VIDEO: Landon Donovan Speaks On Playing With Flu

Landon Donovan explained that when he felt tired before the Mexico match, he didn't believe his symptoms were worth mentioning. Although he worsened on Thursday and was diagnosed with the H1N1 virus, he played a half on Saturday night.
It didn't help the Galaxy to prevent a loss to the Seattle Sounders, but soccer star Landon Donovan played for over 45 minutes despite having been diagnosed with the H1N1 virus only two days before.

“Having experienced it, it's just like any other flu I ever had," Donovan said. "There's obviously a lot of serious cases, but I did a lot of research, and learned a lot about it and the majority of the cases are just like any other flu.”

Donovan's teammates did not seem concerned by the illness as they sat beside him on the bench in the first half.

"He seems fine and he told us he's fine," striker Bryan Jordan said. "I'm not worried about it that much. We take precautions."

Donovan had been feeling tired before Wednesday's World Cup qualifying match versus Mexico, but only when he developed a fever the next day did he realize it was something worse than the adjustment to Mexico City's altitude.

Despite the fact that some have died of the H1N1 virus, midfielder Stephani Miglioranzi wasn't bothered by sharing a locker room with Donovan on Saturday.

"I didn't think that much of it, personally," said the Galaxy midfielder. "I was worried for him because obviously it's not the nicest thing you can contract, but I wasn't worried about myself. I've heard a little bit about it. You need to have contact in the first 48 hours and it had been past that time for Landon to transmit it on to us."

Though Donovan wasn't making too many of the blazing runs he is often known for when he came on, Galaxy coach Arena still thought his effort was worthwhile.

"He drew a number of fouls and the second yellow on [Tyrone] Marshall," Arena pointed out. "There were spurts that he played really well. It was not an easy game for the attacking players with the circumstances that they had to deal with."

Watch the video below for some of Donovan's own comments on the situation.

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