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UEFA Champions League

  • April 8, 2014
  • • 2:45 PM
  • • Signal-Iduna-Park, Dortmund
  • Referee: D. Skomina
  • • Attendance: 65829

Real Madrid win Aggregate 3 - 2

Live Commentary

  • Madrid rode their luck numerous times, but in the end, did what was required and reached the semi finals for the fourth straight season, and without Ronaldo on the night. It was a thriller throughout, and I was glad to bring it to you. It's been a pleasure folks, bye for now.
  • The Decima dream is still alive for Madrid, as they navigated past a heroic effort from Klopp's men which fell just short in the end. Dortmund just could not find that goal in the second half to complete the miracle, but it wasn't for a lack of trying or chances. Profligacy, goalkeeping heroics from Casillas and ultimately a loss of legs spelled the end of their challenge.
  • 90' + 3'
    Yellow Card Kevin Großkreutz
  • 90' + 2'
    Yellow Card Karim Benzema
  • 90' + 2'
    SubstitutionKarim Benzema Raphaël Varane
  • 90' + 2'
    That substitution has eaten up much of the additional period, and after a late punt forward from Hummels is headed away and Bale forces a save from Weidenfeller on the counter, the referee blows the final whistle!
  • 90' + 1'
    Isco curls a late effort past the far post as Madrid make their final change. No Ronaldo tonight, as Varane is set to come on for Benzema, who shoves a Dortmund player on his way off the field. Probably just a tactic to milk the clock further here.
  • 90'
    TWO CHANCES FOR BALE TO WRAP IT UP! He's first put through on goal, but muscled off the ball by Hummels. Moments later, the Welshman gets past the last defender again, but Weidenfeller makes a quick dart into position to stop the shot!
  • 89'
    It seems that Madrid have just about weathered the storm here from Dortmund. I've praised the hosts a lot for their play, but credit must also go to Ancelotti and his team for riding through periods of intense pressure in this second half, and defending in front of the Sudtribune, too.
  • 87'
    LATE DRAMA in the concurrent quarter final tie as Demba Ba has just struck a vital second goal for Chelsea at Stamford Bridge to give them a 2-0 lead on the night, and the lead on away goals on aggregate! Three minutes remaining there and three minutes remaining here - can Dortmund match the feat? Time is fast running out.
  • 85'
    For a second there, Dortmund looked set to have a corner, but a late decision by the referee instead signals a goalkick, to the absolute fury of the Sudtribune. All 25 000 fans in that famous terrace hurl venom at the referee, but he's not going to change his mind!
  • 83'
    Yellow Card Casemiro
  • 83'
    Aubameyang's first contribution of the match is to pick up a yellow card for a careless aerial challenge, and he's followed swiftly into the book by another substitute, Casemiro. The Brazilian midfielder had been a little too eager to challenge Durm, and was booked.
  • 82'
    Yellow Card Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
  • 82'
    Klopp, by the way, has made a very attack minded substitution, with Aubameyang coming on for Piszczek, who never really let conceding that penalty affect his nerves. It looks like Grosskreutz will revert to an increasingly familiar fullback role as the Gabonese substitute adds another body up front.
  • 81'
    SubstitutionLukasz Piszczek Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
  • 81'
    I've spoken about Dortmund's 4-1 win here last season at length, but lest we forget, Madrid did win the second leg 2-0. Benzema and Ramos both struck in the last 10 minutes to set up a frantic finish, but they just could not find the third goal that they needed to progress. It's a similarly grandstand finish here, but will Dortmund, like Madrid last season, fail to find their killer third?
  • 79'
    WEIDENFELLER! Madrid give Dortmund a little reminder of their potency at the other end of the pitch with a slick attack that sees Benzema curl one on goal from the top of the box, but the keeper, once again, reads it well and gets in position to thwart the attempt!
  • 77'
    It's getting late in the game here, and at this point, Dortmund need to put up or shut up. They've fashioned the chances, they've had the momentum and the support, but now, simply, they need to convert one of their openings into that crucial third goal. Glorious failure is not on Klopp's agenda, I imagine.
