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Copa del Rey

  • January 12, 2012
  • • 4:00 PM
  • • Estadio El Sadar, Pamplona (Iruñea)
  • Referee: Carlos Velasco Carballo
  • • Attendance: 12498

Barcelona win Aggregate 6 - 1

Live Commentary

  • Pick of the round, Mirandes-Espanyol obviously? That is all from me, catch all those matches LIVE on, until then ta ta.
  • Before I leave you, here is the line-up in full: Real Madrid - Barcelona Valencia - Levante Mirandes - Espanyol Athletic Bilbao - Mallorca
  • Lionel Messi did change this game and you would have to think that when Barcelona meet Jose Mourinho's side the old showdown of CR7 and Leo will be the talking point pre, during and post match.
  • Barcelona, then, come from behind to overcome a challenging Osasuna side to set up an enticing quarter-final against the current holders, Real Madrid.
  • 90' + 2'
    And the last minute of play warranted that as an update as there was little happening, Barcelona happy to pass and move and one final attempt sees a flick from Cuenca fall into the path of an Osasuna defender. And that, as they say, is that.
  • 90' + 1'
    It'll be two minutes of added time, two.
  • 90'
    The 90th minute comes up with no allotted injury time as of yet as Osasuna send a long pass forward toward Lekic was is ushered back to his goal keeper by Pique.
  • 89'
    He does precisely that and it is a decent delivery that bounces just in front of Riesgo and the goalkeeper consequently spills it but Lolo is on hand to hack clear for a corner kick which comes to zilch, zero, nothing.
  • 88'
    Messi picks up the ball on the right touchline and immediately spots space ahead of him and aims is run in that direction. He takes the ball past three Osasuna defenders before finally one catches his heel and the Messi is the one who will float the set piece into the area.
  • 87'
    Not deserved. Despicably Pique is time wasting in his own corner flag and then under the challenge of Bertran, who hardly touches him, falls to the ground to win the free kick.
  • 85'
    Pass. Pass. Pass. And it isn't forward pressing but more back, and from side to side by Barcelona who are happy to see this match out now, that is until Messi gets onto the all who just tries to move Barca forward only for his pass to his go out of play.
  • 83'
    Cejudo is the latest player to try his luck at finding the lonesome Lekic in the Barcelona area but his cross is too close to Pinto who gratefully clutches the ball to his chest.
  • 82'
    And the home side sense that they can steal something here as the full-backs push forward in tandem as Mendilibar urges his side forward in an attempt to rescue something. Satrustegui is the man that puts two crosses into the Barcelona area in quick succession but Pique, the journeyman of the back line is able to marshal his team mates and clear.
  • 81'
    Ten minutes remaining tonight, and you have to say that Osasuna do deserve a result of some kind from this game. Barcelona's second half performance has been efficient but nothing more.
  • 80'
    SubstitutionÁlvaro Cejudo Sergio
  • 79'
    And here they go again, the bad for Barcelona. Abidal, deep his his own half his nearly crowded out by a swarm of Osasuna attackers, and then it turns into the ugly when he toe pokes it clear and away.
  • 78'
    Messi has had something extra, pace springs to mind but above everything else is determination. He combines with Sergi Roberto once more, with a number of passes shared between the two players with this time a shooting opportunity create for Messi but a strong challenge from Lolo stops the Argentine from pulling the trigger.
  • 77'
    Abidal does something well, it has been one of those games for the Frenchman. Here, in the coolest manner possible he catches the flight of the ball and chests the ball into the path of Sergio Busquets to launch a Barcelona attack.
  • 75'
    The two nearly combine once more, with Messi lifting the ball over three Osasuna defenders and into the path of Sergi Roberto whose deft finish oozes class but it is ruled out for offside. Just, but then again, if you are off you are off. You heard it here first....
  • 73'
    SubstitutionSatrústegui José Hermosa
  • 73'
    Barcelona's youth system is simply phenomenal.
