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  • May 26, 2012
  • • 9:30 AM
  • • Volksparkstadion, Hamburg
  • Referee: F. Brych
  • • Attendance: 52000

Live Commentary

  • Two Hulk strikes and a Zimling own goal in the first half, gave Brazil a 3-0 lead. Before Nicklas Bendtner pulled one back for the Danes midway through the second half. I've been Alex Mott, thanks for joining me.
  • 90'
    SubstitutionHulk Bruno Uvini
  • 90'
    And that's it. The referee blows for full time, with the scoreline here in Hamburg: Denmark 1-3 Brazil.
  • 89'
    OHHH! Great chance for Brazil! Wellington Nem attacks down the left, gets into the area, and strikes at goal. Andersen gets down well though, and saves with his feet to deny the goal.
  • 88'
    Still Denmark come forward, as Rommedahl attacks from 30 yards out. He breezes past Giuliano, and then looks to slip Bendtner in on goal. The Sunderland forward thinks he has a teammate behind him though, as he steps over the ball, only to see it go all the way through to Jefferson.
  • 85'
    SubstitutionSandro Casemiro
  • 85'
    The corner comes in, but it's too deep, and Giuliano heads away for Brazil.
  • 84'
    We're back underway, and Simon Poulsen whips in a deep cross from the left-hand side. It goes towards the far post, where Alex Sandro heads out for a corner.
  • 83'
    Oscar gets clattered by Poulsen, and the game stops whilst the Internacional midfielder receives treatment.
  • 82'
    SubstitutionLucas Giuliano
  • 81'
    It's Wellington Nem again on the left-hand side for Brazil. He cuts in, and this time, gets his shot away. The effort though, is weak, and Andersen saves easily.
  • 79'
    And it's Rommedahl now for Denmark. He gets past Alex Sandro and tries to put a cross in from the right. His first touch though, is a poor one and the ball goes out for a goal kick. That was a real opportunity missed for the Danes there.
  • 77'
    Wellington New gets his first touch on the left-hand side. He cuts in, 25 yards from goal, and looks to shoot. Kjaer and Poulsen though, surround him, and force the Fluminese man to give the ball away.
  • 75'
    SubstitutionLeandro Damião Wellington Nem
  • 74'
    Rommedahl looks to get played through by Wass, but the linesman has his flag up for offside.
  • 72'
    SubstitutionMichael Krohn-Dehli Nicklas Pedersen
  • 72'
    SubstitutionDanilo Rafael
  • 72'
    Suddenly, the crowd are urging forward the Danes, and this game has got back into life.
  • 71'
    Assist Niki Zimling
  • 71'
    Goal Nicklas Bendtner
    GOALL! And it's one back from Denmark. Zimling does brilliantly well inside the area to evade the challenges of Danilo and Juan, before knocking the ball across the box to Bendtner, who finished easily from four yards. 3-1.
  • 70'
    OHHH! A decent ball from the right by Wass was aimed towards Bendtner in the six yard box, but Thiago Silva got there first, and the Milan defender cleared for a corner.
  • 68'
    SubstitutionMarcelo Alex Sandro
  • 68'
    The pace of this game has definitely slowed. Neither teams full-backs are bombing forward, and both sides seem happy for the other to keep the ball in midfield.
  • 66'
    Denmark win a corner, as Rommedahl does well down the left-hand side. The Brindby winger whips it in himself, but Jefferson comes out strongly and collects well.
  • 64'
    Bendtner gives the ball away 30 yards from the Denmark goal, but where Brazil in the first half would have broken a neck to create a chance, this time, Oscar plays it back to Juan on the halfway line.
  • 62'
    SubstitutionChristian Eriksen Dennis Rommedahl
  • 62'
    Denmark have a throw in deep in Brazil terroritory, but Wass wastes the chance to get a cross in, and instead plays the ball all the way back to Agger on the halfway line. That was definitely an opportunity missed.
  • 60'
    Jefferson, without having much to do today, is not filling anyone with confidence. The Botafogo keeper received the ball from Thiago Silva there, and tried to dribble past Krohn-Dehli, only for the Brondby man to nick possession off him, but touch it out of play in the process.
  • 58'
    Simon Poulsen bombs forward now for Denmark. He gets down the left-hand side, and whips in a delightful ball for Bendtner, but Marcelo gets across, and clears away the danger.
  • 56'
    Brazil are yet to have any sort of meaningful attack in this half. Marcelo got in a decent cross there from the left, but it was easy for Kjaer to clear.
  • 54'
    Denmark look like a changed side in this half. They're attacking with verve and purpose, and the centre-back pairing of Kjaer and Agger look, actually, ok.
  • 53'
    Denmark hit Brazil on the counter, as Bendtner drives forward down the right. He's all alone, and tries to pick out Krohn-Dehli inside the area, but his cross is monumentally rubbish, and the ball goes out for a throw in on the far side.
