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UEFA Champions League

  • April 17, 2012
  • • 2:45 PM
  • • Allianz Arena, München
  • Referee: H. Webb
  • • Attendance: 66000

Live Commentary

  • A late, late Mario Gomez goal has won it here for Bayern. And you have to say, they were worthy of their win. I've been Alex Mott, thanks for joining me.
  • 90' + 4'
    Yellow Card Marcelo
  • 90' + 4'
    And that's it! The referee blows for full time, and the scoreline here in Munich is Bayern 2-1 Madrid.
  • 90' + 3'
    It's all kicked off here. Marcelo has gone in late on Muller, and about 15 of the players have dived in to have their say on the matter. Howard Webb keeps his cool though, and gives the Brazilian a yellow card.
  • 90' + 2'
    Yellow Card Gonzalo Higuaín
  • 90' + 2'
    Madrid have a free kick now on the halfway line. Alonso has it, and pumps the ball into the box. It's aimed towards the right-hand side of the area, but Neuer comes a mile off his line and collects the ball with the ease you'd expect from the world's best keeper.
  • 90'
    Assist Philipp Lahm
  • 90'
    Goal M. Gómez
  • 90'
    There'll be three minutes of added time here.
  • 89'
    GOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!! And despite all the missed chances, it's MARIO GOMEZ who scores what looks like the winner. Lahm comes forward, and beats Coentrao to the byline, where he puts in a brilliant low ball across the box. It's too quick for Casillas, and Gomez is there in the middle of the goal, to tap in from a yard out. 2-1.
  • 87'
    PENALTY?? NO!! Gomez, again, is played through, but Ramos, on the six-yard line, comes from behind, and flicks the ball from under the feet of the striker.
  • 85'
    Another header for Gomez is saved by Casillas! A deep cross from the right by Lahm is met by the former Stuttgart striker on the penalty spot. His header though, is a poor one, and Casillas saves easily.
  • 84'
    SubstitutionKarim Benzema Gonzalo Higuaín
  • 83'
    The corner comes to nothing, but Bayern attack down the right-hand side with Ribery. He flicks the ball over Coentrao, and gets to the byline, where he looks to cut the ball back to Robben. The Dutchman is all alone on the penalty spot, but Ramos cuts the ball out just in the nick of time. There is a slight shout for handball as he does, but the referee waves play on.
  • 81'
    Alaba gets forward brilliantly well there down the left-hand side. He bombs forward from the halfway line, and manages to get a cross in from the byline that's deflected out for a corner.
  • 79'
    SubstitutionÁngel Di María Esteban Granero
  • 79'
    Another late challenge from a Madrid player, as Xabi Alonso comes through the back of Ribery on the halfway line. This game is getting awfully scrappy now.
  • 77'
    Marcelo's inclusion has meant Madrid have gone from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3. It doesn't seem to have improved their grip on this half though, so far.
  • 76'
    Yellow Card Sergio Ramos
  • 75'
    Muller gets the ball just over the halfway line. He's on the half-turn, and tries to come away with the ball, but Ramos has other ideas, and flies straight through the back of him. That was late and reckless.
  • 74'
    Remember when I said, Madrid were playing much better in this half? Well, ignore it.
  • 73'
    OOHHH. Another chance for Gomez! Lahm bombs down the right-hand side, and puts in a great cross towards the head of their top scorer. He gets up well, and from 12 yards out, heads just over the bar.
  • 71'
    Bayern win a free kick, and it's whipped in from Ribery on the left-hand touchline. The ball is fantastic, as it bounces just in front of Ramos, who manages to pass it right into Gomez's path, four yards from goal. The German goal-getter snaps at his shot though, and it goes over the bar from no distance at all. A shocking miss.
  • 69'
    SubstitutionMesut Özil Marcelo
  • 69'
    Marcelo comes on for Ozil, and I have no idea how that is going to effect Madrid's shape.
  • 68'
    Bayern are still attacking though, as Alaba bombs forward and puts a cross in from the left-hand byline. The ball is overhit though, and Ramos heads clear.
  • 66'
    Ribery has it now on the left-hand touchline. The Frenchman cuts inside, and 30yds from goal, chips the ball into the area, towards the head of Gomez. Pepe. who's been impressive so far in this half, gets in front of the Bundesliga top scorer, and heads away.
