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  • February 1, 2014
  • • 5:00 PM
  • • Stubhub Center, Carson, California
  • Referee: H. Cruz
  • • Attendance: 27000

Live Commentary

  • There it is, the final is 2-0 in favor of the USA. A good start, with Wondo scoring early and then just before coming off to give the U.S. the final margin of victory.
  • 90' + 2'
    That'll do it. A good outing for Klinsmann's men. A win against a World Cup team, a clean sheet, and a good start to 2014!
  • 90' + 1'
    Into the first minute of two in stoppage time.
  • 90'
    Korea has been pressing since the second goal, so not much in the way of touches for Eddie Johnson or Gil. That's a shame, both can flash on the ball when they get chances.
  • 89'
    Beckerman does enough to send it behind. Don't think he's hurt himself today either. Korea with a corner an Yedlin gets a boot on it to knock it clear. USA trying to hold on to this clean sheet.
  • 88'
    For the most part this has served well for a pre-season match. A strong showing when you look at it in those terms. South Korea with a late chance maybe from this free kick.
  • 86'
    Game kind of winding down. Let's run through a few things. Great showing for Wondo and Zusi. Good for them in terms of a push for the World Cup roster. I would argue that Zusi is probably in, but for Wondo this could be a big difference maker -- Johnson gets another sporadic touch, tries to turn his defender and it's gone out of play.
  • 83'
    There's a really nice hit from Korea. Just over the top of the bar.
  • 82'
    SubstitutionGraham Zusi Eric Alexander
  • 82'
    Eric Alexander slips on for a little cameo.
  • 81'
    Raimondo called into action again, but he hasn't been tested too much since that first half chance he held on the line. One headed, but mostly the Koreans haven't gotten the final touch right enough to make him work hard.
  • 79'
    Goodson does well to win it, though Korea still has the ball. Finally Omar manages to bang it fully clear.
  • 78'
    SubstitutionJin Su Kim Kim Tae-Yan
  • 78'
    Corner for S. Korea. These have been a threat all day, and the USA back line actually got smaller with Yedlin on.
  • 75'
    SubstitutionBrad Davis Luis Gil
  • 74'
    SubstitutionBrad Evans DeAndre Yedlin
  • 74'
    This is kind of exciting. Yedlin and Gil are getting set to come on, in fact Yedlin is in for Evans. A look at the long-term for the USA? Two good looking young players. Gil, now coming on for Davis..
  • 72'
    The touch just seems a little off for the USA. Too many balls wasted out of play when the pass was there to be made. A decent showing to this point, and the missing link-up play is somewhat to be expected, but certainly not the sharpest.
  • 69'
    SubstitutionKeun-Ho Lee Seung-Ki Lee
  • 69'
    SubstitutionHo Lee Myeong-Ju Lee
  • 66'
    Johnson gets his first touch and does well to hold it up and keep the ball for the USA.
  • 62'
    SubstitutionM. Diskerud Benny Feilhaber
  • 62'
    SubstitutionChris Wondolowski Eddie Johnson
  • 62'
    SubstitutionMatt Besler C. Goodson
  • 62'
    That'll be Wondo's final touch of the game as he's subbed out, giving Eddie Johnson a chance. Goodson and Feilhaber both on as well for Besler and Diskerud both off.
  • 60'
    Assist Landon Donovan
  • 60'
    Goal Chris Wondolowski
  • 60'
    There's number 2!! WONDO AGAIN!! Nice run into the box and the ball fell kindly for him. Goal USA. Zusi played in Donovan who got a little touch to set it up for Wondo to knock home.
  • 58'
    S. Korea once again making inroads down the wing. The USA has looked open to let that happen, but this time the ball finds a head and is sent right at Raimondo.
  • 55'
    Davis has another touch get away and drift out of play.
  • 53'
    Foul given to Korea. Davis with a bad giveaway and S. Korea will get a chance to punish it from a set play.
  • 48'
    Donovan called for a foul that kills off an attack. The USA has started off well in this second half.
  • 47'
    First attack of the second half for the USA sees Donovan slide it wide to Davis, who sends in another dangerous cross.
