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  • September 22, 2012
  • • 9:30 AM
  • • Volksparkstadion, Hamburg
  • Referee: G. Perl
  • • Attendance: 57000

Live Commentary

  • What. A. Game. If you see a better 90 minutes of football this season, you're a liar. Hamburg beat Dortmund for the first time in seven attempts, and end BVB's 31-game unbeaten run. Amazing. I've been Alex Mott, thanks for joining me.
  • 90' + 4'
    And it is! The referee blows for full time, and the scoreline here at Imtech Arena in Hamburg 3-2 Dortmund.
  • 90' + 3'
    Yellow Card Marcel Schmelzer
  • 90' + 2'
    Yellow Card René Adler
  • 90' + 2'
    Gotze fouls Beister on the edge of the Hamburg area. Schmelzer gets a yellow card for dissent. And that could well be it.
  • 90' + 1'
    A cross from the left comes in by Schmelzer. Schieber gets to the ball first on the edge of the area, but his shot is saved well by Adler.
  • 90'
    We'll have three minutes of added time here.
  • 89'
    Berg gets laid through by Salo, but the Swedish striker is adjudged to be offside.
  • 88'
    Hamburg are virtually camped inside their own half now. We've got two minutes of normal time remaining, and if Thorsten Fink's side can get three points here, it will be an absolutely magnificent feat.
  • 87'
    SubstitutionRafael van der Vaart Jacopo Sala
  • 86'
    A ball in from Schmelzer, deep on the left-hand side. It's hung in towards Lewandowski, but Adler comes off his line, and collects the ball well.
  • 84'
    The ball comes in from the left, but it's overhit, and goes all the way out for a throw in on the far side.
  • 83'
    Dortmund piling forward now. Perisic, on the left-hand byline, tries to get past Diekmeier, but the former Nuremberg man concedes a corner.
  • 81'
    The corner comes in from Gotze, but again, Adler is there, and takes the ball comfortably on his six yard line.
  • 80'
    Kuba bombs down the right now. The Poland international takes on Beister, but can't get past Jansen, who puts the bal out for a corner.
  • 78'
    OH NO! That was THE chance. Schieber, six yards out, was all alone, and just had to stroke the ball past Adler. Unfortunately for him, the ball took a slight bobble, and he fluffed the shot right into the arms of the keeper.
  • 77'
    SubstitutionArtjoms Rudņevs Marcus Berg
  • 76'
    It looked, just for a moment there, as if Son was about to get his hat-trick. The South Korean skipped past Subotic on the edge of the area, but before he could get his shot away, Hummels was there to slid in and block the effort.
  • 74'
    More pressure from Dortmund. Kuba, on the right-hand byline, cut it back for Schieber. The former Stuttgart man then went for a shot, but Mancienne blocked the effort.
  • 71'
    OH! IT'S OFF THE LINE!! The corner was whipped in by Gotze towards Subotic. The Serbia international flicked his header towards the far-hand corner, but Beister was there to volley it off the goalline.
  • 70'
    Oh Rene Adler, you are brilliant. Gotze that time, cut in from the left, shot at goal, only for the 27-year-old keeper to tip the effort around the post for a corner.
  • 69'
    SubstitutionIvo Ilicevic Maximilian Beister
  • 68'
    The corner comes in from the left-hand side, but Adler comes off his line and collects well.
  • 67'
    OH! WHAT A SAVE! Perisic, looking for his hat-trick, curled one at goal, but Adler was there to tip it over the bar for a corner.
  • 66'
    Lewandowski is fouled on the edge of the area by Westermann, and Dortmund have a free kick.
  • 65'
    OHHH! What a chance for the equaliser! Blaszczykowski, or Kuba as he'll now be known, was all alone inside the area, and smashed his effort straight at Adler. Oh dear.
  • 63'
    SubstitutionSebastian Kehl Jakub Blaszczykowski
  • 63'
    SubstitutionMarco Reus Julian Schieber
  • 63'
    This game is the literal personification of end-to-end. Just then, Son won a free kick after a foul from Piszczek. The free kick, whipped in by van der Vaart from the left-hand touchline, was overhit though, and went out for a goal kick.
  • 60'
    Goal Ivan Perisic
    GOOAALLL! And would you believe it? Dortmund have got one back! Lukasz Piszczek, on the right-hand side of the area, cut inside, and laid it back to Ivan Perisic, who passed it into the back of the net from 12 yards. Amazing. 3-2.
  • 59'
    Goal Heung-Min Son
    OH! WHAT A GOAL! Son Heung-Min has scored his second, and Hamburg's third with an absolute cracker. Cutting in from the right, the South Korean skipped past Schmelzer, before curling it into the far corner from the edge of the area.