  • 64'
    Yellow Card Philipp Lahm
  • 64'
    I don't know what Mourinho has said to his side at half time, but they look so much better since the break. Their counter-attacks have been more decisive, and they are restricting Bayern to speculative long-range efforts.
  • 63'
    And immediately, Muller plays Gomez through on goal! The former Stuttgart man though, is hussled by Pepe, and he can't quite get his shot away inside the area. Casillas is also quick to come off his line, and bravely comes to collect at the feet of Gomez.
  • 61'
    SubstitutionBastian Schweinsteiger Thomas Müller
  • 61'
    Schweinsteiger comes off for Muller, and you have to say, it's about time. The Germany midfielder is clearly feeling the effects of his recent injury, and that added attacking impetus of Muller could just change this game for Bayern. Or not.
  • 60'
    Yellow Card Ángel Di María
  • 60'
    Mat Elezor on Twitter is clearly a Ronaldo fan: "Ronaldo still flop of the match, assist doesn't change the fact he had almost 0 balls, no good dribbles and horrific free kicks."
  • 58'
    The corner is whipped in from the right, but is headed clear by Pepe. It falls to Alaba 25yds from goal, and his shot is, well, that of a defensive midfielder turned left-back.
  • 57'
    Robben has it now for Bayern on the right-hand touchline. He gets to the byline, and tries to cut it back for Gomez. Ramos though, gets there first, and thrashes the ball out for a corner.
  • 56'
    Yellow Card Xabi Alonso
  • 56'
    Yellow Card Fabio Coentrao
  • 55'
    After that brief hectic moment, the ball is back with Bayern. Coentrao though, comes in late on Kroos, inside the centre circle, and a free kick is given.
  • 53'
    Assist Cristiano Ronaldo
  • 53'
    Goal Mesut Özil
    GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!! And it's OZIL with the goal that brings Real Madrid level. Benzema has the ball initially on the edge of the Bayern area, and plays in Ronaldo on the left-hand side. It looks for all the world as if the former Man Utd man will equalise, but Neuer saves. The keeper pushes it only as far as Benzema though, who crosses the ball back across the box for Ronaldo again. This time, the Portuguese forward taps it back towards Ozil, and the Germany international scores from a yard out.
  • 52'
    ROBBEN! No, it's rubbish. The Dutchman gets the ball on the right-hand touchline, cuts inside, and goes for a shot from the edge of the area. Casillas watches it go safely over the bar though.
  • 51'
    Real Madrid play it along their backline, before Pepe thinks "I've had enough of this" and fires a brilliant long ball into the path of Benzema on the left-hand side of the area. The Frenchman cuts inside, and tries to cross for Ronaldo, but Neuer reads it and collects easily.
  • 49'
    Bayern regain possession, and play it into Gomez's feet, just outside the area. He's briefly back in Euro 2008 mode though, and his first touch plays Coentrao in perfectly.
  • 47'
    Alaba has it for Bayern, on the left-hand touchline, and fires a beautiful corss-field ball to Ribery. Unfortunately though, his touch isn't the best, and Madrid have a throw in, just inside their own half.
  • 46'
    And we're back here at the Allianz. Madrid kick off, going from right-to-left.
  • 46'
    "Bayern do everything very well. Both teams play on a high level. From a Bayern view, you don't have to risk anymore. But you have to continue attacking without concentrating less on your defensive work. I'm happy with all German national players who stand on the pitch" They're the words of Joachim Low, the German national team coach, on Sky.
  • I've also had at least a dozen tweets saying Madrid need to bring on Kaka. Are you listening Mr Mourinho?
  • @Emmiluvly has stepped into a time machine, apparently: "Drogba and Torres must start vs Barcelona 4-2-3-1(Drogba),leaving Torres to exploit the spaces in either flanks."
  • An end-to-end half, where both sides have had decent chances. It's a Franck Ribery goal that seperates the two sides. I'll be back in 15 minutes for the second 45, but remember, I'm @alexjmott and I'd love to hear your comments on the game.
  • 45'
    And that's it. Howard Webb blows the whistle, with the scoreline here at half time, Bayern 1-0 Madrid.
  • 44'
    Gomez gets it now, on the egde of the Madrid area. He takes a touch, and is immediately bundled down by three Madrid defenders. A free kick is given, that Kroos will take. He steps over it, but his shot hits the wall and goes out for a throw in.