  • 46'
    We're back and running for the second half.
  • Good first half for the USA. Not spectacular by any means, but solid. Up 1-0 at the break thanks to an early goal, but it's been a close one so far. Stick around, we'll bring you all the action from the second half in just a few.
  • 45'
    Late attack in this first half with Wondo trying once again to slip in behind, but the whistle goes and that's it for the first 45.
  • 43'
    Very close to 2-0 there. Wondo does well to turn and throw a ball across the face of goal where Donovan slides in but can't get the final touch.
  • 42'
    More good chances for S. Korea, but the shot is scuffed, but again the USA not dealing with set plays well at all.
  • 38'
    The USA has had some real problems with moving the ball out of the back. S. Korea getting a lot of pressure on the ball.
  • 35'
    More from S. Korea. Evans has the ball taken off him and a ball is slotted in where Besler has to slide in to push it wide.
  • 32'
    USA having to scramble to get it clear, S. Korea doing some really good work. Some talkented players out there in terms of running at defenders.
  • 30'
    Foul called on Evans, a dangerous spot here for the Koreans.
  • 27'
    Donovan with a great job to track back and shut down a counter from the corner. Really well done by him and Parkhurst. Good to see them make those retreating runs, those are often loss in early-season games like this.
  • 26'
    Kyle Beckman doing his thing in the midfield today. You've got to give him credit for the fact that he'll go win the ball back. Both of the holding mids have looked pretty good so far. USA with a corner now, and Korea gets it clear.
  • 23'
    The USA with a nice move, with Zusi slipping in behind. The cross looked dangerous but was over everybody.
  • 20'
    Suddenly the U.S. isn't looking so dominant. Davis and Zusi having to get back a bit deeper to try and slow down this Korean team, which has now come completely into the game.
  • 18'
    Best attack of the day for S. Korea. Lovely run in through the U.S. back line, dances through and puts his shot high and hard.
  • 16'
    Besler called for a hand ball with Korea looking to break.
  • 13'
    Diskerud has a dance on the ball in the box, looking for a way to get his shot off after getting handcuffed at the end of a flowing move.
  • 11'
    Beckerman called for a foul, coming through the back of an opponent. Those are things the U.S. needs to be careful of today. Sloppy fouls can lead to danger against a team like this. That one was too far away for it to be a real threat.
  • 8'
    Now the Koreans have a corner. The first real worry for the USA's defense, and my goodness.... USA almost made to pay, Raimondo had to do all he could to hold that one out of the goal.
  • 5'
    Quick correctuion, it was Zusi with the cross, Davis with the hit, and Wondo with the goal for the USA.
  • 4'
    Goal Chris Wondolowski
    Early GOAL!!! USA LEADS! South Korea does a poor job dealing with a cross in, with a shot on goal by Zusi parried back out, and Wondolowski heads it home. Caught me a bit by surprise, but the USA leads early.
  • 2'
    The USA comes out and is trying to take an early hold on things, moving the ball around calmly until a sloppy giveaway leads to Raimondo having to collect a Korean cross.
  • 1'
    Here we go! The first USA match of 2014, a World Cup year, is underway.
  • Teams are coming out onto the pitch, and this should be an interesting match to watch as the USA gets set for it's run to Brazil.
  • A strong group for Klinsmann, and one that will be expecting to play well against a largely unknown Korean side.
  • For the USA, Landon Donovan is in the team playing as the attacking midfielder, with Chris Wondolowski in front of him and Brad David and Graham Zusi on the wings. In behind, in the two holding spots, are Mix Diskerud and Kyle Beckerman. Left to right the back line is Michael Parkhurst, Matt Besler, Omar Gonzalez and Brad Evans. Nick Riamando is in goal.
  • Hello and Welcome in to Goal's LIVE call of the USA vs. South Korea. Korean coach Hong Myung-Bo returns to the StubHub Center for the first time since he retired as an LA Galaxy player in 2004, and brings a team of K-League players with him to face off with Jurgen Klinsmanns largely domestic team. Should be an entertaining one so stick around and we'll bring you all the updates.