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Kevin Hartman's Agent Furious Over Thierry Henry Avoiding Suspension

Kevin Hartman's Agent Furious Over Thierry Henry Avoiding Suspension

On Thursday Thierry Henry and Kevin Hartman collided after the New York Red Bulls scored on FC Dallas, leaving the goalkeeper with a knee injury which will sideline him for several weeks.

Monday, Major League Soccer reviewed the play and decided that the incident warranted a $2,000 fine for the Frenchman but no suspension. Hartman's agent, Ron Waxman, was furious.

"The members of the disciplinary committee should be embarrassed and ashamed," Waxman told the Washington Post. "It's either no punishment or there must be a suspension. I'm sorry to discover that they've established a double standard for the treatment of their marquee players as opposed to the treatment of their rank and file."

Henry provides one of the main draws for the titan showdown between the Los Angeles Galaxy and New York on Friday, a game that could feature five Designated Players. While Landon Donovan, David Beckham, Rafael Marquez, and Henry duke it out in Carson, Calif., Hartman will likely have his knee gingerly propped up on the couch, points out Waxman.

"I hope the committee members can look themselves in the mirror at halftime of that game while Kevin Hartman, who was having a much better year than Henry, sits at home recovering from an injury at the hands of a reckless action, which is going virtually unpunished."

Waxman also railed against the wording of the press release which announced Henry's fine. For the record, here is the phrasing from that release:

"Following the Red Bulls' first goal of the evening by Mehdi Ballouchy, Henry kicked the ball after the play had ended. FC Dallas goalkeeper Kevin Hartman stepped into the path of the ball and suffered a knee injury as a result."

And Waxman:

"Trying to weasel out of suspending Henry by stating that Kevin 'stepped into the path of the ball' is shameful. He didn't step into the ball, and Henry took a long run-up to the ball well after the goal was scored."

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