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Premier League

  • August 14, 2011
  • • 11:00 AM
  • • The Hawthorns, West Bromwich
  • Referee: M. Jones
  • • Attendance: 25360

Live Commentary

  • That'll do it for me, Shane Evans (@shanevans) bringing you the toppest of top notch of live commentary for USA (@GoalUSA)! As always, good day, Godspeed and Golden Balls!
  • 90' + 4'
    De Gea boots it up field and there goes the final whistle! Manchester United run out 2-1 winners in its opening EPL fixture.
  • 90' + 3'
    Good free kick comes in as Foster rushes forward. De Gea catches but doesn't have a go on the open net.
  • 90' + 2'
    Then we see Cox go in the book for a dive over Jones' outstretched leg.
  • 90' + 1'
    Yellow Card Simon Cox
  • 90' + 1'
    Home side still pushing as Cox has a shot that is blocked by a tracking Rooney. That's why he's in the side.
  • 90' + 1'
    We'll have four minutes of stoppages...
  • 90'
    Shorey tries to break into the area but Nani defends well. Bounces out to Tamas who totally wastes the chance and fires a terrible shot over the bar.
  • 89'
    Again Tchoyi causing problems for United defense. Gets some space in the box but can't pull the trigger. WBA still working as Brunt puts one on target that De Gea thankfully grasps.
  • 87'
    SubstitutionShane Long Simon Cox
  • 87'
    Impressive debut for Shane Long. He comes off for Simon Cox.
  • 86'
    Yellow Card Paul Scharner
  • 86'
    Scharner, sporting a pretty normal haircut, gets a yellow for a late little clip on Wazza. Sounds about right.
  • 86'
    Yup. Gone in the books as an own goal on Steven Reid.
  • 85'
    SubstitutionSteven Reid Gonzalo Jara
  • 84'
    Tchoyi still working hard for WBA. Gets a deep ball on the bounce and has a big volley attempt go miles over. Good on him to get in that spot, though.
  • 83'
    May go in as an own goal, but still well worked by Young to get there.
  • 81'
    Own Goal Steven Reid
  • 81'
    Assist Ashley Young
  • 81'
    GOAL! Ashley Young rips Brunt to shreds..goes to the byline and puts in a cross that deflects behind for a goal! That Manchester United luck strikes again. 2-1 United.
  • 80'
    Yellow Card Anderson
  • 80'
    Ten minutes of nervous, fun, exciting, back and forth, footy to go.
  • 78'
    Ensuing free kick - goes deep into the far side and De Gea is knocked down hard. Corner given. De Gea gets knocked down again. Welcome to the league, sonny.
  • 77'
    The Red Devils look a bit sheepish last few minutes. Cleverley surrenders a foul to Long who went down pretty hard for so little contact.
  • 77'
    Quick second half Twitter mentions: @shanevans, @GoalUSA. Come on, do it! Do it!
  • 76'
    Whipped in and cleared by Jonny Evans.
  • 76'
    Well, the corner of the box.
  • 75'
    SubstitutionRio Ferdinand Phil Jones
  • 75'
    While Rio comes off, WBA set up a free kick in a dangerous area at the top off the box.
  • 74'
    Ruh-roh...another United center back in pain as Ferdinand appears to have a hamstring problem. He'll come off for Jones.
  • 73'
    Silky smooth stuff from Dimi Berbs...who promptly turns it over as I type "smooth." Fitting.
  • 71'
    After Nani gets more time on the ball and has a shot, Albion charge back with Tchoyi and the big forward ends up handling the ball. Hodgson is not best pleased.
  • 70'
    Nani has a chance on his head of all places go begging. In space in the middle of the area and puts it wide.
  • 69'
    Another call goes against WBA as Long nudges Evans over in a chase for the ball. Tough luck, son.
  • 68'
    Young wriggles himself into a bit of space at the corner of the box and decides to have a curvy crack. Foster had it covered, but you have to admire the effort.
  • 67'
    United looks the better side in the first 20 minutes of the second period. Flooding players forward, asking questions, as is tradition.
  • 65'
    SubstitutionDanny Welbeck D. Berbatov
  • 65'
    ...and now in comes Dimi Berbs for Danny Welbeck. Would have thought it would have been the other way around, no?