  • 57'
    Jurgen Klopp is furious with the officials here. He feels Ilicevic was offside when he received the ball for the goal. It's tight, but he may be right.
  • 55'
    Assist Rafael van der Vaart
  • 55'
    Goal Ivo Ilicevic
    GOOOAAALLL!! And what a goal it is too. A superb ball from van der Vaart goes towards Ilicevic. The Croatian takes a touch, and from the left-hand side of the area, smashes it past Weidenfeller at his near post. 2-1
  • 55'
    The ball is pumped forward by Piszczek to Lewandowski. The Polish forward lets the ball bounce, but is then brought down by Westermann inside the area. The referee though, waves away the penalty claims.
  • 53'
    Dortmund try to come forward now with Reus. The 23-year-old, inside the centre circle, looks to slip Lewandowski in on goal, but Westermann is there to intercept.
  • 51'
    The corner comes in from van der Vaart, but it's cleared at the near post by Piszczek.
  • 50'
    Hamburg are slowly starting to get their heads in this half now. Jansen, attacks down the left-hand side, and gets his cross in. Hummels though, comes across, and clears the ball out for a corner.
  • 48'
    Klopp has obviously said something at half time, because Dortmund have flown out of the blocks here. This time, Piszczek flies down the right, but his cross is blocked by Jansen.
  • 46'
    Assist Robert Lewandowski
  • 46'
    Goal Ivan Perisic
    GOOAAALLL! And 24 seconds into the second half, Dortmund have equalised. Perisic, on the left-hand side of the area, looked up, and chipped Adler, scooping it into the far corner of the net. 1-1.
  • 46'
    We're back, and it's Dortmund who kick us off, going from left-to-right.
  • I'll be back in 15 minutes for the second half, but in the meantime, tweet me @alexjmott with any questions, predictions or opinions you may have on the game.
  • What a half that was. I can't remember a 45 minutes of football I've enjoyed mroe this season. The early goal from Son Heung-Min got the game off to a flyer, and it hasn't stopped since then.
  • 45'
    And that, is it. The referee blows for half time, and the scoreline here at Imtech Arena is Hamburg 1-0 Borussia Dortmund.
  • 45'
    The clearance goes only as far as Leitner, who puts the ball back into the box. Piszczek gets up and heads at goal, only to see his effort go inches wide of the right-hand post.
  • 44'
    That, is a bone-cruncher! Mancienne gets the ball, and the shin of Robert Lewandowski, and concedes a free kick on the left-hand touchline. The free kick comes in from Reus, but Westermann clears.
  • 43'
    Another chance for Lewandowski. Another save from Adler. The Poland international turned 20 yards out, a struck a low effort at goal. The German keeper though, was more that equal to it, and saved well.
  • 42'
    Schmelzer and Ilicevic go for a 50-50, with the Dortmund man coming out on top, and winning a free kick on the halfway line.
  • 40'
    What an excellent half of football this has been. That time, Ilicevic backheeled to van der Vaart inside the area, but before the Dutchman could get his shot away, Hummels was there sliding in to block the effort.
  • 38'
    Good save Adler! Lewandowski turned on the edge of the area, and struck a low shot at goal. The Germany international keeper got down well though, and tipped the ball away to he left..
  • 37'
    Yellow Card Milan Badelj
  • 37'
    Badelj pulls Leitner's shirt in the centre circle, and receives a yellow card.
  • 36'
    OH! A spectacular effort from Rudnevs! A cross from Diekmeier went to the Latvian on the edge of the area, who tried an amazing overhead kick. The former Lech Poznan man got a decent connection, but the shot went wide of the right-hand post.
  • 34'
    Hamburg have really targeted Piszczek as an area of weakness here. That time, Ilicevic got at the Poland international, before putting in a nice ball for Rudnevs. Hummels though, saw the pass, and intercepted well.
  • 32'
    Good save from Adler there. Leitner, who's looked really assured on the ball so far, cuts in from the left, and tries a curled shot into the far corner. The former Leverkusen keeper though, got across well and plucked the ball out of the air.
  • 30'
    Some controlled, sensible, possession play from Dortmund there, but it culminated in Gotze over-hitting a pass for Piszczek on the right-hand touchline.
  • 28'
    That's class from Reus. The Germany international skips past two challenges, but before he can get a shot away on the edge of the area, Mancienne comes across and muscles the 23-year-old clean off the ball.
  • 26'
    It's the opposition right-back coming forward now. Piszczek puts in a nice cross for Lewandowski, but Westermann gets up and clears with a header.
  • 25'
    Diekmeier has been superb so far this half. That time, the former Nuremberg man bombed down the right, and tried to get a cross in, but Schmelzer was there to bundle him and the ball out for a throw in.