  • 75'
    Yellow Card Marco Reus
  • 75'
    PENALTY? No, as it turns out, just a booking for Reus for diving. Pressure from Carvajal when attacking a high ball sees the referee blow his whistle and spark pandemonium in the stands, but the flash of a yellow card in Reus' direction kills their energy. Replays suggest that it was the right decision, as there was barely any contact from Carvajal.
  • 73'
    SubstitutionÁngel Di María Casemiro
  • 73'
    Ancelotti plots and executes his second change of the game, as Di Maria, who has had a bit of a shocker, makes way for Casemiro. It's clearly a defensive change from the Italian manager as he now seems to be of the 'What we have, we hold' mindset.
  • 71'
    CASILLAS AGAIN! My word, Dortmund are piling on the pressure, but the Madrid skipper is keeping his side in the game! Grosskreutz attacked a loose ball inside the box and seemed primed to bang his shot into the corner, but Casillas gets two strong hands across to push it away!
  • 69'
    Carvajal has been booked for hacking down Mkhitaryan on an attempted Dortmund break. And with their next attack, the Armenian has a WONDERFUL chance to score with a snap finish from inside the box, but Casillas gets across to parry!
  • 68'
    Yellow Card Daniel Carvajal
  • 68'
    Ronaldo has been warned not to leave the Madrid bench after getting up in frustration at a perceived bad call. He's been quite animated on the sidelines throughout, the Portuguese, clearly itching to get involved. But it may not be the best strategy for Ancelotti to introduce a not-fully-fit Ronaldo in a game that they're defending a narrow lead.
  • 67'
    That's now two gilt edged misses for Mkhitaryan in this game. Will that come back to haunt Dortmund? They need to take whatever other chances they fashion, as Madrid cause danger at the other end when Isco's cross goes narrowly over the leap of Benzema.
  • 66'
    DORTMUND HAVE HIT THE POST! Was that THE chance? Oh my, what a storming break from the home side? And how good is Reus? The German glides forward past two players and threads an eye of the needle pass through for Mkhitaryan. He rounds Casillas, but smacks his finish off the near post!
  • 65'
    OOOH, that was a crunching clash of heads between Carvajal and Grosszreutz, who had both risen to combat a high delivery from Reus. The referee immediately stops the game and summons the physios. It looks like the pair of them will be able to continue, but they're both a little groggy at first.
  • 63'
    These last two Madrid chances should serve as a wake up call to Dortmund. Despite them being only a goal away from parity, conceding one at this stage will surely end their challenge, as they will then need three further goals to progress. They've rode their luck, now it's time for them to get back to the gusto of the first half.
  • 62'
    BENZEMA! Another glorious chance for Madrid to finish things, as the French striker is put through on goal by Modric. He rounds Weidenfeller with his first touch, but Hummels is in position to tackle him before he can angle himself for the finish! Close shave!
  • 61'
    MADRID NEARLY KILL IT OFF! Bale muscles his way past Hummels and Durm on the right hand side, which frees him for a run into the box down the byeline. He's single minded in his approach and lashes a shot that whizzes past the far post. Had he looked up, he would have spotted the unmarked Benzema for the tap in...
  • 59'
    First real moment of note from Isco since he's come on the pitch. He collects the ball on the left hand side and floats an inviting cross into the Dortmund box, but no one in a white shirt is in position to attack it, and it floats far over the head of Di Maria. It's been a struggle for goalmouth action in this half so far, if I'm honest.
  • 57'
    Dortmund starting to pick up a little steam as the half wears on, and you would expect them to really force the issue in the final half hour of this game. The sloppy passing out of defence has begun again from Madrid, as Ramos is forced into a giveaway thanks to pressure from Grosskreutz.
  • 55'
    Dortmund haven't picked up the attacking intensity of their first half performance. It's always a tough ask to maintain gegenpressing for the full 90 minutes, and in recent years, Klopp has learned to pick his moments to instruct his team to apply the press. Smart not to burn out the engine early in the second half.
  • 53'
    Xabi Alonso, somehow, is still on the pitch. Already on a yellow card, the veteran midfielder clearly trips Mkhitaryan, whose turn had left him fooled. He clearly caught the Armenian's trailing leg, but the referee decides against any further action, to the fury of the home fans.
