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Another poor performance up front for the New England Revolution

New England coach Steve Nicol was once again disappointed in his teams performance Saturday night.

“A lot of the problems we had tonight were giving the ball away. We either gave it away or didn’t give a good pass when we were not under any pressure," said Nicol.

New England has constantly been in dull form over the last few matches. Offensive production is clearly the major issue for the team and something needs to change...the question is what?

One thing is clear, it may be time for New England to take more a risky approach to its formation, as it cannot find a way for Rajko Lekic to score. A formation in which Lekic can link up with another forward may prove to be the spark New England needs.

The Revolution does have a defense that has been working for them, goalkeeper Matt Reis prevented FC Dallas from blowing them out on Saturday night. The shape of the defense was one thing that was praised by midfielder Zak Boggs, “I thought our defense shape was good. They definitely did very well moving off the ball.”

One major problem for New England Saturday was the lack of possession, “Dallas took advantage. When we gave the ball away, when you turn the ball over so much your encouraging the opposition to come after you, its hard enough when your away from home," said Nicol.

Throughout the year Nicol and others have singled out issue's in passing that directly relate to their possession numbers. It is clear to change the outcome of their games, New England needs to hold the ball longer.

A short week is ahead as they will travel to New York on Friday to play The Red Bulls. Look for New England to do some work in training this week as Nicol indicated, “We get back on the training field and try to get better passing the ball.”

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