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LA coach and GM Bruce Arena showed no interest in considering an extension to Landon Donovan's loan at Everton.

On the same day that news eked out of Liverpool suggesting Everton boss David Moyes would like to extend the loan deal for Landon Donovan, the Los Angeles Galaxy stomped a firm heel on the suggestion.

The 28-year-old (the American's birthday was Thursday) has one game left in his three month loan with Everton. By March 15, the Galaxy captain is expected to return to California to prepare for the upcoming MLS season.

Moyes' comments opened the possibility that Donovan's stay in Europe could be extended, much like David Beckham's loan with AC Milan was stretched to the summer transfer window.

"We're not interested," LA Galaxy head coach and general manager Bruce Arena told MLSnet. "Landon will be back here March 15. We're being consistent with everything we've said all along."

The former United States national team boss did add one caveat. With MLS and the Players Union still locked in negotiations over a new collective bargaining agreement, the 2010 MLS season isn't sure to start on March 25 as planned.

"Obviously the collective bargaining could change that," Arena added. "If we didn't have a league going on we would certainly entertain the idea of allowing Landon to stay there.

"If we have a league, Landon's going to be playing for the Galaxy."

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