  • 51'
    And as soon as I say that, Marcelo intercepts a pass, and goes on a storming run through the middle. He uses his pace to get past Zimling, and then, 30 yards from goal, tries to slip Damiao in. The pass though, is pretty poor, and Simon Poulsen comes across to clean up.
  • 49'
    Despite that shocker of a miss, Denmark have actually started this half really well. Brazil are yet to touch the ball.
  • 48'
    OH DEAR! That is an absolute sitter. Wass, on the right-hand byline, put the ball across the box, where Daniel Agger was there to just tap in from a yard out. He somehow puts it wide, and everyone around the ground laughs out loud.
  • 47'
    The Danes come forward now with Agger. On the halfway line, he plays the ball into the feet of Eriksen. The Ajax man turns, fires it out to Wass on the right-hand touchline, but the pass is overhit, and the ball goes out for a throw in.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionC. Poulsen Jakob Poulsen
  • 46'
    We're back for the second half, and Denmark get us underway, kicking from left-to-right.
  • Denmark get booed off at half time, and quite frankly, they deserve to be. It's been so easy for Brazil. Two Hulk strikes and a Zimling own goal have opened up a 3-0 lead, and in truth, it should be more. I'll be back in 15 minutes for the second half, but in the meantime, tweet your thoughts on the game @goal_intl.
  • 45'
    And that's it. The referee blows for half time with scoreline here in Hamburg: Denmark 0-3 Brazil.
  • 44'
    GOA....No! Damiao went through on goal, and slotted the ball under Andersen, but the linesman had his flag up for offside.
  • 42'
    There was a slight delay in play there, as Agger received treatment for a broken ego. We're back underway now though.
  • 40'
    Assist Lucas
  • 40'
    Goal Hulk
    GOALL! And it's another for Hulk! Agger gives the ball away 30 yards from goal, and the Porto man runs directly for Andersen's net. He gets the ball on to his left foot, and cooly slids it past the keeper and into the bottom right-hand corner. 3-0.
  • 39'
    Again Denmark come forward. This time it's Wass down the right who manages to get the ball into the box. The flight of the cross completely mistifies Jefferson in goal, and he lets it run all the way across his box. Luckily for him, Krohn-Dehli can't quite get a decent touch on the ball, and Brazil escape an embarrassment.
  • 37'
    This is certainly Denmark's best period in the game. Poulsen makes a run down the left and gets a cross in. Juan though, reads it well, and heads away the danger.
  • 35'
    The Danes are having a sustained period of possession here. Wass attacks down the right, gets to the byline, and then cuts the ball back to Eriksen. The Ajax man tries to get his slipped pass away to Bendtner, but a swarm of Brazilians converge around him, and block the pass.
  • 33'
    OHHHH. Great chance for Denmark! A beautiful cross from Bendtner on the left was aimed towards the far post and Schone, but before the Ajax man could get his header on target, the linesman had his flag up for offside.
  • 32'
    The corner comes in from Eriksen towards Bendtner, but the Sunderlan forward's header is weak, and Jefferson saves easily.
  • 31'
    Denmark go on their first reasonable attack since the goals. Krohn-Dehli attacks down the left, where he draws Danilo, and knocks the ball outside to Poulsen. The AZ defender crosses low, but Juan is there to knock the ball out of play for a corner.
  • 29'
    Danilo has been absolutely superb so far in this half. Another bombastic run gets him past Poulsen down the right, and this time he plays the ball square to Damiao. The Internacional forward tries to switch the play to Marcelo, but the Madrid full-back can't control the ball, and it goes out for a throw in.
  • 27'
    Thomas Sorensen has been replaced in goal by Stephan Andersen, and his first action is to almost pick the ball out of the back of the net. A short corner from Oscar was played to Lucas, who then tried to whip the ball over the head of the substitute keeper, and into the far post. The shot though, is a little too strong, and the ball goes over the bar.
  • 25'
    SubstitutionT. Sørensen S. Andersen
  • 25'
    OOOOFFFF! Another great run by Danilo ends in a beautiful cross from the right towards Hulk, but the Porto man can't quite get on the end of it.
  • 24'
    SubstitutionLasse Schöne Thomas Kahlenberg
  • 23'
    Immediately, Jefferson pumps a long ball up to Hulk, who brings it down and attacks the Danish defence. He gets to the edge of the area, cuts back on his left foot, and plays it square to Oscar. The Internacional man strikes it first time, but Sorensen gets down well to save.
  • 21'
    Denmark come forward now down the right. Schone gets to the byline and whips a ball in, but Jefferson comes out and collects well.
