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Olympics Women

  • August 9, 2012
  • • 2:45 PM
  • • Wembley Stadium, London
  • Referee: B. Steinhaus
  • • Attendance: 80203

Live Commentary

  • That'll do it for me everyone. The USA has won gold! Great performance by Japan as well, just not quite enough to make it happen. Again, I'm Shane Evans (@shanevans) and this has been's live coverage of the Olympic final from Wembley. Thanks for tuning in, and as always, good night, Godspeed and Golden Balls!
  • 90' + 3'
    THERE IS THE FINAL WHISTLE! Redemption for the United States as it wins the gold medal at the Olympic games. The final score is 2-1 as the USA tops Japan. What a game.
  • 90' + 2'
    Another foul from Japan and mere seconds left. This could be it!!!
  • 90' + 1'
    Heath wins a freekick and more time comes off the clock. Now it's in the corner by Japan's goal. More time slips off.
  • 90' + 1'
    Only two minutes of stoppage time, errybody.
  • 90'
    Yellow Card Abby Wambach
  • 90'
    The ball goes in and slides behind the goal for a goal kick. More time coming off the clock.
  • 90'
    Wambach commits something of a silly foul and Miyama now to play in a very deep freekick...
  • 90'
    Into the last minute of play...
  • 88'
    More tireless work from Alex Morgan on the byline as she wins a invaluable corner for the USA. Looks like it's going short? Nope goes into the box and Wambach heads it wide.
  • 87'
    Tick tock, tick tock.
  • 86'
    SubstitutionShinobu Ohno Karina Maruyama
  • 86'
    Japan sending on all the forwards it has available as Maruyama comes on to try and grab the game-tying goal.
  • 83'
    Rampone turns the ball over in a very very dangerous area and Tanaka tries to curl it around Solo who dives brilliantly to save it and keep the US in front. I'm running out of exclamatory remarks.
  • 83'
    Well Carli Lloyd wants that hat trick, eh? Taking the ball at the top of the box, she fires with her left this time across goal and it just skids over the net. Still 2-1.
  • 81'
    Under ten minutes remaining now...
  • 80'
    SubstitutionRachel Buehler Becky Sauerbrunn
  • 79'
    ...comes in and goes behind for a corner thanks to a clearance from Boxx.
  • 78'
    Another foul and another freekick coming for Japan. Guess where it is? In a dangerous area. I suppose they're all dangerous when Miyama is taking them. And the kick...
  • 77'
    SubstitutionAya Sameshima Mana Iwabuchi
  • 76'
    Time slipping off the clock for Japan. Still lots of time left. The USA looking a bit tired. Maybe that's because they played 120 minutes three days ago. Probs.
  • 74'
    The ball comes in and is dropped by Solo and the ball bounces around the area and is nearly put in the net if it weren't for some saving blocks by the US. A foul is then called on Japan and everyone exhales.
  • 73'
    Another freekick for Japan and Miyama. THIS MATCH IS TOO MUCH!
  • 72'
    Miyama plays it in and it nearrrrrrly reaches Ogimi but Wambach is able to put it behind for a corner. The short corner comes to nothing.
  • 71'
    Dangerous freekick coming from Japan. Miyama on the end of it. Big things coming...
  • 70'
    Doesn't this 2-1 score sound familiar, soccer fans? Dramaaaaaaa.
  • 68'
    The USA wins a freekick that is played in deep and headed towards goal. Latching onto the loose ball was Buehler who is stopped by an outstanding effort by Fukumoto. Nearly 3-1, still 2-1. Holy moly.
  • 65'
    With its lead split, the USA tries to come forward and dictate the tempo. This one is set up for one helluva finish, y'all.
  • 63'
    Goal Yuki Ogimi
    AS I SAY THAT...JAPAN SCORES! First the ball is cleared off the line by Rampone but it goes right to Sawa who slides the ball to Ogimi who slots home to cut the lead in half. Now 2-1 USA.
  • 63'
    Japan seeing a lot of the ball, just not a lot of the action in front of goal...
  • 60'
    The Americans look quite settled after Lloyd's second goal. You know what they say about 2-0 leads though...
  • 59'
    SubstitutionMizuho Sakaguchi Asuna Tanaka
  • 57'
    SubstitutionMegan Rapinoe Lauren Cheney
  • 57'
    Japan has it all to do now with just over a half an hour remaining in the match...
  • 54'
    Goal Carli Lloyd
    WOWOWOWOWOWWWWWW Carli Lloyd is stealing this match! The midfielder streaks up the middle of the pitch with the ball battles off defenders and fires a rocket with her right foot into the far side of the net. Stunning stuff. 2-0 USA!!!
  • 51'
    More great work by Alex Morgan as she bursts through a number of Japanese defenders and works her way to the endline and floats the ball in for Wambach who just misses the header as it's cleared.
  • 49'
    Little bit of a scary moment for the Americans as Wambach wastefully gives the ball away and Japan rush towards Solo's net. Some good defending later and the ball is cleared by O'Hara.
  • 47'
    Japan wins a freekick to the right of goal and swings the ball in towards Solo's goal. The American keeper punches clear but is taken out by the onrushing Japanese player.
  • 46'
    Anddddddd we're back! Japan has kicked off to start the second half of play. Here. We. Go.
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  • 45' + 1'
