Galliani Won't Increase Beckham Bid

Though no one will yet confirm that 3 million was the offered amount for David Beckham's transfer, AC Milan's president has publicly said the price will not be raised.
The tussling over David Beckham continues between the Los Angeles Galaxy and AC Milan.

The Italian club president Adriano Galliani had a sharply-worded reply for Galaxy administrators. Tim Leiweke, the CEO of AEG, the owners of the Major League Soccer team, had publically branded AC Milan's reported offer of 3 million dollars for Beckham as "ridiculous".

Galliani responded in the same paper that reported Leiweke's earlier statement, Italy's Gazzetta dello Sport.

"AC Milan has made the offer it deems proper for a loan of about eight months because, as Leiweke himself confirmed, on November 30, David can leave at no cost," said Galliani.

Galliani was referring to an "out clause" that Beckham has in his five-year contract with the Galaxy that allows him to leave the club and the U.S. league at the end of 2009.

Beckham himself has expressed a fervent wish to remain with AC Milan, which could be influencing the transfer price as well.

"Increase the offer?," Galliani is reported to have said. "Absolutely not. I have the experience to know the price of a player. And according to European parameters [right now], it makes no sense to spend more. The budget available to me is already maxed out."

There is also speculation that the Galaxy and AC Milan are working on an agreement to let Beckham remain in Italy until the Serie A season ends, whereupon he could then return to Los Angeles.

Andrea Canales,