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Serie A

  • March 13, 2011
  • • 10:00 AM
  • • Stadio Olimpico, Roma
  • Referee: P. Tagliavento
  • • Attendance: 48955

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 6'
    That's the match. Roma is back in the Champions League race, and Lazio looks to be fading as the season progresses. Thanks for sticking around with me, Zac Lee Rigg. Have a nice lazy Sunday.
  • 90' + 5'
    SubstitutionFrancesco Totti Paolo Castellini
  • 90' + 5'
    The only one who looks calm still is Montella. All of the sudden a longer contract looks a pretty viable option for Roma, though of course an available Carlo Ancelotti confuses all that.
  • 90' + 3'
    Yellow Card Francesco Totti
  • 90' + 3'
    Totti rips off his shirt to celebrate, earning a booking, but his grin says he doesn't give a gosh darn. Humorously, the fourth official won't let him come off the pitch to be substituted until he puts his shirt back on, so he pulls it on inside-out.
  • 90' + 2'
    Penalty Goal Francesco Totti
  • 90' + 2'
    Totti makes no mistake, slamming the ball into the roof of the net. Nine-man Lazio has surely fallen to the enigmatic Er Pupone.
  • 90' + 1'
    Red Card Cristian Ledesma
  • 90' + 1'
    Wow. More drama. Taddei hits a tantalizing cross, and Simplicio goes over as he reaches for it, sandwiched between two players. The referee awarded the penalty, and in the aftermath sent of Ledesma. Incredible.
  • 90'
    Assist Fabio Henrique Simplicio
  • 89'
    Totti is doing all he can to rile the Lazio players, and especially Ledesma. He's been diving and hurtling himself at them for the last few minutes. The referee is trying desperately to keep a hold of this match.
  • 88'
    Red Card Stefan Radu
  • 87'
    Well that was silly. Totti and Simplicio were delaying a free kick, so Radu rushed over and headbutted Simplicio. Blatant red card, that.
  • 85'
    With five minutes to go, Roma is in time-wasting mode. Totti and Simplicio are playing it together in the corner, eking out the minutes.
  • 83'
    SubstitutionMirko Vučinić Fabio Henrique Simplicio
  • 83'
    SubstitutionSergio Floccari Cristian Brocchi
  • 80'
    Yellow Card David Pizarro
  • 80'
    With ten minutes remaining, Lazio still doesn't look all that dangerous. Udinese is 4-0 ahead of Cagliari, and would leapfrog into the fourth placed spot in Serie A if these results hold. Roma would move to within two points of Lazio.
  • 78'
    On the replay, you can clearly see green laser pointers on Muslera's face just before the goal. That could have done just enough to throw him off. This one should get interesting.
  • 77'
    Reja has to play his hand. On come Mauri and Kozak to attempt to overturn this deficit.
  • 76'
    SubstitutionHernanes Stefano Mauri
  • 76'
    SubstitutionMauro Zárate Libor Kozák
  • 74'
    Wow. Totti taken out and then gets a Lazio cleat in his face. Hard to tell if it was intentional or just a loss of balance, though Totti will swear it was on purpose of course. Matuzalem the culprit again.
  • 70'
    Goal Francesco Totti
  • 70'
    Assist David Pizarro
  • 70'
    For the record, Pizarro won that free kick. The Chilean has wonderfully orchestrated play for Roma. Matuzalem took him out at the edge of the box, and the power of Totti's shot did the rest.
  • 70'
    Wouldn't you know it, Totti smacks a free kick through the wall and into the back of the net. It seemed to slip right through the arms of Muslera.
  • 65'
    Well that was the chance. Hernanes finally gets involved, using some space down the right to cross into the box. An open Floccari somehow screws his header wide, with the goal gaping.
  • 64'
    First Ledesma curls a narrow free kick just over the top corner and then, on the other end, Mexes wins a header in the box. Free kicks providing some decent looks here.
  • 60'
    Both benches are cleared and warming up, with each coach plotting the move that could untie this stalemate.
  • 56'
    SubstitutionJérémy Menez Rodrigo Taddei
  • 56'
    Menez makes way for Taddei. Just the added energy and pressure will help balance out Roma's formation.
  • 54'
    A mistake by Juan allows Sculli to nip in behind Roma's defense. His floated cross looked menacing, but there were no Lazio players to finish.
  • 53'
    Totti's general strategy for winning headers is to turn is back and bump into the defender. Twice in quick succession he's taken out Lichtsteiner, though he was only whistled for one.
  • 50'
    Totti curls in a corner before the Lazio defense is set. Crashing in on net, Vucinic lands a sturdy header on the ball. Biava blocked it, but perhaps with his hands, as Vucinic and Menez immediately raised their arms for a penalty.
  • 48'
    Menez, trying to take on two defenders, ends up just walking into one. He's looked lazy and lethargic all match, slow to press and just slow overall. This isn't the wonderful talent we saw blooming under Ranieri.
