MLS SuperDraft: LIVE COMMENTARY's Greg Lalas is in St. Louis for the MLS SuperDraft. He breaks down all the picks, all the trades, and all the fun as it happens.
4:30 pm ET: And with that, I'm out... Thanks for joining everyone. Truth is, we won't know whether any of these picks were any good for a few years. That's how it's always worked in MLS. You've got to wait a while to know if a player's got it or not. Quick thoughts...

1) New England had the best first two rounds. Alston was a steal at #10 and Maxwell, probably a project, has a lot of potential on the right side.
2) RSL went way outside the box (again) with Alexandre. But knowing the thoroughness with which Jason Kreis and Garth Lagerway go about their business, it wouldn't surprise me if it pays off in the end.
3) Eleven of the 30 picks in the first two rounds came out of ACC schools. They're doing something right down in the tobacco belt.

4:24 pm ET:
And that's the end of the second round. Probably DeLaGarza was the best selection of the second round. Tough, outside back, which is something LA needed. Actually, they needed as many backs as they could get, which is what they've gone for with Gonzalez and DeLaGarza.

4:20 pm ET:
Dallas pick Brian Shriver, UNC, F... Colorado select Kwame Adjeman-Pamboa, George Mason, F.. New York pick Jack Traynor, Notre Dame, D... Columbus take Paul Gerstenberger...

4:11 pm ET:
Ante Jazic is the player to be named later... Part of that trade between LA and Chivas USA was a player to be named later. A source with knowledge of the deal tells me it's going to be Jazic. The veteran Canada international defender made 15 appearances for the Gals last year. With their pick of Gonzalez in the first round, obviously Arena doesn't need Jazic.

4:01 pm ET:
New England pick Andrei Gotsmanov, Creighton, M... New England select Denaldin Hamzagic, Saint Louis University, M/F... DC take Lyle Adams, Wake Forest, D...

3:51 pm ET:
DC United picksMilos Kocic, Loyola College, GK... Kansas City take Doug DeMartin, Michigan State, F... Kansas City pick Graham Zusi, Maryland, M...

3:44 pm ET:
Another trade! Chicago and Colorado swap some trade spots and allocation money. This gives the Fire the #5 pick in the 2nd round. They take Baggio Husidic. He's a Chicago kid, so it's not too surprising.

3:38 pm ET:
Trade! Finally! Not the most exciting move ever, but it's something. Maybe it'll grease the wheels. Galaxy and Chivas USA have just swapped a bunch of picks, with the end result being that LA now have the fourth pick in the 2nd round. They pick AJ Delagarza. Outside back who had a decent combine.

3:37 pm ET:
San Jose take Brad Ring, Indiana University, M... New York take Babajide Ogunbiyi, Santa Clara University, D...

3:35 pm ET:
Chat between Chicago and Columbus... Frank Klopas from the Fire and Mike Lapper from the Crew just had a long chat. Maybe something brewing. Chicago was working on something with KC last night. I think they're looking for a defender. I could see someone like Andy Iro being thrown into a deal now that Chad Marshall is back.

3:32 pm ET:
MLS media man extraordinaire Will Kuhns checks in... His tidbit: Maryland is the second school in history to have three players taken in the MLS draft. The last time was UCLA in 2000. But that included Steve Shak, who is one of the biggest busts in MLS history.

3:28 pm ET:
George John on It turns out very site--ran a Q&A with George John, the guy I had no clue about, not too long ago. Check it out!  

3:24 pm ET:
Seattle pick Evan Brown... The second round is under way. Brown is another Wake player. Ergo, he will be a starter soon enough. By the way, I'm not going to comment on each pick this round.

3:18 pm ET:
Quick thoughts on first round...
1) Tame. Honestly, someone's got to sack up and pull the trigger. There are deals waiting to be made. I can sense it.
2) Juan Carlos Osorio hasn't stopped smiling. Is he that happy with Jeremy Hall?
3) KC didn't fill their needs at striker or goalkeeper. Hm...
4) NE had a good round, considering their lower positioning. A couple of horses who fit into Nicol's grand plan.

3:14 pm ET:
NE pick Ryan Maxwell... I've learned over the years not to question the Revs' draft picks. Maxwell, a Jamaican youth international, fits right in the groove of the new Revs look--speedy, dangerous going forward, under the radar. Acceptance speech: N/A. That's the end of the first round.

3:09 pm ET:
Dallas select George John... Out of the Univ. of Washington. Big kid (6'3"). And that's about all I know. Sorry. I'm not Mel Kiper. But I'm not alone in my ignorance. One of the Dallas beat reporters just said, "I don't know anything about him." There's one in every first round. Acceptance speech: N/A. New England are on the clock again...

