said. "When I went there, it was like I never left."

"When I was there I played six games off the bench. It wasn't like wow or anything," he continued. "I did what I had to do which was at the time was helping them.  But it was a great experience."