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WC Qualification CONCACAF

  • June 8, 2012
  • • 8:00 PM
  • • Estadio Azteca, Ciudad de México (D.F.)
  • Referee: J. Santos
  • • Attendance: 80401

Live Commentary

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  • Williams clears it away and the match ends. Boos rain down from the Azteca seats as fans clearly not happy with 'just' a 3-1 win.
  • 90' + 1'
    Mexico's strategy to generate danger with crosses from wings was largely ineffective tonight. Zavala slaps in another one that's headed away.
  • 90'
    Yellow Card Jake Newton
  • 90'
    Richardson takes a shot and forces to Corona to dive. Guyana looking sharp towards the end.
  • 90'
    Ref adds two minutes.
  • 88'
    ¡ALMOST ANOTHER OWN GOAL! Williams avoids a fourth goal after Rodrigues heads it toward the Guyana goal.
  • 87'
    Mexico fans chant "ole" in response to extended possession. Finally, Andrade is brought down with a foul.
  • 86'
    Andrade takes it and Williams comes out to defend.
  • 86'
    Mexico's seventh corner kick is headed away by Leon Cort, setting up Mexico's eighth.
  • 86'
    Zavala has his shot blocked after a nice combo with Reyna and Mexico will have a corner kick.
  • 84'
    Richardson! The Guyana striker beats Rodriguez to the ball and shoots on goal. Just wide.
  • 84'
    Salcido takes a huge swing outside the penalty area and puts it way over the bar.
  • 82'
    Chepo said prior to the match that Mexico wasn't likely to blow Guyana out. He looks to be right.
  • 81'
    SubstitutionA. De Nigris Jorge Emmanuel Torres
  • 81'
    Torres for De Nigris. Chicharito will be Mexico's lone ranger up front from now on.
  • 80'
    SubstitutionCarl Cort Anthony Abrams
  • 79'
    Ángel Reyna finds an open Zavala who takes a shot over the bar.
  • 78'
    Jorge Torres Nilo looking to be Mexico's last substitution of the night.
  • 76'
    Guardado takes a shot from the left side that goes over the bar. Looked like it was meant to be a cross.
  • 76'
    Guyana has gained plenty of confidence after scoring and then nearly pushing through a second time. They've significantly increased their possession. Mexico looking stagnant.
  • 74'
    Reyna takes it and fires a cross that's a touch too high for Zavala.
  • 74'
    Handball in favor of Mexico. A dangerous opportunity from set pieces here.
  • 71'
    SubstitutionRicky Shakes Dwight Keston Peters
  • 70'
    GUYANA ALMOST STRIKES AGAIN! Mexico nervous now as a shot hits the crossbar and goes out.
  • 69'
    This game will definitely leave a few lessons for Mexico's coaching staff. Will the two-striker set continue? Probably not.
  • 67'
    Salcido takes a shot from far out attempting to replicate his early goal but it's blocked. Mexico unable to break through last line of Guyana defense.
  • 66'
    SubstitutionP. Barrera E. Andrade
  • 64'
    Mexico pushing forward with more ferocity after conceding. Guardado gets a corner kick.
  • 63'
    Edgar Andrade looking to enter the game pretty soon. Chepo not happy with that own goal.
  • 62'
    Assist Gregory Richardson
  • 62'
    Own Goal H. Moreno
  • 61'
    SubstitutionGiovani dos Santos Á. Reyna
  • 61'
    ¡GOAL! ¡GUYANA! It's an own goal by Hector Moreno. Bad luck for the Espanyol man who defends a cross and changes its trajectory just enough to fool Corona.
  • 61'
    Ángel Reyna comes in for Giovani dos Santos.
  • 60'
    Oh, Richardson was creating a nice play at the edge of the pitch, but he lets the ball dribble out of the pitch. Goal kick to Mexico.
  • 58'
    Another chance for Chicharito who gets a shot off that's stopped by Williams.
  • 58'
    Awkward swing from Chicharito after a long cross that finds the Manchester United striker. No danger there.
  • 57'
    Good save by Corona after a nice effort by Guyana. And now a bad mistake leads to a chance for Cort! CORONA! Another save.
  • 55'
    Off-side negates a good opportunity for Aldo de Nigris to make it 4-0.
  • 54'
    Corner kick for Mexico. Guardado takes it short to Barrera who crosses and is denied.
