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  • December 7, 2013
  • • 4:00 PM
  • • Children's Mercy Park, Kansas City, Kansas
  • Referee: H. Grajeda
  • • Attendance: 21650

Sporting KC won 7 - 6 on penalties

Live Commentary

  • Collin is Sporting KC's 10th shooter and he scores! Great PK past the diving Rimando, who guessed right
  • Borchers steps up for his PK and he scores right down the middle! We're now onto the TENTH ROUND
  • Myers buries his PK and the pressure is back on RSL!
  • Here's Velasquez to win it......AND IT'S SAVED! Nielsen saves Sporting KC's season! This is quite remarkable!!
  • Olum is shooter eight and he misses wide!!! RSL can win the MLS Cup with this next kick!
  • Beltran steps up and it's in off the post!! Inches away from a title-winning miss for Sporting KC. On we go to the eighth shooter
  • Sapong steps up and buries his PK. RSL needs to score again
  • Schuler blasts it home down the middle! Such nerve and we're going to round seven of PKs
  • Sinovic sends Rimando the wrong way with his left-footed shot! Pressure back on RSL
  • Morales scores his PK! RSL has turned it around and we're going to sudden death. Amazing drama here!
  • Zusi can win the MLS Cup now and.....HE FIRES IT OVER! INCREDIBLE!
  • Plata must score now for RSL and he buries it!
  • Feilhaber is next and he scores! Rimando got a touch on the shot right down the middle, but it just goes in
  • Beckerman goes down the middle and scores his PK!! 2-1 for Sporting KC now after three rounds
  • Besler's kick is saved by Rimando!! RSL has life!!
  • Big pressure on Grabavoy, whose penalty is saved by Nielsen!!! Sporting KC on the brink of a title now!
  • Nagamura steps up to take his team's second PK and he calmly side-foots home, sending Riimando the wrong way
  • Saborio will take RSL's first kick, and he blasts over! Early advantage Sporting KC!
  • Here we go! Bieler will go first and he scores!
  • 120'
    And MLS Cup 2013 will be decided in penalty kicks
  • 120'
    Plata does really well down the left flank and gets a good cross in, but Besler comes up with a huge header to win it over Saborio, who looked for a dramatic winner
  • 119'
    Saborio blasts a long effort which sails over. Indicative of this second half of extra time. Both teams look ready for PKs
  • 115'
    Things starting to slow down a bit, as penalty kicks loom. One would have to think Rimando and RSL would have the advantage in a shootout, as Nielsen hasn't been moving well in this cold tonight
  • 112'
    SubstitutionRobbie Findley Joao Plata
  • 112'
    Plata coming in for Findley, who has had a really good game and playoff run, looking a lot closer to his best
  • 110'
    Calm defending by Collin, who heads back to Nielsen when Beckerman almost played Findley in with a chipped pass
  • 106'
    We're underway in the second half of extra time in what's turned into a real thriller in KC
  • 105'
    Goal RSL! But it's offside! Saborio heads home but the linesman's flag goes up. Great call as the striker was just behind the defense on Findley's cross
  • 104'
    Yellow Card Benny Feilhaber
  • 103'
    Now a penalty shout for Sporting KC as Feilhaber finds Sapong. The striker turns but Schuler gets in good position and muscles Sapong over. Looked like a good no-call
  • 102'
    Another Sporting KC chance! Bieler knocks a header down for Sapond and Schuler does just enough to muscle him off the ball as his shot from close range goes over
  • 100'
    Yellow Card Kyle Beckerman
  • 98'
    With a free kick upcoming, Saborio is down in his own box after a scuffle with Myers. Saborio knocked Myers over and the defender reacted by shoving his marker over. Saborio making a meal out of that one
  • 96'
    RSL under siege here early in extra time, but Rimando and some timely blocks have saved the visitors
  • 93'
    Incredible save Rimando! Lightning-quick reaction save as Zusi got a half-volley strike from eight yards out off a long throw
  • 92'
    Zusi tees up Nagamura, but the midfielder's shot is screwed wide from the top of the box
  • 91'
    Here we go in extra time
  • 90' + 3'
    That's it! Saborio and Collin trade second-half goals and we'll need extra time in MLS Cup 2013
  • 90' + 2'
    Huge sliding block by Borchers on the onrushing Feilhaber. We're just about headed to extra time now
  • 88'
    Another chance for Grabavoy as the ball is cleared right to him at the top of the box, but his first time strike is all power and no placement
  • 87'
    SubstitutionLuis Gil S. Velásquez
  • 87'
    Another big defensive play by Sinovic, as he catches up to Grabavoy - who had been played through - and clears for a corner kick.
  • 85'
    Action going back and forth now, Sinovic gets a huge block on Saborio in the box as both teams are pushing to win this one before it goes to extra time
  • 79'
    Bieler fires over! Sporting KC gets a break and Sinovic lays a low pass right into the striker's path and he blazes over from 14 yards. That was a very very good chance and he should've done better
  • 76'
    Goal Aurellien Collin
  • 76'
    GOAL SPORTING KC!! Collin rises up and heads home the equalizer from Zusi's corner. Rimando had no chance and we're all tied up!
  • 76'
    Huge sliding clearance by Borchers, just getting in front of Nagamura off Myers' low cross
  • 73'
    Morales OFF THE POST! Incredible curler off a three-on-two break goes just off the inside of the far post. That would've been game over most likely. Nielsen was cleanly beaten.
  • 72'
    SubstitutionDominic Dwyer Claudio Bieler
  • 72'
    SubstitutionChris Wingert Lovel Palmer
  • 72'
    Bieler in for Dwyer now. The DP has 20 minutes to prove his worth
  • 71'
