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  • November 14, 2011
  • • 12:00 PM
  • • Ahmed bin Ali Stadium (Al-Rayyan Stadium)(old), Umm al-Afā'ī
  • Referee: Banjari Mohammed Al Dosari
  • • Attendance: 18000

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 2'
    For USA, I'm Shane Evans (@shanevans) signing off as always saying good day, Godspeed and Golden Balls! Ta ta, folks!
  • 90' + 2'
    There's the final whistle, folks! Brazil with a comfortable win over the African side.
  • 90' + 2'
    Egypt really want that consolation and Soliman tries a deep curling effort that comes nowhere near the goal. This one will end 2-0.
  • 90' + 1'
    We'll have two minutes of stoppages to end this one.
  • 90'
    The ensuing kick doesn't even reach the net as it goes behind from the take.
  • 90'
    With time slipping away, Egypt wins a corner, hoping to get one back before the final whistle.
  • 88'
    Working on the counter, Dudu flies down the left side and puts it on net with the outside of his right boot. El-Shenawi with another fine save to keep things respectable.
  • 86'
    Dudu creates a nice chance that is headed off the post by Kleber. The rebound is saved by El-Shenawi from a really tough spot. Wonderful save.
  • 85'
    SubstitutionWael Gomaa Ahmed Saied Okka
  • 84'
    SubstitutionHulk Dudu
  • 84'
    After the shot, Hulk is withdrawn for Dudu.
  • 83'
    Soon thereafter, Hulk works his way around the top of the box and fires with his left and see it go over the far left corner.
  • 82'
    What looked to be a comfortable save from Diego Alves, turned into something much more difficult as the goal has to parry away a shot coming hard to his right. Another good chance for Egypt.
  • 81'
    SubstitutionJonas Kléber
  • 81'
    The brace-getting Jonas comes off for Kleber with just under 10 minutes remaining.
  • 80'
    This match may soon come to a screeching stop...
  • 78'
    Brazil again flirting with an extended lead with some movement deep in Egypt's end, but the Pharaohs defend well.
  • 77'
    SubstitutionShikabala Abdalla El Said
  • 76'
    SubstitutionFernandinho Elias
  • 75'
    SubstitutionBruno César Willian
  • 75'
    Shortly after the record-breaking sub, Elmohamady has a shot from in front of goal that goes wide of Diego Alves net. Bit too close for comfort though.
  • 74'
    Big moment for Ahmed Hassan as he comes on and breaks the world record for most international caps with 179.
  • 73'
    SubstitutionHosni Abd Rabou Ahmed Hassan
  • 72'
    Egypt string a few passes together. Then are dispossessed. Story of this match, really. Well, that and Brazil's goals.
  • 71'
    Things have again slowed. Players seem ready for the showers. I have again run out of things to type about.
  • 67'
    Egypt trying everything it can to get the ball into the box to create something, but the service isn't great and the efforts to receive aren't much better. Brazil should easily ride out this scoreline.
  • 65'
    Good response from Egypt. A good ball down the left results in a corner at the opposite side. Nothing too threatening however.
  • 64'
    SubstitutionEmad Moteab Mohamed El Gabbas
  • 62'
    Breaking from the corner, Brazil work a lovely move through Hulk that plays Hernanes in on net. The Lazio man's shot cut across goal and wide of the far post. Probably should have been a third.
  • 61'
    Egypt right back at the other end through Elmohamady. Firing a curled shot from the top of the box, he sees it parried away for a corner.
  • 59'
    Goal Jonas
    Make it 2-0!!! A free kick played in from the corner of the box is headed towards goal and spilled. Jonas there to poach and easily slams home for his second of the match.
  • 58'
    His effort leaves much to be desired and goes behind for a goal kick.
  • 57'
    Brazil then wins a free kick as Dani Alves is taken down by a late Ouka challenge. Hulk standing over the ball.
  • 55'
    Brazil now trying to slow things down a bit. Egypt really taking the match to it at the moment. As well as the Pharaohs can, anyway.
  • 53'
    Despite seeing more of the ball, Egypt has been just as wasteful as it was in the first half. Needs to be a bit more careful.
  • 51'
    Very patient buildup by the Brazilians right now. Egypt looking very keen on taking the ball away however. More possession for the Pharaohs in this half so far.
  • 49'
    Egypt has a little move at the offensive end scuttled by a scuffed shot by Ouka.
  • 48'
    Running it off now. Brave lad right there.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionHossam Ghaly Ibrahim Salah
  • 46'
    SubstitutionMohamed Zidan Waleed Soliman
  • 46'
    Almost 2-0! Lovely ball slid through the middle to Jonas who rounds the keeper and fires on net but it's cleared off the line by Hegazi. Unfortunately for the Egyptian, he flew right into the the post, shin/ankle first. Nasty stuff!
  • 46'
    And we're underway once again...
  • Again, this is Shane Evans (@shanevans) with you for Egypt and Brazil! 1-0 to the South Americans thus far on a goal from Jonas.
  • Teams are back on the pitch now and we are close to resuming play in this one.