  • 43'
    Coentrao comes forward now for Madrid. He gets over the halfway line, plays it to Ramos, who looks to find Ozil with a pass. Kroos works exceptionally hard though, and gets back to intercept the ball.
  • 41'
    And straight away, up the other end, Gomez takes the ball into the area, and shoots from a wide position on the left-hand side. Casillas reads it though, and gets up well to tip the ball acrobatically over the bar.
  • 40'
    Ronaldo has the ball now on the left-hand touchline, and goes on his first mazy run of the night. He takes it past Lahm, and nutmegs Boateng. He tries to play the ball across the box to Di Maria, but Badstuber reads it, and clears away any dnager.
  • 39'
    @Aadeeps clearly doesn't think much of Ronaldo & co: "big game flop team real madrid uptil now."
  • 38'
    As the ball is punched clear, it goes out towards Coentrao, who is on the receiving end of a high boot from Robben. Madrid get ANOTHER free kick, this time on the halfway line.
  • 37'
    Yellow Card Arjen Robben
  • 37'
    Bayern concede another free kick, as this time Robben barges into Ronaldo on the left-hand touchline, just 25yds from goal. Xabi Alonso takes it this time, but Neuer punches the ball clear.
  • 35'
    @Emmiluvly thinks: "Real Madrid will have no chance in this game at this tempo. Bayern 3 vs 1 Real Madrid." A brief call, I must say.
  • 34'
    Khedira has it for Madrid, on the halfway line. He plays it wide to Ozil on the right-hand touchline, but the former Bremen man's cross is deflected of Alaba, and goes out for a throw in.
  • 32'
    Badstuber fouls Di Maria though, 30yds from goal, and concedes a free kick. Ronaldo steps up to take it, but his shot deflects off the wall and into the arms of Neuer.
  • 31'
    Yellow Card Holger Badstuber
  • 30'
    Bayern are really playing well so far in this half. They've most of the possession, and have restricted Madrid to just a few long-range shots. Can they keep their amazing home record against Madrid intact? On this evidence, yes.
  • 28'
    Robben gets it now on the right-hand side. He uses his pace to get past Coentrao, and clips in a ball towards the head of Gomez. The former Stuttgart man can't quite get on the end of it though, and Madrid clear away the danger.
  • 26'
    Luis Gustavo has it now for Madrid. He gives it to Schweinsteiger who's 25 yards from goal, and the Germany international goes for a strike. Unfortunately though, he doesn't quite catch it right, and the shot goes wide of Casillas' right-hand post.
  • 24'
    It is absolutely bouncing here at the Allianz, as Bayern concede another free kick, this time on the halfway line. Alonso plays it short to Khedira, who tries to turn the Bayern defence by chipping it over their heads to the onrushing Benzema. Neuer comes out to collect though, and despite a brief moment of panic with Badstuber, the Bavarians clear.
  • 22'
    @GulfamHassan is clearly a big Ribery fan: "Frank Ribery scores to remind people that he is no less than Messi or Ronaldo on his day." I think that counts as blasphemy, surely?
  • 21'
    A big chance here for Madrid, as Ronaldo is fouled on the edge of the area. The Portuguese forward steps up to take the free kick, but his shot goes just over the bar.
  • 19'
    That is, incidentally, the first goal Madrid have gone behind in this season's Champions League. And it could be two here, as Gomez gets played through. The German striker takes the ball too wide though, and the ball runs out of play for a goal kick.
  • 17'
    Assist Holger Badstuber
  • 17'
    Goal Franck Ribéry
    GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!! And just minutes after the penalty appeal, Bayern have gone 1-0 up. And it's Ribery! A corner from the left-hand side isn't cleared by Madrid, and Franck Ribery pounces on the loose ball from 12 yards out to smash it under Casillas.
  • 15'
    PENALTY!!! NO!! Robben plays a one-two with Lahm on the edge of the Madrid area. He then slips it through to Ribery, who steps inside Ramos, and goes down. The Bayern players appeal, but Howard Webb waves away the protests.
  • 14'
    @Sonipmg reckons "Madrid will thrash the Bavarians 2-0." Hmmm?
  • 13'
    It's Badstuber now for Bayern, on the edge of his own area. He plays it square to Alaba, who tries to smash it long, down the line, to Ribery. The pass is poor though, and it goes out of play for a throw in.
