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The Irish forward eagerly anticipating MLS Cup Final on Sunday.

CARSON, Calif. -- It is surprising that the Robbie Keane has never won a league title.

The Los Angeles Galaxy forward has played for some of the world's most storied clubs including Liverpool, Celtic, Tottenham and Inter in his 14-year playing career. Keane wants to break the trend this Sunday against the Houston Dynamo in the MLS Cup Final.

"That's what you play football for, to be involved with games like this," said Keane. "It's going to be a good day for them [the Los Angeles Galaxy] and a good day for me[if the team wins]."

Keane stated that a major factor in his decision to join the Galaxy was due to the fact that the team was in first place when he joined and he felt would have a legitimate chance to win a domestic title. 

"Yea of course," said Keane explaining that he joined Los Angeles to win a title this year. "You don't come to a team that's fighting at the bottom of the league."

On Tuesday, Keane guided his national team to a 5-1 aggregate playoff win over Estonia, securing the country's first appearance in the European Championships since 1988.  He stated that the Republic of Ireland's pride is at an all-time high.

"As you can imagine, the whole place is on fire right now," said Keane.

If the 31-year-old should succeed in his ambitions of hoisting the MLS Cup on Sunday, the Republic of Ireland captain admitted this week might be one of the best of his career if not the top.

"It would certainly be up there, to lead your team to the European Championship and then to come here in my first season, it would certainly up there," said Keane. " If we win on Sunday, the week couldn't have gone better for me."

In taking part of Republic of Ireland's second leg, Keane got involved in a club versus country dispute. Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena requested that the forward return back to LA after the team posted a 4-0  victory in the opening leg of its playoff tie. Keane and the national team declined the request and returned on Wednesday. There were concerns about his fitness level but Keane has dismissed any worries about his stamina.

"Yea, no problem. I can play 120 minutes I think," he joked.

When pressed to compare the level of play between the Premier League and MLS, Keane pointed to the obvious disadvantage that the American league has.

"The Premiership is the best league in the world because they can go out and buy," said Keane. "I think it would be very wrong to compare us to that. "

Still, Keane believes that the league is beginning to draw interest worldwide. He said that many of his friends and former teammates are impressed with how much the league has grown.

"They think it's pretty big, in Ireland they cover all of the games," said Keane. "Everyone is happy, there are certainly a lot of players that I speak to who would like to play over here."