  • 65'
    Ball played in but misses everyone, even a WBA arm that was inches away from making it a penalty.
  • 64'
    Young beats Brunt down the right side of the box but just outside. Young goes down. Foul called. Free kick, no pen.
  • 63'
    United try to recreate its goal from the Community Shield with Nani, Cleverley and Rooney working it around the top of the box. No shot or dream finish though.
  • 62'
    Tchoyi finds some space down the right and plays in a terrible cross that floats right to De Gea. Had so much time.
  • 59'
    Played in and Rooney sees it just headed out of his reach.
  • 58'
    Another free kick in a good area for United as Cleverley is taken down. Nani over this one.
  • 56'
    Yellow Card Ashley Young
  • 56'
    Comes to nothing and Young ends up going in the book for a sloppy challenge on the WB break.
  • 55'
    United work a few nice passes down the left between Young and young Fabio. End up winning the corner.
  • 54'
    Young whips in a cross that is nodded just wide by what appeared to be Smalling. Good chance for United.
  • 53'
    Smalling cuts out a nice through ball that could have been real trouble for United. See, he can play fullback. Just don't have him go forward.
  • 52'
    SubstitutionNemanja Vidic Jonny Evans
  • 51'
    United taking its time now through the middle. Lose out to WB and ends up with Vidic rushing the sub. Not all there right now.
  • 51'
    West Brom fans giving it to De Gea whenever he gets the ball. Well done.
  • 50'
    Looks like Evans is coming in with Vidic presumably needing to come off...
  • 48'
    A few United defenders warming up (Evans, Jones) in case Vidic can't go on. Looks pretty good for me.
  • 47'
    United wants to put Young against Reid as much as possible as the latter is on a yellow and the former is as dangerous as they come. Corner to United.
  • 46'
    Ben Foster tries to get tricky on a pass back with Welbeck in his kitchen. Nearly gets burned. Ohhhhh, you see what I did there?!
  • 46'
    ...and we're back. The matches are flying by this weekend!
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  • 45' + 2'
    ...and there's the whistle to close things out. Excellent first half by both teams. Look for United to try and turn the screws in the remaining 45 minutes.
  • 45' + 2'
    Only two minutes of stoppages for the first half, my dears.
  • 45' + 1'
    United has a flurry in the WB end but the defense holds up well and doesn't allow much.
  • 44'
    West Brom really pressing now. Ball played across the area by Tchoyi. Looked like a cross, ended up being a shot that De Gea had to flick away. Dangerous stuff.
  • 44'
    Ball bounces around a few heads in the United area and falls to Brunt at the near corner of the box who has a go on the volley and skies it up to everyone's favorite Row Z.
  • 43'
    The visitors aren't showing as much of the attacking verve as they were earlier in the half. Seems slightly disjointed at the moment.
  • 40'
    WB are going after it now, as it should. Been the best half of the weekend so far.
  • 39'
    Reid sees yellow at the other end as he takes Young down from behind. Contentious stuff.
  • 38'
    Yellow Card Steven Reid
  • 37'
    Assist Chris Brunt
  • 37'
    Goal Shane Long
  • 37'
    TIE GAME! Another laugher from De Gea who is beat from an awful position from Long. The young forward cuts in from the top corner of the box and fires low and across goal. Beats the Spanish keeper way too easily. 1-1.
  • 36'
    Right back at the other end, Young plays in Rooney who slides the ball low across the area to Cleverley who can't get the finishing touch on it.
  • 35'
    Well that's the David De Gea that Sir Alex signed. Shane Long and Scharner work a little 1-2 at the top of the box and Scharner is in. He blasts a shot from about 8 yards out that De Gea parries.
  • 34'
    Cleverley looks a right handful whenever he's on the ball. Confident as you like and tricky to dispossess.
  • 32'
    United keeping the foot down on the pedal here as the possession percentage piles up.
  • 29'
    Nani again! Foster punches poorly and Nani tries to play it on the half volley but puts it over the bar. This one was slightly closer though.
  • 28'
    Young hits Fabio down the left in a lovely overlap. The Brazilian tries to put in a cross but it goes behind for a corner. Coming right up...
