Bryce Alderson Blog: Rehabbing and the beach

In his latest blog entry for, the Whitecaps youngster provides a footwear update and speaks on rehabbing an injury and the Vancouver beach scene.
Hey guys,

First, a quick update from my last blog.

I finally got my long-awaited shipment of boots!

Finally I can throw out the ripped ones, and throw out the super glue. Our equipment guy got my new boots when the first team was in Boston over the weekend. When I got them I was so thankful, because I could get rid of the old, ratty ones and move on at last.

Of course, now that I don't have to wear women's models or broken boots, the guys on the team will have to come up with new jokes, but that's a good thing!

I'll be breaking the new footwear in soon hopefully, but I'll have to make sure I'm fully healthy first.

I strained my hip flexor last week, and I've been rehabbing it since. It's just a mild strain and I'm really close to getting back to where I should be, but it's been a bit of a pain trying to look after it and get it healthy.

That's just part of being a professional player, though.

Part of rehabbing is learning to relax, so on the weekend I went down to English Bay, which is the beach along downtown Vancouver. I went with a couple of buddies from the Whitecaps residency, and it was actually my first time going to the beach since I've been here, if you can believe it.

We had a great day in terms of weather, so we decided to spend the day down there, which was nice.

I was surprised at how many people were there. I mean, it was a nice day, but at the same time the water is still cold at this time of year. But even so, you can see all kinds of people on the beach: people biking, walking, running, lying on the beach, even a few brave people in the water.


When we saw that, we decided to test out the water for ourselves. We barely put our feet in before deciding to turn back and appreciate the ocean from solid ground.

Maybe in a few weeks.

Until next time.