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  • May 7, 2011
  • • 11:00 PM
  • • Stubhub Center, Carson, California
  • Referee: E. Jurisevic
  • • Attendance: 27000

Live Commentary

  • That's it for me as well. If you want more of my commentary, you can follow me at I hope you enjoyed the proceedings tonight. I certainly did.
  • And that's all folks! The 1-1 tie was fair for both sides. I might be mistaken, but RBNY might be the first team to get a point after a cross country trip.
  • 90'
    Ballouchy has been slightly above average, but he has been much better than Carl Robinson.
  • 88'
    López is slipped into the RBNY penalty area, but NY's back-line recovers well and blocks the striker's effort.
  • 85'
    Davis: "I want you to comment on the performance of Richards." Viewers across America: "We don't!"
  • 82'
    Richards almost sneaks a goal in as his strike surprisingly hits the outside of the far post.
  • 80'
    SubstitutionChad Barrett Miguel López
  • 80'
    Miguel Lopez replaces Chad Barrett who had a middling evening.
  • 78'
    SubstitutionMike Magee Chris Birchall
  • 78'
    Agudelo snaps a free kick floated by Máquez just wide of Ricketts' goal frame.
  • 77'
    Dema Kova...I mean Chris Birchall is now coming on for Mike Magee.
  • 76'
    Almost a classic DDR goal. De Rosario floats into the LA box after a long run, but Ricketts saves the Canadian's toe poke.
  • 73'
    Barrett finds Ángel at the cusp of the 6-yard box, but Coundoul easily clutches the tame header.
  • 72'
    SubstitutionLuke Rodgers J. Agudelo
  • 72'
    Agudelo in for Rodgers. A goal like the one from the last time he was on ESPN2 would be pretty rad.
  • 70'
    Some contact between Rodgers and Ricketts leads to a discussion between the Englishman and Donovan. Rodgers shows his opinion of Donovan's words by acting out Landy's lips with his hands.
  • 68'
    A perfect Magee tackle knocks the ball out for a corner. Richards would have scored if it wasn't for Magee's last-ditch effort.
  • 63'
    Leo DiCaprio rocking his classic low profile baseball hat in the stands tonight. Harkes, of course, has to put us through another movie reference.
  • 61'
    US customs apparently took his inspiration at the border when he moved from Toronto.
  • 60'
    DDR is still missing.
  • 58'
    Apparently Luke Rodgers received a yellow.
  • 57'
    Yellow Card Luke Rodgers
  • 57'
    A lot of conversation on Twitter about taking Ballouchy off. Backe doesn't really have a viable replacement on the bench though. Lindpere isn't going to control possession in the middle and Agudelo on the left flank would give Beckham even more time to deliver dangerous crosses.
  • 54'
    JPA wastes another Beckham cross. Knowing Ángel, he's going to pop and score now.
  • 53'
    That being said, few keepers in the history of MLS could/can make his array of saves.
  • 52'
    Any match involving the Red Bulls is going to be excited . . . Coundoul's distribution is always an adventure.
  • 48'
    Galaxy continue the way the first half ended. Three sequences almost resulted in golden chances, but LA has been off when concentration is essential.
  • 46'
    Second half is underway. Let's all hope for something that can match the previous 45 minutes.
  • In the second half, New York needs a more active De Rosario. Galaxy controlled the end of the first half while New York's attack petered out.
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  • ESPN showing highlights from the weekend. The Marcos Mondaini tackle on Javi Morales was just as bad and maybe even worse than Mullan's.
  • An outstanding first interval finally comes to an end as the official blows for halftime.
  • 45'
    If Beckham isn't screaming at the official, then Henry's foul definitely wasn't caution worthy.
  • 45'
    I absolutely love the squabbling between Donovan and Henry.
  • 43'
    Stunning save by Tim Ream!! Beckham perfectly times a pass to a streaking Donovan who knees a ball past Coundoul. LD's slid shot, though, wasn't strong enough and Ream clears just as the ball touches the goal line.
  • 41'
    GOAL!!! On the resulting corner, Beckham finds Donovan who heads past a luckless Coundoul. Match all tied now.
  • 40'
    Goal Landon Donovan
  • 40'
    Barrett finds infinite space behind the NY backline in one of those awkward situations where everyone looks up at the AR. Coundoul slides out and stops forward.
  • 37'
    Henry clips a pass over the LA backline and Lindpere rifles the bouncing ball at the Galaxy goal. Ricketts, though, stands firm and parries the strike.
  • 33'
    Then again, Harkes provides more than enough arrogance.
  • 31'
    Henry juggles 8 touches before Gonzalez stops the Frenchman. That's the needed arrogance/skill that MLS lacks.
  • 29'
    An absolutely wonderful movement almost results in a RBNY goal. Of course, John Harkes has to cut off Glenn Davis, about to discuss the quality of passing, in order to complain about how De Rosario "didn't finish his run."
  • 26'
    Beckham easily spraying passes. This time LA almost scores as a Barrett knockdown finds Donovan who hits his volley off target.
  • 25'
    JPA powers a header past Coundoul; however, the AR rightly signals that the Colombian was offside.
  • 24'
    After an errant clearance, Márquez fouls Juninho. The result set piece, though, couldn't be converted.
  • 21'
    The match has finally cooled a bit after the accelerated opening. With Tainio out, the Red Bulls seem happy to sit back and catch LA on the counter.
  • 16'
    A nice stop by Coundoul is followed by an equally impressive save by Ricketts on a strike from distance by Richards. At this point, there not being a second goal would be shocking.
  • 15'
    Ballouchy has done very well as Teemu Tainio's replacement thus far. Holding midfield is probably the best spot for the Moroccan. It gives him a second or so extra to pick out a pass.
  • 14'
    It's pretty obvious that Magee and Dunivant can't handle Richards' pace. Expect most of NY's attacks to come down its right flank.
  • 10'
    Bouna stretches and gobbles up a Chad Barrett shot after the chaos of a corner sees the ball land at the American's feet.
  • 9'
    Let's be honest. In less than 10 minutes, this match has been more exciting than Friday's Soccer Night in America
  • 7'
    Your delayed Galaxy lineup: Ricketts; Dunivant, Gonzalez, DeLaGarza, Franklin; Donovan, Beckham, Juninho, Magee; Angel, Barrett.
  • 5'
    Goal Thierry Henry
  • 5'
    And now a classic Bouna Coundoul save! The Senegalese goalkeeper showed off his athleticism by stoning Ángel's attempt.
  • 4'
    GOAL!!! We'll have to wait on the Galaxy lineup. Richards slipped a ball through the center of the Los Angeles defense and Henry skipped past Ricketts before finishing his 4th of the season.
  • 3'
    Red Bulls: Coundoul; Miller, Ream, Marquez, Solli; Lindpere, Ballouchy, De Rosario, Richards; Henry, Rodgers.
  • 3'
    Here are the starting lineups for the night.
  • 1'
    Hey, y'all. It's Avery Raimondo. I'll be giving you guys some live commentary tonight.