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Women's World Cup

  • July 17, 2011
  • • 2:45 PM
  • • Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt am Main
  • Referee: B. Steinhaus
  • • Attendance: 48817

Japan won 3 - 1 on penalties

Live Commentary

  • What a final. Japan, deserving winners. Never gave up. Fort he USA it will be a heart-breaker, but such is life at the top level of the game... Well done Japan!
  • Penalty round here. We'll let the stats guys take you through it with some closing comments when it's all said and done.
  • 120' + 8'
    Pen SO Goal Saki Kumagai
  • 120' + 7'
    Pen SO Goal Abby Wambach
  • 120' + 6'
    Pen SO Goal Mizuho Sakaguchi
  • 120' + 5'
    Pen SO Miss Tobin Heath
  • 120' + 4'
    Pen SO Miss Yuki Ogimi
  • 120' + 3'
    Pen SO Miss Carli Lloyd
  • 120' + 2'
    Pen SO Goal Aya Miyama
  • 120' + 2'
    Blocked, twice, and then the flag goes up. Japan survives the danger.
  • 120' + 1'
    Pen SO Miss Shannon Boxx
  • 120' + 1'
    Red Card Azusa Iwashimizu
  • 120' + 1'
    RED CARD.. and the USA has a chance. Maybe harsh the card for Japan, but it won't matter much. It's last chance for the USA, two minutes added on.
  • 120'
    WAMBACH!!!!! And you thought it was a goal. But it isn't. It was at her feet.
  • 119'
    SubstitutionKarina Maruyama Mana Iwabuchi
  • 117'
    Goal Homare Sawa
  • 117'
    Japan's corner... and it a GOAL!!!!. Wow. No give up in either of these teams. Japan with the equalizer from the corner. Great finish.
  • 115'
    Rampone, she had to clear it off the line. Sawa with another deadly ball over the top and the forward put it over Solo. Great defensive cover to save a goal.
  • 114'
    SubstitutionMegan Rapinoe Tobin Heath
  • 114'
    Fresh legs in for the USA. Rapinoe ran all game, Heath now charged with finishing it out.
  • 112'
    USA escapes another set of mistakes. Not sure how. Japan unlucky not to be level now.
  • 111'
    Just about nine minutes left to play. Japan pushing, USA trying to kill it off. Morgan and Rapinoe chasing down lost causes and trying to hold on to the ball.
  • 109'
    Japan with another hit, this time from distance, wide of the mark.
  • 108'
    Nervy moments for the USA. Japan with a ball in, bounces around before being cleared.
  • 108'
    USA drops it to the corner, killing time.
  • 106'
    Already back in action.
  • 105'
    First half of extra time is over. USA up 2-1. 15 Minutes to play.
  • 104'
    Goal Abby Wambach
  • 104'
    GOAL!!! USA in the lead. And who else? Wambach!! And how else but with here head. Morgan with a great ball across and the big striker makes no mistake.
  • 102'
    Good ball in again for the USA and Rapinoe can't get a head on it. Japan has defended those so well today.
  • 100'
    Another close call for Japan. O'Reilly with a ball in, Wambach tries to get on the end of it a half step late.
  • 98'
    Midfield battle right now. Both sides trying to hold the ball and looking for ways through, but the tackles are coming in harder and perhaps a touch later than before.
  • 97'
    Yellow Card Aya Miyama
  • 95'
    Morgan in again, had to cut it back across the defender, tries to go far post and just misses the target.
  • 94'
    USA forcing the action just like it did in much of the game. O'Reilly got away with one there though. Ref decides not to yank the card.
  • 91'
    Early corner for the USA.. pings around and is eventually cleared by Japan. Comes back in via the cross and Wambach put a header on frame.
  • 91'
    First half of extra time under way. USA opens up on the ball.
  • 90' + 2'
    Full time. Headed to extra time, still 1-1.
  • 90'
    Now it's the USA putting the pressure on. O'Reilly with a cross, then from the left, Japan defending very well. Two minutes added on.
  • 89'
    Shot from Japan goes wide of the left post. Good move late on.
  • 88'
    Japan with a free kick, play it short out of midfield. Not much time left on the clock, both teams pushing for the late winner.
  • 86'
    Dangerous cross from Japan, skips across the face of goal.
  • 85'
    Corner for the USA cleared out by Japan.
  • 84'
    Lloyd with a surging run, nothing doing.
  • 83'
    All to do now for both teams. Back level. Japan got the break it needed, and now it's back to the USA throwing people forward.
  • 81'
    Goal Aya Miyama
  • 80'
    What a break for Japan. USA gifted them a goal there. Sawa's cross was good, but the first giveaway led tot hat, and then two poor clearances left Hope Solo on her own.
  • 79'
    Shocked to see Japan launching balls over the top so much, that's probably not going to be the answer.
  • 76'
    USA did very well to hold the ball there, killing some clock and more importantly not giving Japan any chances, but Japan is back on the ball and pushing forward.
  • 73'
    Sawa with a shot from distance, gathered well, but the intentions are there now from Japan.
  • 72'
    Japan with a low cross, Solo deals with it well.
  • 71'
    It's 1-0 now to the USA. Japan will have to open up and move forward now.
  • 69'
    ALEX MORGAN!!!! What a goal. She got in behind, well timed run, outpaces the defense and puts the left footed shot in the corner of the goal.
  • 68'
    Goal Alexandra Morgan
  • 66'
    SubstitutionKozue Ando Yuki Ogimi
  • 66'
    SubstitutionShinobu Ohno Karina Maruyama
  • 64'
    Ohno on the break now... nope.. flag is up, but it's a bad decision. USA got away with one there.
  • 64'
    Wambach back at the other end, O'Reilly with the cross and the big striker send a header in that forces a save and will force Japan to deal with another corner.
  • 63'
    Another USA corner. Rapinoe to take... floated in and eventually cleared out for another corner. Wambach is getting mobbed on the back post.
  • 61'
    Moment of worry there. Ball slips in over the top and the USA doesn't deal with it. Shot was lacking once again for Japan.