  • 52'
    Di Maria and Bale have swapped flanks in the second half, with the former attacking down the left and the latter down the right. A sensible decision from Ancelotti, as Bale looks far more comfortable cutting onto his stronger foot, while Di Maria has already gotten a quality cross in from the left.
  • 50'
    BIG SAVE! Bale's sublime first touch takes him past his marker, and frees him for a shot from the top of the box. He lets fly, but Weidelfeller reads it well and pushes it away. Madrid recover the loose ball, but Di Maria hooks a wild attempt over the top of the bar.
  • 49'
    Madrid have controlled possession since the restart, and a searching ball from the left hand side by Di Maria drifts ahead of Benzema and Hummels, but Weidenfeller comes off his line to scoop it up before it can fall to the lurking Bale at the far post.
  • 47'
    One change to report at the break. Isco has come on for Illarramendi, who has been steamrolled by the hustle and energy of Jojic and especially Kirch. When the lineups were announced with those two manning the middie, I feared for Dortmund's health, but they have both responded with distinction to the call so far.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionAsier Illarramendi Isco
  • 46'
    Here we go again!
  • The second half promises to be one for the ages, so stay tuned for the restart in just a bit!
  • One more goal puts this tie dead level on aggregate. And I'm not calling anything at this stage. Ancelotti would have hoped to avoid calling on the injured Ronaldo, but given the way that things are going and given the complete ineffectiveness of Bale and Di Maria so far, the Portuguese talisman may well be summoned.
  • Are we witnesses to history in the making? No one has EVER come back from a 3-0 first leg deficit in the Champions League, but an absolutely storming first half from Klopp's men has thrown the cat right back amongst the pigeons. It could have been so different had Weidenfeller no saved Di Maria's penalty, but that moment sparked something in Dortmund, and they went on to strike twice through the irrepressible Reus.
  • 45' + 1'
    Injury time passes without incident, and the referee ends a breathless first half!
  • 45'
    Jojic is crowded out by four white shirts inside the area, but not even the myopic Dortmund ultra would have considered a penalty just there. That didn't stop a few of them from appealing for it though. Looks like one minute of stoppage time is on hand to end this half.
  • 44'
    The corner comes to nothing, but a chance for Madrid to earn a rare respite is halted when Durm does supremely well to win the ball off Benzema. Klopp is loving every minute of this on the touchline. It's been a disappointing Dortmund season considering recent years, but if he pulls this off and BVB reach the semis, it will match anything he's ever done at Signal Iduna Park.
  • 43'
    The confidence is oozing out of every orifice as far as Reus is concerned. He snaps a half volley towards goal from the edge of the box that is deflected out for a corner. Dortmund just look like causing problems whenever they advance on Madrid's goal.
  • 41'
    Madrid are being played right off the pitch here. They got smashed here in their last visit 4-1, and on the sign of things, Dortmund are entirely capable of matching or bettering that result. Remember, just one more Dortmund goal and the scores are level on aggregate!
  • 39'
    Reus is absolutely running the show here at Signal Iduna Park, what a superb player! He comes within inches of bringing a trademark searching ball from Hummels under control, and had he done so, he would have surely had the step on the last defender!
  • 37'
    Goal Marco Reus
    The fans and Klopp are going absolutely OUT OF THEIR MINDS on the touchline! And again, it's Dortmund's pressing that fashions the chance! Alonso is forced into a loose pass that Lewandowski pounces on. He exchanges passes with Reus, and smashes a shot that Casillas pushes onto the post. However, Reus is there to follow the rebound emphatically home!
  • 37'
  • 36'
    RAMOS IN THE NICK OF TIME! He just manages to bail out Pepe, who had lost the ball in one of those very effective gegenpressing sequences. However, the Spanish defender scooped up the loose ball ahead of Lewandowski and Reus! Close shave!
  • 34'
    The response from Dortmund is excellent here! Madrid are struggling to get a foothold on the ball, never mind get out of their own half. They are struggling noticeably to compete with Dortmund's gegenpressing, which is forcing them to rush their decisions with the ball!