  • 11'
    Another sumptuous pass from Xabi Alonso is played diagonally towards Ozil, but he's adjudged to have been in an offside position.
  • 10'
    Bayern are keeping possession now, in their own half. Boateng plays a pass back to Neuer, and he boots it upfield to Gomez. He can't quite keep hold of it though, and Xabi Alonso comes away with the ball.
  • 9'
    So far, the reaction on Twitter seems to be: Bayern will win; it'll be a draw and Madrid will win. I think that sums this game up perfectly.
  • 8'
    Madrid have two corners in succession, but neither of them come to anything.
  • 7'
    OHHH. First chance of the game. And it falls to Benzema. Khedira intercepts a pass from Schweinsteiger on the halfway line. He gives it to Ozil, who in two touches, plays the ball beautifully through to Benzema. The Frenchman takes a touch, and strikes from the edge of the area, only to see his shot tipped over by Neuer.
  • 6'
    Xabi Alonso gets the ball now in that famed quarter-back position of his. He looks up and plays a delightful ball towards the Bayern right-hand corner flag, but Di Maria can't quite get there and the ball runs out of play for a throw in.
  • 5'
    Bob Thompson on Twitter has assessed the form book, and thinks Bayern will win this one 2-1. And that doesn't look like a bad shout Bob, as Bayern whip in a free kick from the left. It's aimed towards the back post where a host of Bayern players are, but Khedira gets his head to the ball and clears.
  • 4'
    Kroos has it now, 35yds from goal. He gives it to the over-lapping Lahm on the right-hand side, and the Germany full-back gets in a cross. A cross though, that Casillas comes and collects rather easily.
  • 3'
    Madrid have it now, as Ramos strides from the back and gives it to Ronaldo on the left-hand touchline. He switches the play across field, but it's cut out by Ribery, and Bayern regain possession.
  • 2'
    The ball is already at Gomez's feet midway between the goalmouth and the halfway line. He plays it out wide to Robben on the right, but the pass is a poor one, and it goes out for a throw in.
  • 1'
    Bayern, in their all-red, get us underway, kicking from right-to-left.
  • This is it then. The players are leaving the tunnel, and kick off for Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid is just moments away. Don't forget, I'm @alexjmott on Twitter. Get following and get involved.
  • There's just under 15 minutes to go until kick off in Munich, and the atmosphere at the Allianz Arena is bubbling under nicely. Do not go anyhwere. This is going to be good.
  • Just a brief reminder: Boateng, Alaba, Luis Gustavo and Kroos are all on a booking, and will be suspended for the return leg if they receive one tonight. Madrid meanwhile, have no one on the edge of that particular cliff.
  • Of course, I'd love you to get involved on Twitter, and you can hit me up @alexjmott with all your comments/predictions/questions.
  • Madrid (4-2-3-1): Casillas; Arbeloa, Ramos, Pepe, Coentrao; Khedira, Alonso; Di Maria, Ozil, Ronaldo; Benzema.
  • TEAM NEWS: For Bayern, Bastian Schweinsteiger returns from injury to start. And for Madrid, Mourinho goes with Coentrao at left-back, and Benzema up top. Bayern (4-2-3-1): Neuer; Lahm, Boateng, Badstuber, Alaba; Luis Gustavo, Schweinsteiger; Robben, Kroos, Ribery; Gomez.
  • Bayern's boss Jupp Heynckes was of course manager of Madrid during 1997-98, and won the Champions League. But, he has never beaten Spanish opposition over two legs before in his career.
  • Real Madrid on the other hand, are unbeaten in this season's competition and have conceded just six goals overall: the lowest of any of the four sides remaining. Los Blancos though, have unbelievably, only won once on German soil in 22 attempts.
  • And now for you stat fans: Bayern Munich have never lost to Real Madrid at home, and in four previous European Cup semi finals, Bayern have won three out of four (1976, 1987 and 2001). This season, the Bavarians have posted six straight home victories in the Champions League, and have won 12 of their last 13 outings at the Allianz Arena.
  • It's FC Hollywood vs The Galacticos. The four-time winners vs the nine-time winners. The most successful club in Germany vs the most successful club in Europe. It's going to be a good one.
  • Good evening everyone and welcome to's LIVE, play-by-play coverage, of Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League semi final. I'm Alex Mott, and I'll be your commentator for this evening's all important clash.