  • 60'
    Japan under almost constant pressure from the USA. Momentary possession right now to try and change that, but oddly it's been Japan trying to hit on the break, and that's not what was expected coming in given the USA's love for the long ball and Japan's generally composed nature on the ball.
  • 58'
    Japan once again deals and gets it clear.
  • 57'
    Back down at the other end it's a corner for the USA.
  • 56'
    Corner to Japan. A good bit of building there. Could be some danger for the USA here.... Oh and it bounces through the box untouched. That was interesting, and lucky for the USA.
  • 54'
    The USA back line has dealt well with Japan on the counter, but the longer this match goes without goals the more of a threat that will be.
  • 53'
    And Wambach blows another one over the top. She missed that one pretty badly.
  • 52'
    Llyod tries to go herself, a bit ambitious, and it hits the outside netting.
  • 49'
    Morgan!!! Great ball in from Heather O'Reilly and the young striker hits the post. That's all three for the USA, three posts hit with no goal.
  • 47'
    Back to this so soon. USA on the ball, probing, searching for a way through.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionLauren Cheney Alexandra Morgan
  • 46'
    Second half underway, US moving left to right as I see it. Alex Morgan on for the USA, which could add the extra punch needed.
  • 45'
    Halftime whistle goes, but with nothing to show for a great half for the USA.
  • 44'
    Japan again with a chance, well dealt with by the USA, but it was Ohno again making the run and trying to get on the end of it.
  • 42'
    No goals as of yet, which, to be completely honest, probably suits Japan just fine. The USA has been in control from the off and should probably be up by now.
  • 39'
    Japan doing better now. Ando looks a real threat to get in behind and the spaces are opening up.
  • 38'
    Ohno with a nice ball in behind the USA defense. USA gets it dealt with but Japan will have a corner... Shot blown over the top after the corner was taken short.
  • 34'
    Danger here for Japan, USA with a free kick.. cleared but sent back in and Cheney... her header goes just over the bar.
  • 33'
    Now Japan, playing some of the attractive football this team has shown all tournament long, holding the ball for the first time.
  • 31'
    Japan with a real chance... shot is lacking. Moment of danger for the USA there well against the run of play.
  • 29'
    WAMBACH!!!!!! Oh no... it came back off the bar. What a hit from the American striker, on her left from 22 or so out. Wow.... Unlucky.
  • 27'
    Corner for Japan. First real sustained move forward and the USA gets it away.
  • 25'
    Japan does well again to deal with it.
  • 24'
    Corner for the USA.
  • 22'
    Shot from distance from Ohno, and it never troubled Solo in the USA goal.
  • 20'
    USA still attacking, throwing shots at the goal. No end product yet.
  • 18'
    Rapinoe tries to go near post. Great build up play from the USA, Rapinoe makes a great run in behind and banks it on the outside of the post.
  • 17'
    Pace has slowed somewhat, but it's still very much the USA in control.
  • 14'
    Not a great start for Japan, but no need to remind you that Japan didn't start well against Sweden either and we all know how that turned out.
  • 12'
    Llyod on the volley!! No dice, and before the comment is even posted Rapinoe is back in front of goal with a chance of her own.
  • 11'
    Japan launching the attack through the air, USA shepherds it out of play.
  • 10'
    Wambach with a hit from range.. up over the bar. The USA is getting the better of the early exchanges.
  • 8'
    Rapinoe getting forward and throwing a cross in, Cheney gets on the end of it! Unlucky, ball goes wide.
  • 6'
    USA holding the ball better now, but as that's said it's sent over the top and lost out of play.
  • 5'
    Good start to the match. Japan on the ball now, really teams are trading possession every third touch, but the energy is as high as you would expect.
  • 4'
    Japan's first move forward, cut out well by the USA, but the pressure gets it back and Sawa's pass is just a touch long.
  • 2'
    Corner for the USA, these will be dangerous all day. Japan does well to get it away.
  • 1'
    And the USA has the first chance of the match 24 seconds in. Pace is a killer in any game, and the USA has it in spades.
  • 1'
    The teams are ready, the refs are ready, the world is ready.... AND WE'RE OFF!!!
  • Obama tweeted his support for the ladies. He's not there, but they got Chelsea Clinton in the stands, so all is well.
  • Getting close to kick now. Hope everybody is ready. It's the final match , and it happens only once every four years. Allen Ramsey here to take you through it. Enjoy!
  • Oh what a game we've got for you today in the World Cup final. A contrast in styles. A tournament favorite against an up-and-comer. Two sentimental favorites. And just one match to determine which team will walk away from this as the top Women's soccer side in the World. For the USA, the story took some twists and turns along the way. They won over the world with a comeback victory against Brazil, and kept the feel-good story going against France with a late surge to win the match. For Japan the story is much more real. Devastation across the country following the natural disasters that struck in March had the world feeling for Japan, and the story of the Japanese women has captured the imagination. Taking out Germany and Sweeden, two of the tournament favorites, along the way, Japan now gets to face off against the USA. One team is tall and like to play through the air, one small and likes to play along the ground. If styles make fights, then the styles here should make a great one.