  • 32'
    CHANCE FOR NUMBER TWO! Well then, Alonso was booked for a foul near the edge of the box, and Reus takes charge of the set piece. He picks out Hummels excellently at the far post, but the centre back's powerful header towards goal is just tipped over the woodwork by Casillas! Great save at a crucial moment!
  • 31'
    Yellow Card Xabi Alonso
  • 31'
    There was a glimpse at an opening for Benzema there on a three-on-three Madrid break, but the French striker slipped at the top of the box when receiving the ball, despite his appeals suggesting illegal contact from Hummels. Good decision by the ref to let play go on.
  • 29'
    The crowd is certainly behind their team here, as Reus' goal has given them all sorts of belief. In truth, it's been clear dominance by Dortmund since they opened the scoring, and my gut tells me that there's more goals in this. Madrid are far from home and dry.
  • 27'
    Yellow Card Sergio Ramos
  • 27'
    Strange occurrence here as Lewandowski goes down just on the inside of the Madrid box after a tussle with Ramos, but the Spanish defender is the one being booked despite the Pole being penalized for the foul. I can only assume that it was for something he said post-incident, because replays showed that both players were almost equally at fault during the tussle.
  • 25'
    Again, dreadful from Pepe to leave Casillas hanging in no man's land. The Portuguese defender had otherwise enjoyed an excellent beginning to the game, deterring a few attacks while toeing the line between committed aggression and recklessness.
  • 24'
    Goal Marco Reus
    Pepe wants the ground to swallow him up. A terrible attempt at a back header to Casillas never has the oomph to reach him, and Reus nips in between the pair to touch the ball ahead of the keeper and slot into an empty net! Start of a miracle?
  • 23'
  • 21'
    Well then, Madrid are now trying to take the sting out of the game and the crowd after a flurry of action at both ends of the pitch! Going back to that penalty, Piszczek may have been just outside the box when the ball struck his arm, but BVB will tell you that justice was done in the end with Weidenfeller's save.
  • 19'
    WHAT A BAD MISS! Dortmund had a GOLDEN chance to strike first moments after nearly conceding. Lewandowski refuses to give up on the ball near the byeline, and manages to get a cutback in to Reus. He then quickly tees up Mkhitaryan, who is primed to slot home, but he just misses the target! That should have been 1-0!
  • 17'
    Missed Penalty Ángel Di María
  • 17'
    Penalty save Roman Weidenfeller
    SAVED EXCELLENTLY! It was struck hard by Di Maria towards his right side, but it was a good height for Weidenfeller, who guessed correctly and parried it! What a HUGE stop, and it keeps Dortmund in this!
  • 16'
    What was Piszczek doing? He was defending against Coentrao with his hands held behind his back, but when the Portuguese clipped in a cross, he let his right arm dangle and it hit the ball. Big decision, and with Ronaldo absent, Di Maria steps up to take...
  • 16'
  • 15'
    Usually Madrid opt for Ronaldo on the left and Bale on the right, so both players can cut infield and attack on their stronger foot. But with the Portuguese on the bench and the left-footed Di Maria taking his place on the wings, Bale has started the game attacking down the left flank instead. It's making it easier for BVB to defend against him when he cuts inside onto his weaker right foot.
  • 13'
    Madrid are starting to grow back into this game with a spell of uninterrupted possession in the Dortmund half. Just now though, its disrupted, as pressure from the flanks force Madrid to play the ball all the way back to Casillas, who has to get rid of it quickly against the closing down from Lewandowski.
  • 11'
    There was a real chance for Di Maria to fashion a goalscoring opportunity. He pounced on a poor decision from Hummels to advance down the right hand side, but with Bale and Benzema lining up in the box for the delivery, he takes too long to make up his mind and Dortmund are able to clear for a corner.
  • 9'
    Pepe has been typically aggressive in the opening exchanges, and has defended well against Dortmund on two occasions, although BVB would argue that he should have conceded a free kick at least once already. He harried Lewandowski off a dangerous turn, then sent Reus to the turf with a crunching, but ultimately legal challenge.