  • 72'
    Goal Sergi Roberto
    SERGI ROBERTO!! It is quite some finish from the 19 year-old who his found by a wonderful pass from, who other than Leo Messi. The Argentine spots the run of his team mate and the pass is so natural now, and Roberto takes a touch that closes the angle just a tad but fires in a low shot across the face of goal and it nestles in the far corner.
  • 70'
    When Osasuna press Barcelona's defence looks penetrable with mistakes continuously present in their ball play. It is Abidal once again who is caught in possession, and he is lucky that Cejudo's touch is heavy in turn.
  • 69'
    SubstitutionPedro Busquets
  • 68'
    SubstitutionRoberto Torres Raúl García
  • 68'
    What follows is Barcelona keeping the ball in and around the Osasuna area, and Messi is instrumental to everything playing the impossible pass and somehow it coming off. The Argentine is then a whisker of getting in ahead of Flano but instead the defender pokes out a toe that pushes clear of any danger.
  • 67'
    Barca are turning it up once more, and it does seem to be a switch when they just exert a higher level of pressure on team. Cuenca picks the ball up on the far side and he looks to play a chipped pass into Sergi Roberto who made a late run but Lolo is strong and heads clear.
  • 66'
    Raoul is there again for Osasuna with a crunching tackle and sets the home side away but Pique intelligently reads the pass and in doing so launches a counter with the former Manchester United man streaming into the penalty area but Messi's cross never arrives and the chance passes them by.
  • 64'
    Lolo strikes it, usually a defender hitting a free kick means a bullet but he tries to lift it over the wall but he fails to get an height to his effort and it comes to nothing.
  • 63'
    Mascherano and Alvaro Cejudo come together in a decent position for Osasuna, and despite the minimal amount of contact a free kick is rewarded for the home side.
  • 62'
    Messi is on the ball for the first time, and he is meet with jeers from the home crowd. Fear. Simples. And his movement is exquisite as he gives and goes, but doesn't get the ball back but the space he created was priceless only for Adriano's touch to let him down and the chance goes.
  • 61'
    Back to four at the back for Barcelona as a reaction to that substitution, and they are happy to toy with Osasuna for now, playing it in triangles across the pitch. Lack of urgency in this match now, and even though there is half an hour remaining the outcome of this match is pretty much a certainty.
  • 59'
    It just got a whole lot easier for Osasuna, Messi had a word with the boss and here comes the Argentine. Enter the best player in the world.
  • 58'
    SubstitutionAlexis Sánchez Lionel Messi
  • 58'
    Raoul is there to clear the danger when the ball comes across once again and Osasuna force the Catalan side back to Pinto, but unlike the first half, they easily pass it out of defence. And they very nearly finish the move with a shot on goal when Sergi Roberto's run is spotted only for his touch to let him down, had it be better he would have been one-on-one.
  • 57'
    Thiago and Sergi Roberto do well in midfield, with the latter sensing an opportunity ahead of him and he bursts forward before bringing Cuenca into play on the right side but the youngsters cross is poor, as is his second.
  • 55'
    Slight change from Pep Guardiola here, with Adriano - as for the goal making it a four man midfield with Abidal, Montoya and Pique the three across the back.
  • 54'
    Punal does well to beat Sergi Roberto to the high ball and Osasuna are able to comfortably keep a hold of possession for a while before a long ball forward goes all the way through to Pinto.
  • 53'
    Osasuna haven't shied away from this tie and are still happy to pass the ball around them but the Blaugrana are enjoying a decent spell and are looking threatening whenever they move into the final third.
  • 51'
    That is what Barcelona can do to you, truly remarkable. They worked the ball there from a Pinto goal kick. And here is that customary flow that they have, always being able to find that extra pass, with Pedro attempting a Ronaldhino-esque pass, which fails.
  • 49'
    Goal Alexis Sánchez
    GOAL! ALEXIS SANCHEZ! This goal is all about the delivery from Adriano who manages to create half a yard and send a wonderful low cross in that "corridor of uncertainty" and there is the Chilean to touch the ball home at the far post.