  • 45'
    Here we go again. Let's hope the second half is more open that the first.
  • Both teams combined to put a grand total of one shot on target in the first half. Let's hope there's a few more in the second.
  • 45'
    That's halftime. Roma needs to use the right side of the pitch more, spread things out. Lazio needs to find Hernanes and let him dictate play. Thus far Roma has edged possession, with Lazio only showing glimpses.
  • 40'
    For the first time, the teams got in behind the backlines. Totti played in Menez, who dragged the ball back to Juan in the box. A diving stop blocked Juan's shot, and Lazio took off on the counter. Only a last-ditch tackle by Burdisso silenced that dangerous move by Floccari.
  • 39'
    Yellow Card Daniele De Rossi
  • 39'
    De Rossi throws himself into a late challenge to pick up his obligatory yellow card. All these guys collecting bookings will need to be careful they don't get another. Tempers get hot in the derby.
  • 34'
    Zarate has been exiled out on his wing, but he just created the best chance of the game so far. His fizzled shot from wide screamed in front of the goalmouth, and Floccari hurled himself at it, but missed. Eventually the shot went out for a goal kick.
  • 32'
    Fun stat: Lazio coach Edy Reja is the oldest in Serie A. Roma's Vincenzo Montella is the youngest.
  • 30'
    Vucinic sprints at the Lazio defense, flicking the ball out to Menez. The Frenchman had strayed too close to Vucinic, however, and the move died out even before Menez went down looking for a free kick.
  • 28'
    Lazio's main defense against Totti is to kick him early. Thus far it's worked, as Totti has wasted two good free kicks, one by inexplicably hitting the referee with a sideways pass.
  • 23'
    Compared to the wide-open Milan-Bari affair, this one is sill very cagey and stiff. The transitions into attack are now flowing smoothly.
  • 20'
    Ledesma earns and takes a corner for Lazio, before Menez elbows him in the back of the head. Ledesma is captain for tonight - a far cry from last season when he spent most of it on exile from the first team. Like Pandev, he admitted a desire to leave, and found himself frozen out of soccer for over half the year. Now he's back and has signed a new contract. Ledesma's deep play is crucial for Lazio's resurgence this season.
  • 18'
    Yellow Card Mirko Vučinić
  • 18'
    Not to be outdone, Vucinic clatters into Lichsteiner to earn a matching yellow.
  • 15'
    Yellow Card Stephan Lichtsteiner
  • 15'
    Lichsteiner picks up the first yellow of the game for yanking on Vucinic's jersey, after the Montenegrin had turned him.
  • 13'
    Riise's been heavily involved here, making good inroads up into Lazio's half. Menez, on the other hand, has hardly touched the ball.
  • 11'
    According to Opta Sports, Roma has hit the bar 16 times this season, the most of any Serie A clubs. Of course, Milan had two goals called back in the 1-1 draw with Bari earlier today, so there are plenty of complaints to spread around.
  • 9'
    Given the rain and overcast conditions, they're turning the floodlights on in the Olimpico Stadium.
  • 7'
    Roma taking the initiative in the opening stages here. A clairvoyant slide-rule pass from Pizarro finds Vucinic down the left, who hits a nice backheel to the overlapping Riise. The Norwegian's cross doesn't find anyone, but sure worried the Lazio backline.
  • 5'
    Oh my! Totti's backheel helps switch play over to Pizarro. The Chilean midget lets loose from a full 35 yards, and it careens back off the post. What an opener that would have been.
  • 3'
    Zarate is out on the left to start. He took on Burdisso down the flank and won a corner early on. That bobbled out to Matuzalem, who blasts it at Doni from outside the box.
  • 1'
    Here we go. Everyone strap yourself in tight.
  • Lazio has a similar shape. Reja welcomes back Lichtsteiner on the right, which should help transitioning into the attack. Sculli, Hernanes, and Zarate in a trident behind Floccari.
  • Lineups are in. Roma continues with a 4-2-3-1. Burdisso plays rightback, and Totti starts up front, flanked by Vucinic and Menez. That's a whole lot of creativity up there.
  • The other press point is that Zarate's brother and agent publicly complained that the new formation puts too much defensive pressure on Zarate. "He's not a fullback," his brother grumbled. Could we see Lazio sell the Argentine off this summer? It's likely, one would imagine.
  • Two main points of interest in the press this week. The first was Marco Borriello having to say he's not at fault for all of Roma's woes. He's had trouble scoring of late, and missed a penalty against Shakhtar in the Champions League drubbing. Interestingly, he's been left out of this one.
  • Despite generally playing better in these matches, Lazio has lost the last three derbies. Now the Aquile come into the match slight favorites and ahead in the league.
  • Stuck without a TV or a stream? Fear not. My name is Zac Lee Rigg, and I'll be holding your hand through the Rome derby. This one should be a doozy. Lazio is clinging onto the last CL spot by its fingernails, and Roma needs a win here to get back into that discussion.