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  • April 17, 2013
  • • 11:00 PM
  • • Candlestick Park, San Francisco, California
  • Referee: R. Salazar
  • • Attendance: 46288

Live Commentary

  • So Mexico comes up a bit short of expectations. A young Peruvian side really did well to come into the match late on, but Mexico couldn't find an answer or a way to bed the match to bed. A penalty save will be the big talking point, but overall it was not a good showing from El Tri.
  • 90' + 4'
    Final whistle sounds and Mexico still hasn't found a way to win a match in 2013. 0-0 your final score.
  • 90' + 2'
    Maybe one last late push from Mexico. A couple of crosses lead to a corner.
  • 90'
    Last minute of regulation, and it feels a bit like Mexico is hanging on. But then Jiminez gets a look at the other end after a defender falls and Mexico has a chance. Game has really picked up late on.
  • 87'
    Mexico living on the edge late. Torres Nilo has been huge. Another great clearance there to save a chance on goal.
  • 84'
    SubstitutionÁ. Reyna J. Cortés
  • 84'
    Late break there for Peru and there was a real chance. Another sloppy turnover from Mexico and on the break, maybe Peru took the shot on too early and bounces it to the keeper.
  • 80'
    Just over 10 minutes left to play and the biggest moment was obviously the penalty that was saved. Other than that chances have been few. Peru has come into it late on, but it might not be enough at this point.
  • 78'
    Yellow Card L. García
  • 76'
    And it's a great ball!! Mexico escapes with a save touched around the post, after the ball bounced just in front of goal. Odd one for a goalkeeper to judge. And Peru comes right back from the corner and works another good shot. South Americans coming into the game a little bit.
  • 76'
    Peru will get a chance from a free kick here. Too far out for a shot, but a nice angle for a ball in.
  • 75'
    SubstitutionP. Albarracín C. Gonzáles
  • 75'
    SubstitutionO. Contreras A. Callens
  • 74'
    SubstitutionP. Barrera L. Montes
  • 72'
    No card on the penalty call, so we're still 11 on 11 and still 0-0. Huge moment in this game right there.
  • 70'
    Missed Penalty Á. Reyna
  • 70'
    Penalty save J. Carvallo
  • 70'
    SAVED!!! It stays 0-0. Angel Reyna has his spot kick stopped.
  • 68'
    SubstitutionJ. Céspedes L. García
  • 68'
    PENALTY!!! Mexico will get a chance to take the lead from the spot. Bravo won it, but that's a tough call on the defender there. A little tug on Bravo and he goes down very easily.
  • 67'
    SubstitutionJ. Ballón J. Vargas
  • 67'
    That was dangerous. The corner came in and took a bounce in the box after a flick but a quick scramble away kept it out of Peru's goal.
  • 66'
    Bravo was nudged off the ball but won a corner in the process. Mexico could use to take advantage of one of these set plays.
  • 64'
    On positive for Mexico is that the wings have been well used. Up and down the flanks all night, but not nearly enough people attacking the ball as it comes in.
  • 62'
    SubstitutionRafael Márquez Lugo O. Bravo
  • 61'
    For Peru, the best chances have all come from Mexico making mistakes moving the ball out of the back. With Maza and Torres Nilo back there, you would think there would be plenty of experience, but it's been sloppy. Now Omar Bravo steps on the pitch and maybe he can spark something for El Tri.
  • 60'
    I take that back, it's a corner and it's taken short and then the cross is utterly wasted.
  • 59'
    Peru with a rare attack, Maza deals with it, but a throw deep in Mexico territory.
  • 57'
    Professional foul from Ayala to kill off a break from Peru. Chippy run of play there, probably more than one infraction that could have been called.
  • 53'
    Much calmer looking El Tri side. Chepo probably had a lot to do with that at the half. Barrera did really well to keep a ball down the right in play and cut a defender, but he lost his footing as he attacked the edge of the box.
  • 52'
    Yellow Card H. Herrera
  • 51'
    Yellow Card C. Benavente
  • 50'
    Mexico is having a bit more luck holding the ball early in this second half.
  • 47'
    Mexico earns a foul, and a Peruvian player is having a hard time getting back on his feet. Looks like he took a knock to the knee.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionY. Reyna R. Ruidíaz
  • 46'
    SubstitutionM. Guevara C. Benavente
  • 46'
    SubstitutionGerardo Torrado J. Molina
  • 46'
    SubstitutionC. Peña H. Herrera
  • 46'
    SubstitutionJ. Corona Alfredo Talavera
  • 46'
    Second half is underway.
  • Not the best half you'll ever see and Mexico will probably be somewhat frustrated. No real rhythm to the play from either side, but El Tri has at least had chances to go in front.
  • 45'
    First half is almost over. Nothing much in it. Not a lot of chances at goal. Jiminez had the best of the night and hit the post from a bad angle, and Peru has been searching for answers and not finding many.
  • 42'
    Better from Mexico in the last few minutes. Solid bit of movement in and around the box, but again it breaks down.
  • 39'
    Barrera takes on a free kick from a good spot and blasts it over the wall.
  • 38'
    Yellow Card C. Ramos
  • 38'
    To Mexico's credit, El Tri has been massively better than Peru. A hopeful shot there from about 40 yards is as close as the South Americans have come.
  • 36'
    Yellow Card G. Flores
  • 35'
    A CHANCE!!! Jiminez gets in behind and rounds the goalkeeper but the angle is so narrow.. He bangs his shot off the post and out of play.
  • 33'
    Barrera and Florres get down the right but once again the cross in can't find anybody. This really hasn't been a very inspiring half of soccer from either side.
  • 30'
    Barrera!! No, the cross is all wrong. Still disjointed, Mexico can't find it's flow.
  • 29'
    Great run down the left from Torres Nilo. Shot is blocked out for a corner.
  • 27'
    Reyna from Peru looked to be in a very dangerous spot but was caught offside. It was very close and Mexico got a little lucky there. Another bad turnover.
  • 25'
    Corner for Mexico and Maza just can't get on the end of it.
  • 24'
    Good cross there from Mexico but once again it's collected easily enough.
  • 20'
    No real chances for either side early on here. Been a very choppy game.
  • 16'
    Mexico still trying to work the ball out of the back at every chance, but Peru is making it very difficult.
  • 12'
    Peru wins a free kick and is looking threatening. Good spell for the South American side.
  • 8'
    Barrera has looked sharp down the right early on. Not bad at all. Good sign for El Tri.
  • 6'
    Mexico looking just a bit disjointed early on. Neither side really taking hold of the game yet, but a good run in behind from Barrera earns a corner that very well could have been a penalty for a what looked like a shove of Marquez Lugo.
  • 2'
    Torres Nilo breaking up a couple of early moves from Peru down Mexico's left.
  • 1'
    Still a strong lineup for Mexico, and we're off an running.
  • Not long to wait not. A couple of things to keep an eye on. Pablo Barerra is back in the Mexico team with Jesus Corona between the pipes. Both have real chances to make waves with the best version of El Tri, and tonight could prove vital in those two players earning a spot.
  • Welcome in to's coverage of Mexico and Peru. Should be an entertaining match tonight from San Francisco, with plenty of young talent on display for both sides along with a few returning stars. Both teams come in almost fully made up of domestic based players from the respective countries since this isn't a FIFA international date, but there are certainly places in future teams on the line.