  • 52'
    Replays show this might be an own goal, but scorers giving it to Chicharito thus far.
  • 51'
    Own Goal John Paul Rodrigues
  • 51'
    Assist Javier Hernández
    GOAL!!!!! CHICHARITO DOES IT! Mexico is up 3-0! What a great goal coming off a nice cross from Guardado, Chicharito breaks away from his marker and back heels it into a Guyana defender, it's an own goal.
  • 49'
    An absolute screamer from Zavala from far out. His shot goes just over the bar. Could have been Mexico's third, no doubt.
  • 48'
    Now Gio gets in a cross from the right side but Williams is there.
  • 47'
    Mexico not wavering from first half strategy, still trying to maintain possession and create havoc with crosses coming in from sides. So far, Guardado and Barrera have not been sharp, though.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionHoward Newton Gregory Richardson
  • 46'
    Richardson on for Guyana, looks to be an offensive substitution. Shabazz rolling the dice.
  • 46'
    Second half is underway. Guyana kick off but Mexico regain posession.
  • We're just about ready to start. Guyana make a substitution.
  • That does it. First half is over and Mexico will enter the break up 2-0.
  • 45'
    Jacobs! Nice shot from way out that troubles Corona slightly and obliges a dive from the Cruz Azul shot stopper.
  • 45'
    Ref adds one minute.
  • 45'
    Goal kick for Guyana after Chicharito's header is off.
  • 44'
    Pablo Barrera looking to offend down that right flank and is now met by two defenders each time.
  • 42'
    GUYANA! SO CLOSE! Ricky Shakes dives to try and head in a great cross off the left side from Cort, but he does not meet the pass with a header.
  • 40'
    Chicharito tries to capitalize off a bad mistake in the box by Guyana's defense, but his shot is forced and from an uncomfortable body shape.
  • 39'
    As Salcido takes a throw-in from 35 yards out, I count five Guyana defenders in the box, to three Mexico attackers.
  • 38'
    TV censoring the crowd's chant after the opposing goalkeeper clears. This is usually not done, and my Twitter timeline suggests it has something to do with the planned protests against a presidential candidate within the Estadio Azteca.
  • 36'
    After conceding two early, Guyana has tried to sharpen up its defense, but Mexico has been wasteful. This could easily be 4-0.
  • 34'
    Barrera to kick. It's short and out to Salcido, who pushes it to Meza. On to the right side to Gio who centers, Williams hits it badly and RIGHT TO RODRIGUEZ! MAZA! Over the bar...
  • 34'
    Guardado breaks free on the left side and fires in a cross that's sent out for a corner kick thanks to the Leon Cort header.
  • 33'
    Jamaal Shabazz, Guyana's coach, said winning in Mexico City would be akin to David and Goliath. He doesn't look like he has a slingshot in his pocket right now. Guyana can't muster any type of possession.
  • 31'
    Barrera has been a terror for Guyana so far on the right side. He gets to the end of the pitch and fires in a cross that is rejected.
  • 30'
    Good save by Williams. Giovani dos Santos runs up the middle and passes to Chicharito, who fires low with his right foot.
  • 29'
    Pablo Barrera tries a shot after a nice run off the right side, but his attempt goes wide.
  • 28'
    Rodríguez is now the only Mexican player who is in Mexico's half of the pitch, other than the goalkeeper Corona. 20 of the 22 players on the pitch occupy Guyana's territory.
  • 27'
    Corner kick for Mexico, headed away by Guyana.
  • 26'
    Chicharito, at 25 goals for El Tri since debuting in 2010, can crack Mexico's Top 10 of all-time with a hat-trick tonight. He's yet to score.
  • 25'
    Barrera gets off a long pass that reaches Guardado, but the Valencia winger swings and misses the volley.
  • 25'
    Giovani dos Santos cracks one over the bar, 2-0 still.
  • 24'
    Yellow Card Christopher Nurse
  • 24'
    Chris Nurse slams into Chicharito and is booked for the offense. Free kick.
  • 23'
    Chicharito is given freedom to move around on the pitch, Aldo de Nigris is a bit more fixed in his role towards the middle of the field. This could weigh on Chepo's thinking later on as he thinks up strategic options to take on the next matches.
  • 22'
    CHICHARITO! HITS THE POST! A great shot from the Manchester United man, who curves his shot past Williams but ultimately just unlucky.
