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Return date to MLS was always final, insists former England skipper

David Beckham has told of how his decision to train with Tottenham during the MLS off season will benefit LA Galaxy, and says his objective was not to stay with the north London club.

Despite all of the conjecture surrounding Beckham’s short lived spell with Spurs, he insists there was never any possibility he was going to stay at Tottenham beyond the timeframe that Galaxy had set out - even though it appeared Harry Redknapp was doing everything in his power to bring the star in on loan.

"My only objective was to get fit for the Galaxy and the MLS season," he told reporters.

"My objective was not to play for a Premier League team, and I am grateful to Spurs and Harry [Redknapp] for how they looked after me.”

Beckham spent six weeks training with Tottenham before his pre-season kicked off over in California, but says he would have played for the club had the opportunity arisen.

"If there was an option to play then I would have taken it, but without doubt I wanted to go somewhere and train and not take the three months off and sit around doing nothing,” said the 35-year-old.

"At this stage of my career and with the injury I had I felt it was more important for me to train.”

"This was the time I was always going to come back, that was agreed and nothing would have changed that."

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