3:05 pm ET:
TFC pick Stefan Frei... The big Swiss goalkeeper fell all the way to #13. Surprising. Most people thought he'd go top 10. He was named best player of the combine, after all. Okay, that's not saying much, but still. I like him in TFC. I think they need goalkeeping help. Acceptance speech: "This is a dream come true." Come on! Someone say something interesting! I vote we bring the Michigan kid back to give all the acceptance speeches. Dallas are on the clock again...

3:00 pm ET:
RSL pick Jean Alexandre... Out of Lynn University, a division two school in Florida. Member of the Haitian national team. Scored a boatload of goals his senior year--23 goals in 19 games. I don't care if it was Div 2. That's a lot of goals. TFC are on the clock again...

2:59 pm ET:
Twellman sighting... It's his hometown.

2:55 pm ET:
New York pick Jeremy Hall... Gen/adidas guy out of Maryland. Not very big, but scored a lot of goals for Maryland last season (14) and had 22 caps with U-17 team. Is he ready? Probably not. But he could be in a few years. And coming from Maryland, he's got the professionalism already done. Acceptance speech: I think he just thanked everyone in the world.  RSL are on the clock...

2:54 pm ET:
This is boring! Come on people... how about a trade? There is nothing going on right now. We really need a little shaking and baking.

2:50 pm ET:
NE pick Kevin Alston... Indiana flanker is a New England type of player, according to Kyle McCarthy. Good engine, tireless running on the right flank. They needed some more flankers, so I think it's a good choice. But he's going to have to give John Oates--of Hall & Oates--his hair back at some point. Acceptance speech: "Well, this is pretty crazy to be up, I'm not going to lie." New York are on the clock...

2:49 pm ET:
Cronin staying... Now it seems like Cronin is probably going to stay in TFC.

2:46 pm ET:
Chivas pick Michael Lahoud... Another Wake product. I'm surprised they passed on the goalkeeper Frei. They need someone in the nets and many people think Frei is ready. A Western Conf. GM told me he is the "real deal."Acceptance speech: "It's an opportunity of a lifetime." NE Revs are on the clock...

2:45 pm ET:
Brad Feldman in the house!!! My partner in crime on NE Revolution TV broadcasts just showed up. Say hello, Brad: "Hi folks. Someone help me out. I'm still waking up."

2:41 pm ET:
KC pick Matt Besler... Can't say I know much about the defender out of Notre Dame. KC is loading up on young defenders. Remember, last year they picked Chance Myers #1 overall, and then the snagged Jon Leathers, too. Now they've got another young defender. Interesting. Acceptance speech: "Gotta give a quick shoutout to the Wizards fans." Nice touch. Chivas USA are on the clock...

2:37 pm ET:
DC pick Chris Pontius... Big forward out of UC-Santa Barbara is an interesting pick. He scored a lot of goals in college, and he could be a good choice off the bench for someone. I'm not sure he'll stay in DC. They have plenty of strikers. I'm surprised they didn't take Stefan Frei, the goalkeeper out of Cal, since DC aren't satisfied with the goalkeeping position. Acceptance speech: "I'd like to thank my agent." He knows where his bread is buttered, at least. Kansas City are on the clock...

2:35 pm ET:
DC take a five minute timeout... Just enough time to get another beer... Kidding! I'm a bourbon guy.

2:31 pm ET:
Rumor update... Supposedly TFC is possibly going tomove Cronin. Not surprising. There isn't really space for him in the center of the TFC midfield.

2:29 pm ET:
DC pick Rodney Wallace... Another Gen/adidas guy goes. The Maryland defender is a young and talented midfielder, but could DC him convert to a defender? He holds Costa Rican citizenship, actually. Viva los Ticos! Acceptance speech: "I'm excited to be successful." Two words: media training. DC are on the clock again...

2:26 pm ET:
Oops... Just got a little confused there by the picks. Should be all fixed. Sorry about that. Too much going on.

2:24 pm ET:
FC Dallas pick Peri Marosevic... Out of the Univ. of Michigan! M Go Blue!!! As a native Michigander, I couldn't be more proud. Of course, truth be told, I don't know much about him. Acceptance speech: "Wow, so this is what it feels like, huh? You don't really understand unless you're standing here." Kid's got moxie. Love it. DC are on the clock...

2:20 pm ET:
Toronto pick O'Brian White... The UConn stud just signed with MLS yesterday -- a story broken by's Kyle McCarthy, I might add -- and now he's set for TFC. He won the 2007 Hermman Trophy. But is he fully healed from the injury that sidelined him in October? And after first looking to Europe, is his heart in MLS? Acceptance speech: "Thank you." Not the most effusive guy. FC Dallas are on the clock...

2:15 pm ET:
LA pick Omar Gonzalez... The Generation/Adidas centerback out of Maryland is massive, towering over Garber. Will he slot in next to last year's rookie of the year Sean Franklin? Probably not. LA needs some experience in the middle of the backline. No one knows that more than Bruce Arena. But he might be good in a couple of years. Acceptance speech: "To my teammates, who were awesome." Ugh. Toronto are on the clock...