  • 7'
    It's been Madrid largely who have held onto possession since the first whistle. However, they've struggled to advance the ball into the final third, as Dortmund's cutthroat gegenpressing has kept los Blancos moving the ball in non-threatening areas. Still very much a feeling-out exercise for both teams.
  • 5'
    There's not been a whole lot of goalmouth action to start this game. And with such a large deficit for Dortmund to overcome, you really feel that the first goal in this game will decide the outcome of this tie. Should Madrid score, then it's all but over. But if BVB strike first, then you can bet that the belief will pulsate around this ground.
  • 3'
    A real raucous atmosphere inside Signal Iduna Park to start, as every Madrid touch on the ball is greeted with a torrent of venom hurled down from the stands. The players are feeding off the energy of the crowd from the start with a series of hard tackles that see possession change hands a number of times.
  • 1'
    Right then, off we go!
  • In fact, the last time that Madrid have lost by a scoreline that Dortmund would need to knock them out tonight was back in November 2010, when Pep Guardiola's Barcelona destroyed them 5-0 in Jose Mourinho's first Clasico.
  • The largest deficit that Dortmund have ever overturned is 2-0, which they have accomplished once in three attempts. Even if they repeat last season's 4-1 battering, Madrid will still progress on away goals - such is the commanding nature of their first leg lead.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo's strike in he first leg took his tally this season to 14 in the Champions League, matching the mark of both Jose Altafini (1962-63) and Lionel Messi (2011-12). Can the Portuguese come off the bench to set the landmark outright? If things go to plan, I doubt that Ancelotti would risk him tonight but you never know.
  • Many have tipped this leg to be little more than a formality, with Madrid holding a commanding 3-0 lead from the first encounter at the Bernabeu. Having said that, Dortmund have beaten Madrid in their last two meetings at Signal Iduna Park, winning 2-1 in the group stage last season and 4-1 in the semi finals. But, ahem, having said that, this is not the same BVB side that reached the final last season.
  • Otherwise, it's standard stuff in the XI from Carlo Ancelotti. With Di Maria out of the midfield three for the time being, Asier Illarramendi takes his place alongside Xabi Alonso and Luka Modric - who will be expected to tip the trident with the Argentine back on the wing. Fabio Coentrao once again continues at left back with Marcelo still injured.
  • But while Dortmund's heavy hitter comes back to the fore, Madrid's takes a back seat. Cristiano Ronaldo has been benched after failing to recover in time from a late knee injury picked up in the final pre-match training session. Therefore, Angel Di Maria moves from his midfield role to a more natural position on the flanks, alongside Gareth Bale and just behind Karim Benzema.
  • But what is most striking about Dortmund's XI is their midfield. With Sven Bender and Ilkay Gundogan still injured, Klopp can't even call on veteran Sebastian Kehl, who is banned after his booking in the first leg. So, to man the middle of the park, BVB are forced to turn to Milos Jojic and Oliver Kirch, who have each managed only seven appearances for the entire season.
  • Well then, a very interesting lineup from Jurgen Klopp here. Most importantly, striker Robert Lewandowski returns to the starting lineup after missing the first leg through suspension. And after sitting out the weekend win againt Wolfsburg, Roman Weidenfeller also comes back between the posts. Greek defender Sokratis has also lost out on a start, as Manuel Freidrich starts in the centre of the back four.
  • SUBS: Diego López, Varane, Nacho, Casemiro, Isco, Ronaldo, Morata.
  • REAL MADRID: Casillas, Pepe, Ramos, Coentrao, Carvajal, Bale, Alonso, Modric, Di Maria, Illarramendi, Benzema.
  • SUBS: Langerak, Papastathopoulos, Hofmann, Nuri Şahin, Aubameyang, Schieber, Ducksch.
  • BORUSSIA DORTMUND: Weidenfeller, Friedrich, Hummels, Kirch, Piszczek, Durm, Reus, Jojic, Grosskreutz, Lewandowski, Mkhitaryan.
  • Hello and welcome to Signal Iduna Park, and to Borussia Dortmund's second leg of their quarter final clash with Real Madrid in the Champions League. I'm Keeghann Sinanan, your guide for all the action.