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The USA star likely to be served paternity claim by British woman.

It appears that there may still be a chance for USA star Landon Donovan to reconcile with his estranged wife Bianca Kajlich, even after reports that another women in England may be carrying his first child.

Kajlich and Donovan married on New Year's Eve, just as 2007 was starting, but separated in 2009 over reasons that were never disclosed. The pair have no children. The break was said to be amicable. Though the two split, the divorce was never finalized and the couple shared custody of their pets and spoke regularly.

During the World Cup, after scoring his second goal of the tournament versus Algeria, the Los Angeles Galaxy player blew a kiss to the camera and said, "Hi, Bianca."

Reporters then questioned whether the couple were in the process of starting anew and Donovan did not deny that, saying, "We spoke last night, it was nice," according to a Yahoo News article.

“It would surprise no one if Landon and Bianca were back together very soon,” said an unnamed source to Yahoo as well.

News broke soon after the USA's exit from the tournament, however, that a woman in Britain was planning to go public in the tabloids there that Donovan was the father of her as-yet-unborn child.

Donovan went on loan to Everton in Liverpool, England, during the early part of this year, so if the pregnancy took place then, the still-anonymous woman would be around four months along. According to an report, Donovan has pledged to take responsibility if the child is indeed his.

Now, US Magazine reports that Kajlich was apparently informed by Donovan about the whole situation. "She was not blindsided by this and isn’t angry," a source told the magazine.

Kajlich, an actress who stars on the television show Rules of Engagement, was described by the source as, "extremely supportive of Donovan."

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