  • 47'
    Abidal opts for safety first, and you can understand why considering his poor performance in the first-half, opting to hack clear rather than attempt a neat side ways pass.
  • 46'
    Only a minute in, and it seems to be quite beleaguered already with Osasuna committing less players forward.
  • 45'
    Here. We. Go. It is 45-minutes of Osasuna-Barcelona that awaits, with a place in the last eight of the Copa del Rey at stake. If the home side grab another early on, this could be interesting.
  • Rumour has it (massive Adele fan) that Real Madrid have already started to print tickets for the quarter-final clash. Premature.
  • I assume these would be the words of Mendilibar: Ali Abbas on Twitter says: "No change is required (Sub), just be yourself, and enjoy."
  • Twitter: Xolani Mahlangeni - "It is a formidable bench. Osasuna glad only three can come on #goalcopadelrey" What three, questions Pep has to answer? This football shin-dig, it's an easy job....
  • Man of the half? I'd have to say Raoul has been mine, but shout outs goes to Alvaro Cejudo and goalscorer Lekic. Your views, @dquintonnavarro (just in case!)
  • Still some way to go for Osasuna to truly pressurize Barcelona here but they have done everything right in that first half. Put yourself in either Pep Guardiola or Jose Mendilibar's shoes, what would your halftime team talks focus on? Tweet away, @dquintonnavarro
  • 45' + 1'
    Barcelona finally manage to hack the ball clear and with that the referee brings an end to the first half, a much needed break for Guardiola's men one would think whilst Osasuna would never have wanted that half to end.
  • 45'
    And the current La Liga Champions are continuing to come over second best as Callejon has a chance picking the ball up on the far side only to slip at the critical moment with the goal gaping. All Osasuna at the moment.
  • 44'
    CEJUDO!! Alvaro Cejudo takes advantage of a sloppy clearance from Javier Mascherano and as one thought on his mind as he heads towards goal. He comes in at the angle and drops his shoulder, opting to go on the outside of Abidal and opens up space to shot but lifts his shot over the bar. Lekic had made a superb run in the penalty area and had his team mate picked him out, he would have had a tap in....Barcelona rocking.
  • 42'
    Osasuna are living dangerously inside their own penalty area as Alexis and Pedro push up in an attempt to put an end to any recovery from Mendilibar's side but the defenders work the ball well and clear their lines.
  • 41'
    Goal Dejan Lekic
    GOALLL!!!! LEKIC!! Raoul does brilliantly will on the edge of the Barcelona area, stealing the ball from Sergi Roberto before touching the ball into Lekic who strikes his shot with venom and despite Pinto getting a hand the effort it creeps inside the post. GAME. ON.
  • 39'
    REACTIONARY SAVE!! Truly instinctive save from Riesgo as Pedro hits a shot from the edge of the area which ricochets off a Osasuna defender and then Pique bringing out a top class save from the second-choice 'keeper.
  • 38'
    Can Barcelona respond? Sergi Roberto, who has been involved in a lot more in the last 20 minutes plays the ball into Sanchez, who has moved into the central attacking position, but the Chilean is muscled out and the ball goes behind for a corner kick.
  • 36'
    Yellow Card Javier Calleja
  • 36'
    LEKIC!! MASSIVE CHANCE! Satrustegui plays in the pass of the match so far from deep and it is perfect for the striker to hit across goal. The Serbian's technique is beautiful to watch but he just drags it a touch wide of the far post.
  • 34'
    Everything is being done down on the near touch line despite Cuenca's obvious superiority over Satrustegui on the far side, and Sanchez comes up second best once again with Bertran doing well against the Chilean.
  • 33'
    Scrappy as Osasuna fail to clear their lines despite three opportunities to do so, and when Alexis brings the ball under control he is readying himself to try and audacious effort some distance out but he is judged to have handled the ball putting an end to any Barca attack.
