Donovan Finding Success With Bayern

Landon Donovan has had a quick start to his loan with Bayern Munich, already netting four goals for the Bundesliga champs, though they were in friendly matches.
It’s been an impressive start to Landon Donovan’s career with Bayern Munich. He’s already scored four goals for the German giants in friendly matches, the latest two coming in a 5-0 win against Mainz. Germany's Bild got the latest news on Donovan's standing with the club.

“Landon is not a nobody,” said Bayern coach Jurgen Klinsmann. “He is here for ten weeks to show the type of caliber player he is, and so far he’s done that. With every goal he scores, it’s another argument in his pocket. It’s great for us because we know he had other offers from around Europe.”

Since joining the Bundesliga champs last year on a short-term loan, Donovan has been received quite well by his teammates. He noted the welcome from fellow forward and German national Miroslav Klose, in particular.

“Miro is the main one of the three or four players on the team who has welcomed me with open arms,” said Donovan of his new teammate. “He helps me constantly, when we are really competitors for places in the line-up. He’s always asking me how I’m doing in Munich, which is really nice to hear. Miro is an absolute top professional.”

Donovan and Los Angeles Galaxy teammate David Beckham are both away on loan with big European clubs, which obviously leads to the never-ending rumors of when and if they are going to return to the States. Donovan acknowledged Beckham has been encouraging him in his Bayern stint.

“David has tried to lift me and tell me I'm going to make it; I know he hopes that everything works out for me at Bayern,” said Donovan of his English teammate.

Yet while he vouched for Beckham's return to LA, Donovan seemed less sure about himself.

“David has said he will return to Los Angeles in mid-March," Donovan said. "For me, the situation is somewhat different as I want to create something here in Germany.”

Since joining the San Jose Earthquakes on loan from Bayern Leverkusen in 2001, the 26-year-old Donovan has made 183 appearances in the MLS, 87 for the Earthquakes and 96 for the Galaxy. He’s also been a mainstay in the US Men's National Team, making 105 appearances since his first cap in 2000.

-- Shane Evans,