  • 45' + 1'
    And the referee blows the whistle to end the first half. Great 45 by the Brazilians. Totally dominated. I'll be back with you after the break!
  • 45' + 1'
    Into stoppage time now. Only one minute added.
  • 45'
    Hernanes tries to do it all alone as he beats a couple Egyptian defender and tries for the rest. Nearly breaks into the box. Would have been something special there.
  • 44'
    Just looking to ride out the half here, are the Brazilians. Been good work from the guys in yellow in the first 45 of this one.
  • 42'
    Egypt just trying to get itself back in order after the goal. Brazil not allowing it though and still controlling all the ball.
  • 41'
    Well-deserved goal. Been a much better team so far this half. Tends to happen when you play Brazil.
  • 39'
    Goal Jonas
    GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! We have a breakthrough for Brazil. Along the right, Hulk plays a hard low cross by the goalie and a set of defenders. It's tipped in confidently on the far side by Jonas. All too easy.
  • 39'
    Another free kick for Brazil, this time for the right side is pumped in and played over.
  • 37'
    Brazil turning the screws now deep in Egypt's end. Can't get the final ball to drop though. As I type that, Alves chips one in over the top for Bruno Cesar but El-Shenawi is out like a shot and covers it nicely.
  • 34'
    Egypt with a little spell in Brazil's half just now but it's eventually pushed up field by the South Americans. Bit of a trend going here.
  • 33'
    Sandro is able to wriggle his way into the box and has a nice shot on net that is deflected then saved for a corner. Nothing comes of the set piece.
  • 31'
    Brazil getting tricky at the top of the box and nearly squeeze its way into the area with some nifty one-touch stuff. Egypt keep it together well though.
  • 31'
    A tough tackle draws a yellow for Gomaa.
  • 30'
    Yellow Card Wael Gomaa
  • 29'
    David Luiz takes another ranging run forward and the ball ends up on Bruno Cesar's foot. His driven shot is held well by El-Shenawi.
  • 28'
    ...from the run of play, that is. A few good free kick chances.
  • 27'
    What a move by Hulk! Ball is played in over the top, Hulk settles on his chest turns away from the defender and breaks into the box. Unfortunately, the ball was on the up as he fired his shot and it went over. Best chance of the match so far.
  • 25'
    Pace has slowed down a touch since the early moments. Zidan nearly finds his way in from a long ball that David Luiz misplayed but wasn't too be.
  • 23'
    Things get a bit chippy as Thiago Silva takes down Zidan pretty forcefully. Captain needs to stay focused here.
  • 20'
    Nice little spell by the Egyptians culminates with a very long range effort from Fathi who sees the shot go way over the top. Encouraging signs however.
  • 19'
    Egypt finally put a few passes together in Brazil's end but one goes astray and its turned over.
  • 17'
    Elmohamady putting in some tough work down the left side of the field trying to get the ball back for his team, but Brazil eventually win out.
  • 15'
    A tricky layoff goes towards the byline but the cross is put in and a foul is committed by Hernanes.
  • 14'
    Hernanes with some tricky dribbling but takes a bit too long with the ball. Sandro then wins a free kick for the visitors in a very dangerous position. 3/4 of the team lines up to take it.
  • 14'
    Brazil now taking its time passing around the back, toying with the Egyptian side.
  • 12'
    Sandro plays the ball in over the top to Hulk who either handled or pushed off. Take your pick.
  • 11'
    Some resolute defending by the home side but it is having a ton of trouble getting the ball from the Brazilians. Go figure.
  • 10'
    Another deep free kick is taken by Alves who sees it saved on the bounce by El-Shenawi.
  • 9'
    From the corner, David Luiz was completely unmarked and pushed his header into the ground instead of on target. Real opportunity missed there.
  • 9'
    Alves lays it off to Hulk who fires a cannon wide of the fire post. Swerving away but a corner is won.
  • 8'
    Very exciting start to the match. Up and down stuff. From the free kick, Hulk charges through the middle and is felled. Brazil now with the attempt. Dani Alves on it.
  • 6'
    The Pharaohs do win a free kick in a pretty dangerous area though about 30 yards out. Abdelrazek fires the kick and its pushed a side really well by Diego Alves. Great effort.
  • 5'
    Lots of pressure by the South Americans to retain possession when its lost. Egypt struggling to put any kind of passing rhythm together.
  • 3'
    The visitors pass it around a bit and it ends with a shot from Hernanes from a very long way out that sails over the bar.
  • 2'
    Abdelrazek tries to test Brazil down the right but his pass eventually goes astray.
  • 2'
    David Luiz looking his normal springy self through the middle of the park already.
  • 1'
    And we're underway! Egypt going left to right in reddish tops and white shorts. Brazil the other way in yellow and blue.
  • The match is about to get underway so prepare yourselves for a good one!
  • Hello everyone and welcome to's LIVE commentary of Bob Bradley's first match in charge of the Egyptian national team. He'll be squaring off against a very difficult Brazil side. I'm Shane Evans (@shanevans)...join me for today's action!