  • 31'
    There is that intricate football that Barcelona have been lacking tonight with Pedro and Thiago combining with a quick-fire one-two. The latter sends the ball wide for Cuenca whose low cross is too close to Riesgo who dives on it.
  • 30'
    Cuenca has been the man that has stepped it up a wee bit for Barcelona and he beats his marker again before sending in a high cross, incredibly un-Barcelona-like. And you can see why, Alexis wins the header but only because of a sly push on Bertran, foul is given by a perfectly positioned referee.
  • 29'
    Alexis picks the ball up on the left-side, reshuffle from the Barcelona front trio as Pedro moves into the "Messi-role" and Guardiola's side have become more threatening since the change.
  • 28'
    Raoul makes a good challenge on the edge of the area, in his debut, he has been very solid in midfield but Barcelona come again as they look to shift it up a gear. Cuenca gets the ball on the right-side and runs at the full-back, the two come together in the penalty area but nothing doing says the officials.
  • 27'
    Sergi Roberto, first time I mentioned his name, shifts the ball on trying to create some urgency to Barcelona's play that has been lacking. The ball finally falls to Adriano who has a chance to send a low cross into the six yard box but instead looks to pass the ball back for a strike on goal, only to look up and see nobody there. The Brazilian eventually hangs a high cross toward the far post but it is a touch too heavy and the ball goes out play.
  • 25'
    Lolo makes a wonderful sliding challenge against Pedro and even wins the throw-in off the Barcelona man. Sound performance so far from the home side, credit where credit is due.
  • 24'
    Alvaro Cejudo hits a sweet strike from the edge of the area which is always rising, but Guardiola won't want to see his side standing off the players of the quality of Cejudo who can score from that range.
  • 23'
    Adriano pumps the ball upfield, and here is another rarity there is no Barcelona man in the opposition half. Yes, they are four goals to the good but even so.
  • 22'
    Silly, silly, silly. Barcelona have a throw-in and Pedro gets the ball rolling quickly but when he gets the ball back from Cuenca he is correctly judged as being offside. Schoolboy.
  • 20'
    Blaugrana looking to steady the ship here but that Osasuna trio are still pressing bringing a long pass out of Thiago which comes off and, however unlikely this is prompts a rare attack from Guardiola's side only for it to end with the offside flag.
  • 18'
    Eric Abidal gifts the ball to Cejudo this time, and no it isn't the same attack. The winger sends in a superb low cross into Lekic who this time forces a shot on goal but he never gets hold of it and Pique heads off the line only for the ball to fall to Punal who brings out a top drawer save from Pinto in the Barca goal.
  • 16'
    Barcelona are defending in numbers when Osasuna move forward but they still cannot work it out of defence. Instead, the home side win the ball back in the final third and Lekic picks the ball up when it is played into him but instead of trying his luck on the turn he attempts a clever flick but it ends up being to nobody.
  • 15'
    ...and are back to 11 for a free-kick which Punal swings in but the delivery is poor and Barcelona easily clear the danger.
  • 14'
    SubstitutionAndreu Fontàs Prat Éric Abidal
  • 14'
    Fontas, following that clash of knees has had to be substituted with Eric Abidal - linked with Arsenal this week - readying to come on. For the time being, Barcelona are down to ten men...
  • 13'
    Twitter: Abdurrahman Adewale thinks that this is the strongest bench he has ever seen, do you all concur?
  • 12'
    Injury Andreu Fontàs Prat
  • 12'
    The home side are a part of this tie, despite being four goals behind, and Fontas tries to be too casual with the ball on the edge of his own area allowing Lekic to nip the ball away from him. The Barcelona defender recovers brilliantly but picks up an injury in the process, and as such he requiring treatment.
  • 10'
    And they are nearly rewarded when the ball is played down the flank for Alvaro Cejudo who sends in a devilish cross which has the Barca defence under pressure. Luckily for Montoya at the far post the ball bounces up and Callejon, who was arriving late cannot make contact with it.
