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The former USA boss says he would love to see Ochocinco on the field.

Los Angeles Galaxy boss Bruce Arena says he thinks Chad Ochocinco is a great NFL player and expressed respect for the All-Pro receiver. But when asked if he thought the Cincinnati Bengals star could make it as a soccer pro after Galaxy training on Friday, Arena didn't sound too confident.

"I would be surprised (if he could play), but you never know," Arena said. "I give our sport a little bit more credit. It’s not if our sport goes on strike that Landon Donovan’s going to go to the NFL as a free safety. But I do love his passion for the game and I would love to see him on the field to see what he can do. Maybe I’m underestimating his ability and his desire to play."

Arena was a bit less skeptical of Steve Nash's abilities when asked about the Suns guard training with his New York squad.

"Yes (he did train with the Red Bulls), but he wasn’t trying to make the team," Bruce said. "Actually, Steve Nash probably could have been a professional soccer player, from what I’ve seen of Steve. He would have been a midfielder. He would have passed the ball like he does in - well, probably not exactly like he does in basketball, but he was a good player and he passed the ball pretty well. He plays a lot. Steve Nash probably plays 50 days a year. He’s a little bit ahead of Ochocinco in that area."

Still Arena sounded sure that Nash made the right decision to play basketball.

"What you see on a basketball court, you see on a soccer field. Steve Nash could probably have been a professional player if he wanted to do that. But considering he makes around 17 million a year playing basketball, I’m not sure we can debate whether his decision wasn’t a good one."

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