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November 7, 2012 11:00 PM EST
82′ Alan Gordon
Robbie Keane 21′
Robbie Keane 34′
Mike Magee 39′
We had a game late, but the class of the Galaxy really showed tonight. We'll have more coverage of this from Zac Lee Rigg, our man on site, so stick around to hear what the players had to say.
90′ +3
AND THAT'S IT!!! San Jose is out. Missed chances everywhere, but in the end the Galaxy did enough to make it back to the Western Conference final.
90′ +2
Opara!!! Oh, there was the chance. Gordon and Wondo set it up so well and the defender takes a defender's shot.
90′ +1
LA has had so many chances to put this away. So many chances on the break.
Looks like three minutes added on.
Bad mistake at the back, Busch gives it away. Deep throw for the Galaxy and that's the kind of thing you just can't have if you're San Jose.
More pressure from San Jose, but the Galaxy get it cleared. Donovan wins a free kick up the field and that'll kill off some time.
Foul called. Play stopped. Gordon called for having his elbow up. That killed off a moment of danger.
Donovan has a chance to ice it. On the break, and he misses high and hard.
That's what this match needed. A goal from the home side to put some life back in the stadium.
Goal Alan Gordon
And we've got a ballgame!! Goal San Jose. Gordon turns it home.
Ten minutes left now in San Jose's season if something doesn't change. It's been a dream run through the regular season, but the playoffs could be short.
Still a lot of fight in this Earthquakes team, but nothing coming off.
Substitution David Beckham Marcelo Sarvas
Beckham coming off the pitch. 15 minutes left to go and San Jose needs to get on it quickly. Sarvas coming on to help close down those spaces.
One more toss of the dice. All the bash brothers are on the pitch with Gordon coming on.
Wow. Keane allowed to run, has Donovan for help after a long throw, lays it off to a late runner and it's smashed wide.
Another corner for San Jose taken short. Donovan blocks the cross and now just a deep throw.
No foul given? Really? Donovan was set to run in behind and got dumped.
Corner here for San Jose. This would be a great place to get one back.
Again the defending for San Jose is questionable. Just too much space up front and Keane finds a pass. Last-ditch tackle stops the move.
Just under half an hour left in this one. Kind of a chess match being played out. San Jose certainly has more of the ball this half, but with Donovan now up top LA can afford to sit a bit deeper and look to hit on the break.
Substitution Rafael Baca Shea Salinas
Substitution Edson Buddle Christian Wilhelmsson
Buddle had to come off after taking a knock late in the first half. LA will hope that's not something more serious than what it first seemed to be.
Another push forward for San Jose, and Wondo is adamant that it should be a corner. Replays say he's right. San Jose needs the breaks its way right now and that one didn't.
The small pitch may actually be work.ing against the home side. The Galaxy seem to be closing the space down very quickly
San Jose really needs to find some flow in this match. LA looks all too comfortable with things the way they are at the moment.
Donovan nearly slipped in behind there. Could have been curtains for the Quakes, but as it stands two goals will do the trick.
Slow start to the second half.
Let's get this second half going shall we?
45′ +7
And that's all for the first half. 3-0 Galaxy.
45′ +3
Lot of stoppage time in this first half and San Jose is trying all it can to get one back before the break. Saunders has been called on a couple of times, but he's made the plays to this point.
Buddle doesn't get the free kick after going down. Probably not a foul to be honest, looked like a coming together, but the forward still isn't up on his feet.
Yellow Card Steven Lenhart
Yellow Card Omar Gonzalez
Lenhart gets a booking. Shocked it wasn't a red to be honest. He just walked into Gonzalez in the wall and grabbed him. That's shocking. Both players now in the book, and San Jose lucky not to be down a man.
Card now to Omar Gonzalez. Another high elbow to Lenhart.
The Goonies never say die, but they'll need two goals to get back in this game, and the Galaxy don't look like they're done scoring yet. The Wondo miss is glaring at the moment.
Goal Mike Magee
San Jose really on the back foot. It's 3-0. Magee with the goal, and this might get out of hand.
That changes things drastically. Now San Jose has it all to do. Really nice goal from Donovan and Keane. Lot of class in this Galaxy team.
Goal Robbie Keane
What a nice goal. Keane with his second, but Donovan did most of the hard work. He came in from the right, Keane made a clever run in behind cutting from the left, Donovan picked him out, and it was all over.
Galaxy survive another scare. Good cross in, both Wondo and Lenhart running t it.
Saunders called on this time as Lenhart breaks in on goal. The keeper got there first and made the play.
Lenhart flshes one wide of the mark. Good header, just not on the right path for a goal.
Break in the action while Lenhart gets treatment. Rough and tumble game to this point. Galaxy needed the goal to level matters, got it, and now we're all even with just over an hour to play.
You don't see Wondo miss a chance like that often. Wow. Sitter. Looked like a sure goal. Gonzalez chested it down right to him and he blazes it over the goal.
Seriously delayed call there from the official. Interesting.
That goal came directly from the defense, which has lost a starter, not getting enough pressure on the ball.
Goal Robbie Keane
GOAL!! And the Galaxy have found their goal. Keane. What a hit. He cuts in on his right and just blasts it home.
Corner won for LA. Good break for the Galaxy forward.
Yellow Card David Beckham
And as I say that, a booking for Beckham. Late tackle, bad tackle, worthy booking.
Another foul called on San Jose. This game is going to go that way it seems. Tight spaces and one team that doesn't mind tossing its weight around.
Substitution Ike Opara V. Bernárdez
Yep. He's done for the night. That's a big blow to San Jose. Not only are you now missing a defender you thought you had, but it's cost you a sub in what could potentially be a very long game, and will clearly be a hard fought one.
Bernardez down on the pitch. He was a question coming into the night and already has a card. Might be time to move on.
San Jose has finally gotten some of the ball, but LA still looks dangerous. Beckham tired to release Keane there but it just didn't come off.
Another free kick given against San Jose. Bernardez again, and this is in a very dangerous spot..... and what a save to keep Beckham out.
Yellow Card V. Bernárdez
Booking already. Bernardez picks it up for an elbow. Not bright, and Beckham will have a look from the free kick but sends it up and over.
Early going, couple of long balls going down to both ends. We do have an early foul with Omar Gonzalez taking a knock from Lenhart. Good battle to keep an eye on.
We're off and running.
Should be interesting here. Both sides came out with attacking lineups. Buddle on for LA with Donovan, Keane and Beckham still on the pitch. Moves Donovan out wide.
San Jose comes in on top, having taken a 1-0 lead on the road against the Galaxy, but there shouldn't be any doubt about the quality of either side. Both teams like to get goals, and the Galaxy certainly won't being intimidated.
Welcome in to Goal.com's live coverage of San Jose and the LA Galaxy. Should be a great game with a nice playoff atmosphere for you late on this Wednesday night. Stick around and we'll take you through all the action.
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