  • 9'
    Osasuna's forward trio are working tremendously well as they put pressure on the young defence that Barcelona have fielded tonight and they are forced to hack the ball clear giving the ball back to the Navarrans.
  • 8'
    Barcelona keep the ball around the opposition penalty area, as Alexis looks to make something of Cuenca's flick put Osasuna are alive to the threat and the attacking trio are frustrated.
  • 6'
    Montoya does well on the far side under pressure from Cejudo touching the ball into Thiago who quickly sends a ball into Pedro on the left. He works the ball well and ignores the run of the over-lapping Adriano instead bringing the first save of the match from Riesgo who touches over the top.
  • 5'
    Isaac Cuenca does brilliantly well in the middle of the pitch bursting forward, and riding the challenge of Raoul before touching the ball into Pedro on the near side. The Spanish International opts to bring the ball back into the middle of the park but is eventually crowded out by a strong defensive unit.
  • 3'
    Nervy first touch of the ball for Osasuna second-choice goalkeeper, Asier Riesgo hacks the ball clear and it sails into touch adjacent to the edge of the area.
  • 2'
    And Barcelona have been content with keeping the ball in the early exchanges, with Argentine Javier Mascherno happy to pick the ball up from the defensive pairing and get the Catalan side on their way.
  • 1'
    The players strolled out onto the pitch and there was minimal fuss before Barcelona, kitted out in their full turquoise kit, got us under way kicking from right-to-left.
  • On the Real Madrid front, because you were dying to know, Jose Mourinho's side overcame the challenge the challenge of Mallorca to progress into the last eight. And it is Mourinho's side who await Barcelona in the next round.
  • Barcelona's form of late has been questionable despite that 3-1 win in El Clasico at the end of 2011, Guardiola's side have slumped back to five points adrift of Real Madrid in what is quite simply an intriguing battle.
  • Is that the strongest bench you have ever seen? Tweet your thoughts, @dquintonnavarro, #GoalCopadelRey.
  • BARCELONA SUBSTITUTES: Valdes; Puyol, Fabregas, Busquets, Xavi, Abidal, Messi.
  • BARCELONA STARTING XI: Pinto; Montoya, Pique, Fontas, Adriano; Mascherano, Thiago, Sergi Roberto; Pedro, Cuenca, Alexis.
  • OSASUNA SUBSTITUTES: Ricardo; Hermosa, Raul Garcia, Nekounam, Lamah, Postigo, Omwu.
  • OSASUNA STARTING XI: Riesgo; Bertran, Flano, Lolo, Satrustegui; Cejudo, Punal, Raoul, Calleja; Torres, Lekic.
  • It's your night tonight as well, and it is so, so easy to get involved. Just tweet away, @dquintonnavarro to share your thoughts on the match, to whether you feel as if Lionel Messi deserved his crown.
  • TEAM NEWS: Pep Guardiola opts to field an attacking trio of Cuenca, Pedro and Alexis, whilst Mascherano plays in his customary midfield role. It is quite a bench for Barcelona, however.
  • TEAM NEWS: Youngsters is the theme of the evening with Eneko Satrustegui, Raoul and Roberto Torres drafted in for Osasuna.
  • The Argentine maestro became just the fourth player, alongside Dutch duo Marco Van Basten and Johan Cruyff plus Michel Platini, to win the coveted trophy three times. Messi saw of the challenge of club mate Xavi and Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo, whilst Pep Guardiola was named coach of the year.
  • It's a two legged affair, with Barcelona holding a four goal advantage from Camp Nou thanks to two goals apiece from Cesc Fabregas and third-time winner of the Ballon d'Or, Lionel Messi.
  • Welcome, I'm Daniel Quinton-Navarro and tonight I will be bringing you all the action from the Reyno de Navarra (it's all in a vowel did you know), where Barcelona will be looking to complete their passage into the quarter-final stage of the Copa del Rey at the expense of Osasuna.