2:10 pm ET:
TFC pick Sam Cronin... A solid pick. Most people -- like's Kyle McCarthy -- think Cronin is MLS-ready. He's steady, composed on the ball, and out of the MLS factory, Wake Forest. My question: Is he big enough? Acceptance speech: "First, I apologize for my lip." He must have gotten popped down at the combine. Welcome to the league, Sam. LA are on the clock...

2:05 pm ET:
Seattle pick Steve Zakuani... Not that surprising. The quick forward out of Akron has all the raw tools to be a real player. One coach compared him to Chicago's Patrick Nyarko. Acceptance speech: "I'd like to thank Jesus Christ." Well, don't know if there was anything divine about his selection, but maybe he can turn the Puget Sound into wine? Toronto are on the clock...

2:03 pm ET:
What are they waiting for? This is what I never understand. Why does the #1 pick need the extra four minutes? Haven't they figured out all the angles by now? Haven't they figured out what they want to do? They've had several months, after all. Something tells me they like the entertainment value. Well, more power to them.

2 pm ET:
We have kickoff! Seattle Sounders FC are on the clock.

1:59 pm ET: 
T-minus one minute... Seattle have sold 19,000 season tickets. Damn. No one is going to want to play there.

1:56 pm ET:
Don Garber speaks... Garber is on message, as always. It's never an Obama-like speech, but the Commish says what needs to be said. ("We want a team!" the SL guys yell.) He just thanked Taylor Twellman, a St. Louis native, who is in the house today. Garber: "The future of our sport is our supporters."

1:55 pm ET:
NSCAA head Al Albert takes the podium... Things are getting under way and all the formalities have to take place before we get to the good stuff. It's like being forced to eat your meat before you eat your pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat? Factoid: Albert was my coach my freshman year in college at William & Mary.

1:50 pm ET:
St. Louis fans make their voices heard... It was only a matter of time before the fans of the St. Louis expansion team showed up. A crew of about 7 or 8 guys arein the back banging on a drum and singing "All we want/is a team of our own/a team of our own/a team of our own" to the tune of "Yellow Submarine." Sorry, guys, I think the St. Louis bid is going to sink like a torpedoed U-boat.

1:45 pm ET:
15 minutes to go... Seattle goes on the clock in a quarter of an hour. Coach Sigi Schmid has made the rounds of the room more than once, but my gut tells me he's not going to deal the first pick. I think he's going to grab the best athlete he can find.

Conversations under way...
TFC's Mo Johnston and the Revs' Steve Nicol are talking, and Mo looks like he's in a dealing mood. Both teams have lots of picks to work with, and you never know what's going to happen when two red-headed Scotsmen get together... SJ's Frank Yallop and Houston's Dominic Kinnear, former coaching mentor and mentee with the old Quakes, are tossing out some ideas. San Jose could use an experienced back like Craig Waibel.

1:30 pm ET:
Things are getting tense. I just approached New England's Sunil Gulati and Mike Burns, who were chatting in the media workroom. Gulati snarled in his unique way to not bother them, as they were talking over some "deal." It mirrors the mood in the ballroom, as coaches disappear into the curtained-off side staging area, presumably to wheel and deal. San Jose's Frank Yallop seems calm, though. The Quakes don't pick until #17, so he has no reason to be worked up. He told me he thinks O'Brian White could go pretty high.

1:15 pm ET:
San Jose update... According to one source here, the San Jose media guys went back to Cali--to paraphrase LL--to make some kind of announcement. New player? Hmm...

1 pm ET:
A couple of quick observations:
1) No one works downtown in St. Louis. Walking over to the convention center, the streets were empty, except for the coaches in adidas Sambas rushing out of the cold and into the NSCAA coaches' convention. I mean, empty. No pedestrians. No cars. No nothing. What goes on in this city?
2) Things are quiet around the America's Ballroom, the big hall where the draft is going to take place. Too quiet. Something tells me some big moves are going to happen. Is Seattle going to trade the #1 pick? I say even money.
3) The Red Bulls have about 173 people--coaches, TD, media--here. Strange.
4) DC has two picks, #6 and #7. But they've never been a team to build through the draft. I smell a transaction.
5) Where the hell is San Jose? I haven't seen any of their office people, and their technical staff have been equally scarce. Though they are sitting at their draft desk.

12 noon ET: Good morning, everyone. Welcome to chilly--I mean, FRIGID--St. Louis. The arch is up above us, shining in the sun, looking brittle in the cold wind. The Mississippi River looks suitable for polar bears and nothing else. But, hey, this is where we are.

Two hours from the start of the 2009 MLS SuperDraft. I'll be here, live, from the first pick to the final, Mr. Irrelevant selection. So check back and join me for all the action. And let me know your thoughts as it all goes down.