Chivas USA Could Be Competing With Galaxy Owners For Downtown Los Angeles Stadium

They may be called the Los Angeles Galaxy, but the soccer club doesn't actually play within the city limits, since their home stadium, the Home Depot Center, is instead in the nearby city of Carson.

That's a fairly common occurance, with perhaps the most famous example being Manchester United's stadium location in Old Trafford, instead of Manchester proper.

Chivas USA also share the HDC stadium with the Galaxy, but now may be looking to build a stadium of their own in downtown Los Angeles. The plan calls for a new building at the location that currently houses the Los Angeles Sports arena, the former venue for the Los Angeles Clippers, a basketball team.

However, this plan could bring them in direct conflict with the Galaxy owners, Anschutz Entertainment Group, who also hope to develop the site for football - American football, that is - and bring an NFL team to Los Angeles. AEG already own the HDC, and are thus the current landlords for Chivas USA.

NeonTommy, the online news site of USC, has reported that the plan for a new MLS stadium (Chivas USA is not mentioned directly as the team who will use the site) has been submitted for review to the city.

"The soccer stadium option is the third vision for a new sports facility in Los Angeles County, following Ed Roski's plan for an NFL stadium in the City of Industry and an AEG proposal also released this week for a $725 million stadium that would be designed to house an NFL team and the World Cup."

Since the plan for the unnamed MLS team would conflict directly with the AEG proposal, it seems to be a simple deduction that the AEG-owned Galaxy are not the team involved. That leaves only Chivas USA as the other local option.

The plan was briefly described.

"The other option envisions a 22,000-seat Major League Soccer stadium, offering some competition to the Home Depot Center in Carson. The stadium plan calls for MLS games, exhibition games and USC soccer games to be played there. At the varsity level, USC only has a women's team. Local teams would be allowed to practice there as well.

"The plan mentions no outisde retail or dining components--items that may ultimately be needed for financial viability."

The fate of the site could be settled fairly soon, according to NeonTommy.

"As early as January, the nine people who sit on the panel will have to decide to do one of three things: go forward with the soccer stadium idea and mount a challenge to proposals of Roski and AEG; construct an amphitheater and hope people make good use of it; or launch a smaller renovation of the existing facility while watching it sink into a deeper operating deficit."

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