  • 21'
    Mexico pushing its lines up a little bit, we see Severo Meza on the right side try and generate more offense with Barrera. Mexico is able to do this clearly because every Guyana player is in his own half.
  • 20'
    Barrera is fouled on the right side of the pitch, about 25 yards out of the goal.
  • 19'
    Corona takes a stroll in his box and grabs a long, floating cross. No danger involved.
  • 18'
    Mexico's getting some good confidence out of these first 20 minutes. Even Maza Rodríguez came up front and tried out a through pass.
  • 15'
    Assist A. De Nigris
  • 15'
    Goal Giovani dos Santos
    GOOOOOOAL!!!!! MEXICO!!!! GIOVANI DOS SANTOS SCORES!!!! The Tottenham man slams it into the net after Javier Hernandez and Aldo de Nigris set him up with fantastic back heel passing.
  • 15'
    Volley by Ricky Shakes is booted after a good cross. Guyana again try to answer back after conceding.
  • 15'
    This is going to be a long game for Guyana if they can't close down Mexican attackers near the box.
  • 13'
    Guyana a little deflated after the goal, Mexico gaining confidence moving up front.
  • 12'
    CHICHARITO! So close to making it 2-0 as his header off the Barrera cross is a little late and he's only able to touch the ball away.
  • 12'
    First shot on goal by Guyana, trying to answer back. It goes way wide.
  • 11'
    Goal C. Salcido
  • 11'
    Carlos Salcido rockets in a volley from outside the box after a pass by Barrera is cleared out by a Guyana defender. The Tigres man sizes it up and just powers it past Williams. 1-0, Mexico.
  • 10'
    Good cross by Guardado cleared right in front of Williams' net.
  • 9'
    Andrés Guardado is holding his ankle a bit after taking a knock earlier. Mexico surely hoping it's not serious. Off-side to Guyana.
  • 7'
    Oh my, and Guyana waste one! Newton was wide open at the top of the box and is not able to hit the ball on the volley off a great cross.
  • 6'
    Mexico's biggest win is a 13-0 rout of Bahamas in April of 1987.
  • 5'
    Guyana's biggest loss ever on the international stage is a 7-1 drubbing to Colombia - two weeks ago.
  • 5'
    Dangerous pass to Guardado nicely defended by Newton who clears the ball out.
  • 4'
    And yet another goal kick for Guyana, who are losing possession as soon as the ball touches the pitch. Guardado takes it this time off the left side and gives to Salcido. Long pass to Barrera but the West Ham man can't handle it.
  • 3'
    Guardado's free kick is offline and Guyana get a goal kick.
  • 2'
    Interesting to see that De La Torre has gone with two strikers tonight, when most of the friendlies were tailored for either De Nigris or Chicharito to be alone up front.
  • 2'
    Chicharito goes down and is fouled about 25 yards from the goal. Free kick opportunity for El Tri.
  • 2'
    Guyana clears a goal kick and Shakes is there to try and push the ball into the box, but he's muscled off possession by Meza.
  • 1'
    IT'S TIME TO PLAY SOME FÚTBOL. Mexico takes possession early and pushes forward.
  • Mexico wearing traditional green shirts, white shorts and red socks. Guyana all in yellow.
  • We're ready to go.
  • Let's make this thing interactive. Leave us your comments beneath this play-by-play and we'll fire back.
  • Guyana's starting lineup: Williams, J. Newton, Rodríguez, L. Cort, Moore, Shakes, Nurse, C. Cort, McKinnon, Jacobs, H. Newton.
  • Guyana will trek onto the pitch in search of a miracle. Mexico has lost just once in the Estadio Azteca during the WC qualifiers. It happened in 2001, to Costa Rica.
  • No big surprises. Corona gets the nod as the starting goalkeeper, we'll see a two striker set up front with Chicharito and De Nigris, and Rafa Márquez's injury holds him out of the first qualifier, as expected.
  • This is Mexico's confirmed starting lineup for tonight: Corona, Rodríguez, Moreno, Salcido, Severo Meza, Zavala, Guardado, Barrera, Dos Santos, Aldo de Nigris and Chicharito.
  • I am Eric Gomez and you can follow me on Twitter @goaleric
  • Welcome to's coverage of the 2014 World Cup Qualifying Tournament. Mexico and Guyana will face off tonight at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, Mexico.