  • 23'
    Yellow Card Rafael van der Vaart
    OHH! A late challenge from van der Vaart on Leitner, results in the €13m summer signing getting a yellow card.
  • 21'
    There was nothing wrong with the former Tottenham man, and now back come Dortmund on the attack. Reus, on the edge of the area, side-steps Mancienne and gets a shot away. Unfortunately though, it's blocked by Westermann.
  • 19'
    Arslan gets robbed by Reus in the middle of the park, but luckily for him, the referee blows after seeing van der Vaart down holding his face.
  • 17'
    It really is end-to-end stuff here. Diekmeier that time, put in a deep cross from the right towards Ilicevic. The Croatia got his header away from the edge of the area, but could only put it over the bar.
  • 15'
    OH! Another chance for Dortmund! Reus, on the right-hand side of the area, just had to shoot across goal, but instead looked for the cut back and Lewandowski, which Mancienne latched on to and cleared.
  • 14'
    The corner's taken by Gotze. It goes out to Perisic on the edge of the area, who powers a shot at goal, that goes just wide of the left-hand post.
  • 13'
    OHHH! Great save! The free kick was whipped in by Reus, and Mancienne could only watch as his header looped towards goal, only for Adler to tip over.
  • 12'
    Arslan pushes Gotze in the back, just over the halfway line, and concedes a free kick.
  • 10'
    Hamburg have started excellently here. That time, Badejl flicked the ball to Diekmeier, who charged down the right, and put in a nice ball for Rudnevs. The Latvia forward couldn't quite get his header on target, but Dortmund are looking terribly vulnerable at the back.
  • 8'
    Piszczek, with the ball on the right-hand side, was charged down immediately by Ilisevic. The Croatia forward though, went in too swiftly, and gave away a free kick.
  • 6'
    Nice play from Arslan there. The Turkey midfielder skipped past Gotze, and then tried to slip Rudnevs through on goal. Hummel though, read the pass, and intercepted well.
  • 4'
    Wow. What a start. The Dortmund defence were just caught napping there, and the South Korean international made them pay. Is this going to be the end of BVB's 31-game unbeaten run?
  • 2'
    Assist Rafael van der Vaart
  • 2'
    Goal Heung-Min Son
    GOOOAAALLLL! And Hamburg have gone 1-0 up already. A brilliant cross from Rafael van der Vaart on the left-hand side, went to the head of Son Heung-Min, who headed from eight yards past Weidenfeller. Amazing scenes.
  • 2'
    The ball is played back to Adler in goal, who immediately lumps it upfield to Rudnevs. The Latvian striker loses the header though, to Subotic, who heads it back to his goalkeeper Weidenfeller.
  • 1'
    Here we go then. We're finally underway here at Imtech Arena, and it's Hamburg who kick us off going from left-to-right.
  • Just under 15 minutes to go until kick off, and despite reports that 1,000 Borussia Dortmund fans will leave the ground at kick off in protest at high ticket prices, the atmosphere is electric.
  • As always, I want to hear your views on this afternoon's match. Hit me with your questions, predictions, abuse @alexjmott on Twitter.
  • Dortmund (4-2-3-1): Weidenfeller; Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer; Leitner, Kehl; Reus, Gotze, Perisic; Lewandowski.
  • Hamburg (4-2-3-1): Adler; Diekmeier, Mancienne, Westermann, Jansen; Arslan, Badelj; Son, van der Vaart, Ilicevic; Rudnevs.
  • TEAM NEWS: van der Vaart starts for Hamburg, alongside Son Heung-Min and Ilicevic in a three-pronged attack, whilst Dortmund go with Reus, Gotze, Perisic and Lewandowski. I can smell the goals already.
  • Even with Van der Vaart's record against Die Borussen, there's not an awful lot to be cheery about for Hamburg. They haven't won in seven attempts, and are in the midst of their worst start in 40 years.
  • Thorsten Fink's team though, have brought in Rafael van der Vaart from Tottenham this summer, and the former Tottenham is expected to make his first appearance at Imtech Arena since he left the club for Real Madrid back in 2008. His personal record against BVB looks like something to cling on to for the hosts: in four games against Dortmund, he has won three times, and scored winning goals twice.
  • Jurgen Klopp's side are currently on a 31-game unbeaten run, and travel to Hamburg this afternoon, looking to continue that amazing form against a Rothosen team who are yet to win a game this season.
  • Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to's LIVE, play-by-play, coverage of Hamburg SV vs Borussia Dortmund from Imtech Arena. I'm Alex Mott, and I'll be your commentator for this fascinating Bundesliga clash.