Red Bulls 1-3 Columbus Crew: Player Ratings rated the players in the MLS Game of the Week.
Bouna Coundoul: 5 - Didn’t get any help from his defense tonight, but was in no man’s land for the third Crew goal.
Chris Albright
: 5.5 - Had a decent game at the right back spot and went 71 minutes in his bid to regain full physical fitness. Not always effective going forward, but a bright spot in New York’s otherwise leaky defense.
Mike Petke: 3 - Partially at fault for all three goals and generally never looked confident on defense.

Tim Ream
: 1 - Simply awful game from Ream. He was directly responsible for all three goals and it was shocking that Hans Backe kept him on the pitch for 90 minutes.

Danleigh Borman: 5 - Not a great game from Borman, but not a terrible one either. Got beaten for pace a few times by Gaven and Hejduk, but didn’t make any major mistakes, which is more than can be said about most of the New York defense.

Jeremy Hall: 4 - Some decent touches in midfield, but pretty ineffective throughout the game and removed in the 65th minute.

Sinisa Ubiparipovic: 5.5 - Threatened on the wing a few times early in the game, but then faded out of the game and was substituted in the 68th minute.

Roy Miller: 5 - Had a solid first half and pressured the Crew defense a bit as well as playing solid defense, but was partially at fault on the Crew’s second goal. Had a decent second half, but ended up in the referee’s book.

Seth Stammler: 6 - One of New York’s better players and one of their main attacking avenues in the first half. Like a lot of the team faded a bit as the game wore on, but a pretty positive performance.

Dane Richards: 6 - Was shut out by Iro in the first half, but gradually became more effective in the second half. He was unlucky to hit the woodwork after turning Iro inside out and generally looked more lively in the later parts of the game.

Juan Pablo Angel: 5 - Drifted in and out of the game, but really should have scored in the 11th minute. Was unlucky to be denied by the crossbar after a well struck free kick.

Tony Tchani: 7 - Missed a good chance right after he came on in the 65th minute, but made up for it to pressure Hesmer and put New York back in the game. Unfortunately, his effort was squandered by the Crew.

John Wolyniec
: 5 - Came in with about 20 minutes to play, but did not have the desired impact.

Carlos Mendes: N/A - Late sub for Albright.

Will Hesmer: 5 - Did what he had to do and was very alert for most of the game, but made a glaring error by coming out and allowing Tchani to head in New York’s goal.

Frankie Hejduk: 7 - A solid game up and down the flanks from Hejduk. He defended well and provided good support in the attack, with a perfect cross to Gaven on the first goal.

Eric Brunner: 5 - He had a decent game in defense, but was also sloppy with his passing at times and was very lucky not to give away a goal after being cleanly beaten by Angel.

Andy Iro: 5 - Had a very solid first half and kept the pacy Richards in check, but Richards got the better of him in the second half, and he was saved by the woodwork not only on that play, but also after giving away a free kick to Angel that earned him a yellow card.
Danny O’Rourke: 6 - A little shaky early, but settled nicely into the left back spot before being switched to central midfield after Zayner’s introduction, a position where he also played effectively.

 Eddie Gaven: 8 - A fantastic game from the winger. Made a perfectly timed run and header to give Columbus the lead before setting up the second goal minutes later from a corner kick. He stepped in very well for the injured Schelotto.
Adam Moffat: 4 - Another poor game from Moffat, who looked unsure on both defense and offense, misplacing passes, whiffing a shot, and ending up in the referee’s book. Subbed for Zayner in the 56th minute.
Brian Carroll: 6.5 - Was very effective in the midfield, and picked up some of the slack from Moffat’s poor game. Won the ball very well and even got involved in the attack a few times.

Emmanuel Ekpo: 5 Started out brightly, but the lack of playing time showed itself as Ekpo tired out towards the end of the first half and was not much of a factor in the second. Removed in the 68th minute for Emilio Rentería.

Steven Lenhart: 7 - Although you won’t find his name on the score sheet or assists column, the big striker put in a workmanlike performance tonight. He played his role as an effective target man as well as getting back to help on defense towards the end of the night.
Jason Garey: 5.5 - Had a few good runs and touches on the ball, but was never really a threat to the New York defense in his first start of the season, subbed in the 85th minute for Oughton.
Jed Zayner: 5 - Unremarkable game for Zayner after coming on just before the hour mark, though he did offer some decent support in the attack.

Emilio Renteria: 7 - Renteria provided the fresh pair of legs the Crew needed. He immediately tested Coundoul and tortured Tim Ream for the last 20 minutes of the game. He showed great instinct and footwork to capitalize on a defensive error and dribble around the keeper to kill off the game for the Crew.

Duncan Oughton: N/A - Late sub for Garey.

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