    ...and there's the whistle. Halftime from Wembley. The USA leads by a goal in what has been a very entertaining match of soccer. Looking forward to more in the second period. You are too, right?
  • 45'
    Another good chance from the US as Heath finds some space after a good bit of skill and has a go from about 25-30 yards. Good effort but never really going to test the keeper from there.
  • 42'
    The USA finally gets forward with Lloyd driving through the middle of the pitch. The New Jersey native then has a shot on net that swerved right into the hands of Fukumoto.
  • 37'
    Japan really asking questions of the USA right now. Much more possession and confidence on the ball. Oh no! Ohno incccccccheesss wide of the far post as she lines up a lovely curled shot from the top of the box. Very unlucky again. Surely the tying goal is coming?
  • 33'
    Great work by Ohno inside the area as she fights off about four USA defenders and plays it across goal to Miyama who fires the ball off the crossbar. Very very unlucky from Japan so far.
  • 31'
    The USA wins a corner that is bounced around the area after Wambach gets her noggin to it. Nervy moments but no real attempt on goal.
  • 28'
    Hey now! Nearly an own goal by Japan as a Lepeilbet cross is nearly put into her own net by Iwashimizu. The ball struck the post and went wide. Very nearly two up. Great stuff so far, everyone. Shame you can't watch. Or maybe you are and just really like me?! (Follow me on Twitter...@shanevans).
  • 26'
    Foul won by Japan on the right side of Solo's area. Freekick comes swinging in from Miyama but is straight off the wall. Some shouts for handball and on the replay...YEP. Penalty not awarded, definitely should have been. Way worse than Canada's penalty call. USA got away with one right there.
  • 24'
    Loose ball from Shannon Boxx isn't punished as a lofted cross is met by Solo just atop her six-yard box. What do shoes come in? A box. Yep.
  • 22'
    After those two efforts by Japan, things have slowed a touch with the USA happy to let the pace drop.
  • 18'
    Second later a great lofted cross comes in from Kawasumi that is connected by Ogimi's head. Solo delivers a MASSIVE palmed save that sees the ball go off the crossbar and away. Wowzers.
  • 17'
    Scramble city! Sawa plays in Kawasumi who fires in on Solo who blocks it back into the middle. A second shot is blocked by the USA and eventually cleared behind. Warning signs from Japan!
  • 15'
    The USA has a corner played in by Rapinoe that is cleared away by Japan and eventually back for a goal kick.
  • 12'
    A bit more of the ball now for Japan but the USA isn't giving it much room to operate. As it does.
  • 10'
    Japan has barely had a sniff so far, though they are pressing now seeking an immediate reaction to the goal.
  • 8'
    Goal Carli Lloyd
    GOALLLLLLLLLLLL!!! The USA strike first as great interchange play results in Morgan sending a chipped ball into the box from the byline that is powered home by Lloyd. 1-0!!!
  • 6'
    Bit of controversy early on as Lloyd plays a long through ball to Morgan who is seemingly impeded en route to the ball. No foul called. Could have gone either way, my people.
  • 4'
    Then Wambach has a shot on the half-volley. Again held easily by Fukumoto. Pressing stuff.
  • 3'
    Morgan with some great work taking the ball from Kumagai outside of the Japan area and then forcing the ball forward for an early shot that is blocked and held by Fukumoto.
  • 2'
    Strong start from the USA. Lots of possession and early pressure on the Japanese backline. Hunger is definitely there.
  • 1'
    USA kicks off! The match is underway!
  • The lineups are now being announced after the anthems have finished. Mere moments away now!
  • The teams are now walking out on to the pitch. The Japanese women are in red while the USA, under their white anthem jackets, will be sporting their blue change tops. Bit odd, really.
  • We'd love to hear your predictions as well! Reply on Twitter @GoalUSA or @shanevans with how you think the match will unfold. Best responses will get a RT.
  • The match will be played at Wembley Stadium and is expected to draw a near capacity crowd, which will push 80,000 people. Impressive stuff.
  • I was in Frankfurt a year ago when Japan held on to beat the USA and despite this being a completely different tournament, you can bet the Americans have had their eye on winning the Olympics, with the bonus of now getting a little payback against Japan. Hold on to your hats, people.
  • And for the reigning World Cup champion Japan: Miho Fukumoto; Aya Samshima, Saki Kumagai, Azusa Iwashimizu, Yukari Kinga; Aya Miyama, Mizuho Sakaguchi, Homare Sawa, Nahomi Kawasumi; Shinobu Ohno, Yuki Ogimi.
  • For the US of A: Hope Solo; Kelley O'Hara, Christie Rampone, Rachel Buehler, Amy LePeilbet; Tobin Heath, Shannon Boxx, Carli Lloyd, Megan Rapinoe; Alex Morgan, Abby Wambach.
  • Should we start things out with the lineups for both teams? Sure, why not!
  • Hello everyone and welcome to's LIVE commentary of USA-Japan, your 2012 Summer Olympics gold medal match! My name is Shane Evans (@shanevans on the Twitters) and I will be with you from start to finish of this highly-anticipated rematch of the 2011 Women's World Cup Final in Frankfurt! Woo!