  • 20'
    OHHH. Thomas Sorensen is having a torrid time between the sticks so far. That time, a corner came in from the left by Oscar, and the Stoke keeper came out, only to drop his catch into the path of Hulk. The referee though, blows for a free kick to Denmark.
  • 18'
    It's very nearly a full-house here in Hamburg, but the most interesting guest here this afternoon is Jose Mourinho. The Real Madrid man has just been spotted in the stands. Scouting for new players, perhaps?
  • 17'
    Thiago Silva looks up from the halfway line, and knocks the ball through to Damiao. The Internacional man takes a touch, but it's too heavy, and the ball runs into the arms of Sorensen.
  • 15'
    This is an incredibly young Brazil side, with an average age of just over 22, but this is looking easy this afternoon.
  • 13'
    Assist Hulk
  • 13'
    Own Goal Niki Zimling
    GOALL! And it's a second for Brazil! Damiao, on the right-hand side of the area, cut the ball back to Hulk, who took a touch, but inadvertantly put it off of Zimling and into the net.
  • 12'
    Danilo does brilliantly well there. On the halfway line, he knocks the ball 15 yards in front of him down the right-hand touchline, and uses his pace to get past both Krohn-Dehli and Poulsen. He then puts in a first time cross, but Kjaer is there to just pump the ball away.
  • 10'
    It was a superb strike from Hulk, but on reflection, Thomas Sorensen has to take some sort of blame for that. A strong pair of wrists, and I'm not sure if that would have gone in.
  • 8'
    Assist Lucas
  • 8'
    Goal Hulk
    GOALL! And what a strike from Hulk! From 30 yards out, the Porto man fired one at Sorensen's goal, only to see it whizz past the keeper and into the bottom left-hand corner. 1-0.
  • 7'
    Brazil are trying to build from the back, as Danilo plays the ball square to Thiago Silva. The Milan defender tries to play a looped ball to Marcelo upfield on the left-hand side, but the pass is too strong, and it goes out for a throw in.
  • 5'
    The keeper pumps the ball long upfield, where Bendtner manages to bring the ball down. He plays it out wide on the left to Krohn-Dehli, who manages to win a corner for his side. The set piece is played short by Eriksen to Krohn-Dehli, who tries to smash the ball low across the box. Bendtner tries to attack the ball, but it goes out of play at the near post.
  • 4'
    It's Brazil now, with Thiago Silva. He gets the ball in the centre back position, and tries to play a long ball up to Damiao. The pass is overhit though, and Sorensen has the ball at his feet inside the Denmark area.
  • 3'
    Denmark come forward now with Eriksen. The Ajax man plays the ball up to Bendtner, but the former Arsenal striker can't keep hold of the ball, and Juan comes away with it.
  • 2'
    And Denmark already have the ball. A pass from Marcelo down the left went out of play, and Simon Poulsen quickly takes the throw in on the halfway line.
  • 1'
    Brazil will get us underway, kicking from left-to-right.
  • Here we go then. The players are on the pitch, with kick off just moments away.
  • 10 minutes to go until kick off here in Hamburg, and the atmosphere is electric. The amount of Danish fans that have travelled here is quite brilliant.
  • As always, you can tweet your thoughts to @goal_intl. Are there going to be goals galore? Or will the Danes famously resolute defence shine through?
  • No surprises really from either side. The Danes go with a 4-3-3/4-5-1 with Nicklas Bendtner spear-heading the attack. Whilst Mano Menezes' side give Juan his first cap at centre-back, and start with Hulk and Leandro Damiao up top.
  • Brazil (4-2-2-2): Jefferson; Danilo, Thiago Silva, Juan, Marcelo; Sandro, Romulo; Oscar, Lucas; Hulk, Leandro Damiao.
  • Denmark (4-3-3): Sorensen; Wass, Kjaer, Agger, S. Poulsen; C. Poulsen, Zimling, Eriksen; Schone, Bendtner, Krohn-Dehli.
  • The South Americans come into this with an exemplary record in international matches, having won five out of their last five games. Admittedly, those games were against Bosnia, Egypt, Gabon, Mexico and Costa Rica. Denmark meanwhile, lost their last friendly 2-0, as they went down to Russia in Copenhagen.
  • We're expecting a full-strength Denmark side this afternoon, with Christian Eriksen, Simon Kjaer and Nicklas Bendtner all expected to start. Brazil meanwhile, have only four players - Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Pato and Lucas - in the squad who have played more than 10 times for the Selecao.
  • It's an absolutely fascinating match-up today, between these two sides. Denmark have just two weeks before they open their Euro 2012 campaign, whilst Brazil are using this as a warm-up for the Olympic games that starts in just two months time.
  • Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to's LIVE, play-by-play coverage, of Denmark vs Brazil from Imtech Arena in Hamburg. I'm Alex Mott, and I'll be your commentator for this international friendly.