  • 27'
    Long finds himself in some space at the top of the area and has a go but scuffs it past the post.
  • 26'
    Phil Neville in the crowd! His son decked out in United gear. Go figure...
  • 26'
    WB win a foul about ten yards past the halfway like. Deep ball played directly into touch for the goal kick.
  • 24'
    West Brom create a good chance that knocks around United's area. Shouts for handball on Vidic go begging. Pressure sustained by the stripey guys.
  • 22'
    Best chance of the game for United hold the goal. Nani to Rooney who slides in Welbeck, who goes back to Rooney who flicks to Nani in space inside the area. Lot to read, looked good...until the finish that Nani twisted way over the bar.
  • 21'
    Anderson does really really well navigating the middle of the pitch and gets the ball deep into West Brom's half. United toy with the home side before it is eventually cleared.
  • 20'
    Game has slowed slightly since the goal and that'll be fine by United. Vidic picked up a little knock in the time since the goal but appears to be ok now. Thank heavens.
  • 18'
    Little lull here so I'll tell you about my Twitter account @shanevans. Follow for some witty footy banter and other 140-character gems!
  • 17'
    Morrison has a go from a ways out and scuffs it wide of the post. Like the initiative though.
  • 16'
    Cleverly sporting a fresh new number. 23. Cause you know when you get under 30 you're an actual squad member...
  • 14'
    Rooney gets the ball a bit further out and isn't pressed for some unknown reason. Has a go from about 27 and puts it wide of the near post. Close that boy down!
  • 14'
    Funny how quickly things can change in this game, eh?
  • 13'
    Assist Ashley Young
  • 13'
    Goal Wayne Rooney
  • 13'
    GOALLLLL!!! Sure West Brom can have some time in the opposing end. Doesn't matter though. Young to Rooney in the middle who has time to touch, turn and shoot across goal. Foster has not a chance in the world. 1-0 United.
  • 11'
    Olsson gets a bit strong on the corner and ends up fouling Vidic. De Gea with the kick...
  • 11'
    Another corner for WB. Tchoyi proving to be quite a handful down the left. Bounces one off Ferdy on the touchline.
  • 10'
    A little more trouble than it should have been on the corner. De Gea comes out and misses again. Ferdinand whiffs on the clearance and the ball goes out for a throw.
  • 9'
    Albion experiencing a little time on the ball as Brunt gets fouled route one from goal. Ball goes behind for a corner off the dome of Vidic.
  • 8'
    As I detail that, Scharner has a go from something like 45 yards. Much closer than it could have been.
  • 8'
    For those wondering, West Brom are sponsored this year. Looks like Bodog.
  • 7'
    Dangerous free kick to come...Morrison plays in, De Gea misses the punch but it's headed clear.
  • 6'
    West Brom finally get out of its half with Tchoyi, who is eventually dragged down just outside the box by Anderson.
  • 5'
    News comes in of a big loss for United...Rafael out for 10 weeks with a shoulder injury.
  • 4'
    Ball is played in and played out for a corner. Should have been tapped home for a goal by Welbeck who closes his eyes and misses the header completely.
  • 3'
    United win a free kick on the near corner as Reid takes down Young. Good spot for the English lad to whip one in...
  • 2'
    Off of the corner, the ball bounces around the area and is hastily cleared away. Early pressure from United...
  • 2'
    After a giveaway by Foster, United work some possession around the area and force a corner from the tentative home side.
  • 1'
    West Brom in its home stripey kits and United in its familiar red. Will be fun to try and pick out the Albion players in those shirts...
  • 1'
    Well then...quick whistle and we're off!
  • For the visitors: de Gea; F Da Silva, Vidic, Ferdinand, Smalling; Nani, Cleverley, Anderson, Young; Welbeck, Rooney. Subs: Lindegaard (gk), Jones, Evans, Berbatov, Giggs, Park, Carrick.
  • For the home side: Foster; Reid, Tamas, Olsson, Shorey; Brunt, Scharner, Mulumbu, Morrison; Tchoyi, Long. Subs: Fulop (gk), Dorrans, Jara Reyes, Dawson, Thorne, Cox, Fortune.
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