    Wingert gamely tried to continue, but his shoulder injury is just too much to overcome, as Palmer enters the game in his place
  • 69'
    Collin brings Findley down as he's easily beaten down the left flank. Chico Grajeda shows some mercy in not giving the defender his second yellow. It easily could have been
  • 64'
    Wingert looks to have re-injured his shoulder on a sliding challenge, but he's about to go back in. That will be a situation worth monitoring
  • 62'
    Now Beckerman hits the post! His shot from distance goes through traffic and strikes the far post. Gil gets on the rebound but he's offside
  • 59'
    Beckerman has been tremendous in the first 15 minutes of the second half. Another great chipped pass springs Findley but Collin tackles away
  • 56'
    Sinovic whips in a cross and Dwyer volleys well wide, as he was well marked by Borchers
  • 53'
    Great ball by Beckerman and Saborio shows how clinical he is
  • 52'
    Goal A. Saborío
  • 52'
    GOAL REAL SALT LAKE!! Beckerman chips over the top to Saborio and the Costa Rican chests down and slams a shot low past Nielsen from the top of the box. It's 1-0
  • 50'
    Wingert does well to shepherd Sapong out for a goal kick as the striker ran into the box looking to atone for his error
  • 48'
    Sapong miss! Zusi swings a free kick in which falls perfectly for Sapong, but his spinning shot from six yards out flies over the bar. He really should have done better there
  • 46'
    We're underway in the second half!
  • Scoreless at the half. Rimando has made a couple big saves to deny the home side in a stop-start first half. All to play for in the second period
  • 45' + 3'
    Dwyer denied by Rimando! The English striker stays onside on a long Besler ball and the RSL GK is off his line quickly to deny him
  • 45' + 1'
    Zusi fires a free kick wide of the far post. Four minutes of stoppage time coming up
  • 44'
    Yellow Card A. Saborío
  • 43'
    Saborio fouls Feilhaber, then there's a clash between the two which ends with Feilhaber going straight to ground after Saborio stood over him. The Costa Rican earns a yellow card
  • 39'
    Olum fires high! decent effort from distance but always rising
  • 36'
    Saborio heads wide! Collin runs back onto his goal line right before Morales hits the free kick and instead of shooting, the Argentine chips to Saborio, who can't direct his header on frame from six yards out with his back to goal. Odd sequence there
  • 35'
    Yellow Card Aurellien Collin
  • 35'
    Collin hacks down Findley and earns a yellow in the process. Free kick for RSL coming up
  • 34'
    RSL appeared to be getting a bit of a foothold, but Sporting KC struck back with some pressure. Still not a lot of flow to the game
  • 30'
    Findley off the post! Nielsen with an awful punch on a cross and the ball pops up behind him. The RSL striker volleys off the post from an acute angle. So close to the opener there
  • 25'
    Save Rimando! Sapong heads down a long cross from Zusi and the RSL goalkeeper parries away. Best chance of the game so far
  • 24'
    Yellow Card Chris Wingert
  • 24'
    Wingert gets the game's first yellow for barging into the back of Sapong on an aerial challenge
  • 22'
    Lots of long balls and stopping and starting due to injury mean this game has lacked rhythm so far
  • 21'
    We're looking at a very large amount of injury time in this half, and it's only halfway over
  • 20'
    The pitch looks a bit soft out there, as some players are struggling with their footing. Now Dwyer is down with an injury
  • 17'
    Dwyer tries a spectacular bicycle off a Myers feed but he connects with Borchers' face instead. That's going to sting, especially in this weather. Training staff on the pitch
  • 14'
    Tons of early pressure from the home side, but nothing to show for it thus far
  • 12'
    Zusi swings it in, but it goes over everybody and out for a goal kick
  • 11'
    Dwyer brings down a long ball very well on the left side and Schuler comes over to foul the Englishman. Set piece upcoming
  • 10'
    Rimando collects off a long throw by Besler. The USA center back's throws are a dangerous weapon for Sporting KC
  • 8'
    SubstitutionOriol Rosell Lawrence Olum
  • 7'
    Olum is forced to enter for Rosell. Big early blow for Sporting KC, as the Spaniard is a key defensive midfield cog in the home team's lineup.
  • 6'
    Rosell is down with an early knock. This would be a big blow for Sporting KC if he had to exit so early in the game
  • 4'
    Zusi carves out the game's first chance with a great cross from the left side, but Nagamura's sliding volley goes well wide, though he was unmarked
  • 3'
    Early pressure from the home side. Feilhaber's pass is cut out by Schuler, then Zusi's cross is blocked out for a corner
  • 1'
    Here we go! MLS Cup 2013 is underway!
  • The teams are coming out onto the pitch and Sporting Park is packed. Kickoff coming up shortly!
  • And as plenty have discussed quite a bit, it's COLD in Kansas City. It will be about 20 degrees at kickoff, easily the coldest MLS Cup ever
  • For RSL, star striker Alvaro Saborio is back after missing the conference semifinals with a hip injury, which is a welcome boost, as rookie Devon Sandoval isn't even on the bench with a foot injury. Chris Wingert also returns to the lineup after an injury
  • And the XI for visiting Real Salt Lake (4-4-2): Rimando; Beltran, Borchers, Schuler, Wingert; Gil, Beckerman, Morales, Grabavoy; Saborio, Findley
  • Here's today's lineup for the home team, Sporting KC (4-3-3): Nielsen; Myers, Collin, Besler, Sinovic; Rosell, Feilhaber, Nagamura; Zusi, Dwyer, Sapong
  • Welcome in to Goal's LIVE call of the MLS Cup final. We'll take you right through all the action and we've got plenty of boots on the ground to bring you post-match coverage.