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  • November 15, 2011
  • • 12:15 PM
  • • Stadion Stožice, Ljubljana
  • Referee: R. Schörgenhofer

Live Commentary

  • If the U.S. can continue its play from the first half, Klinsmann's impact might be beginning to show. Once again, this is Alex Labidou. Feel free to follow me at @Sportslab on twitter for the latest inside information and updates.
  • 90' + 5'
    Game over, Klinsmann gets his second win as coach.
  • 90' + 4'
    SubstitutionMichael Bradley Robbie Rogers
  • 90' + 4'
    Yellow Card Carlos Bocanegra
  • 90' + 4'
    Slovenia takes a close range free kick that sails just past Howard at goal.
  • 90' + 3'
    Rogers is coming for Bradley
  • 90' + 2'
    Klinsmann's players are grinding out trying to pull off the US' first win since 2008.
  • 90'
    SubstitutionKyle Beckerman Jones
  • 90'
    Yellow Card Nejc Pecnik
  • 90'
    Four minutes of stoppage time.
  • 90'
    Jones is coming in for Beckerman.
  • 88'
    SubstitutionArmin Bačinovič Dejan Lazarevic
  • 87'
    Goodson takes a huge risk sliding into a tackle in the box but luckily he gets all ball.
  • 84'
    Since Edu's inclusion the U.S. has appeared a bit more steady in the midfield.
  • 83'
    Williams is coming in for Chandler, who wasn't solid in the second half.
  • 82'
    SubstitutionTimothy Chandler Daniel Williams
  • 80'
    SubstitutionZlatan Ljubijankic Nejc Pecnik
  • 79'
    SubstitutionTim Matavz Zlatko Dedic
  • 78'
    SubstitutionEdson Buddle Maurice Edu
  • 77'
    Altidore is now playing as lone striker in this formation.
  • 75'
    Edu is coming for Buddle and this is clearly a defensive move.
  • 72'
    The U.S. has played on its backheel since the beginning of the second half and the attacking play has dissipated a bit.
  • 70'
    SubstitutionAndraz Kirm Dare Vrsic
  • 67'
    A poor pass from Chandler creates a dangerous counter attack that gets Slovenia into the box but the team can't take advantage.
  • 64'
    The U.S. appears less confident now. Bradley is still having a strong game but several of his teammates are having nervy games out there right now.
  • 62'
    Shea comes in for Johnson, who had a impressive debut.
  • 61'
    SubstitutionFabian Johnson Brek Shea
  • 61'
    Goal Tim Matavz
  • 60'
    GOAL!!!! Matavz gets one in past Howard in the box. The U.S. has let Slovenia get inside the penalty area too many times and were burned.
  • 59'
    What a crazy set of events off of a Slovenia corner!!!! Matiaz's header hits the top post. Suler misses the rebound and the U.S. kicks the ball out.
  • 58'
    Suler gets a wide open shot in the left hand of the box and his attempt just sails out of bounds.
  • 57'
    Brek Shea is warming up and should be soon for the Stars and Stripes. It will be interesting to see where Klinsmann will put him on the field.
  • 54'
    The mist is making it hard for players to find each other. Cherundolo should have crossed earlier to Buddle but couldn't see the forward.
  • 51'
    The U.S. continues to show its improvement under the 4-4-2 especially with Bradley in the lineup. The 24-year-old adds more ball movement and possession to the side.
  • 50'
    Slovenia is continuing to be aggressive, it is trying to get back into the game in front of its home fans.
  • 48'
    Matiaz breaks past several U.S. players from the midfield and gets into the box. Yet, once he broke free, he sends his finish sailing out of bounds.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionDarian Matic Valter Birsa
  • 46'
    SubstitutionJosip Iličič Rene Krhin
  • 46'
    Biesa almost equalizes for Slovenia as he takes advantage of a mistake from Cherundolo.
  • 45'
    Second half kicks off!! Slovenia has the ball.
  • Players are walking back on the pitch. Can the US continue its impressive attack?
  • What a half by the U.S., playing two strikers and the inclusion of Johnson and Bradley has made a substantial difference for the offense. If the U.S. can build on this result, it will be massive considering its away in Europe.
  • 45'
    The first half ends
  • 43'
    Penalty Goal Jozy Altidore
  • 43'
    GOAL!!!! Altidore bangs in the goal toward the left of Slovenia's keeper.
  • 42'
    The U.S. draws a penalty as Brecko klips the foot of Johnson inside the box. Altidore is taking the spot kick
  • 41'
    Goal Clint Dempsey
  • 40'
    GOAL!!!! Dempsey heads in a perfectly set up corner from Bradley in the box. Bradley has made an impact so far. Dempsey becomes the U.S. fourth highest scorer.
  • 39'
    Slovenia almost scores on a deceptive free kick but the U.S. manages to hold steady.
  • 37'
    Cherundolo sends a great cross into Dempsey who has a diving header in the box that just hits the outside frame.
  • 34'
    Buddle is called offside on a play where his header almost beat Slovenia's keeper Handanovic.
  • 33'
    The U.S. has remained aggressive which is a change from its performance against France where it appeared to be very tentative.
  • 29'
    Bradley finds Buddle on the wide left and the forward crosses the ball to Dempsey's head whose headed attempt sails out of bounds.
  • 26'
    Goal Tim Matavz
  • 25'
    GOAL!!! Matiaz gets one in after being Chandler and Goodson and finishes past Howard in a close one-on-one opportunity.
  • 23'
    The game has stalled in the midfield as Slovenia is trying to equalize with the U.S.
  • 19'
    Matiaz beats Bocanegra and challenges Howard with a deadly header that the keeper catches with two hands.
  • 15'
    Johnson has gotten off to a good start moving into spaces and creating chances.
  • 13'
    Khirin has a chance to get Slovenia back into the game but fails to strike with an accuracy.
  • 10'
    Jozy Altidore almost got one in!!! Johnson fed the striker in front of goal and a defender hurried his shot, forcing him to shoot above the posts.
  • 9'
    Goal Edson Buddle
  • 9'
    GOAL!!! Klinsmann's gamble pays off as Buddle hits a powerful shot from just outside the 18-yard mark. The former Galaxy star now has 3 goals in 10 appearance for the US
  • 7'
    Bradley launches a pinpoint free-kick that reaches the head of Bocanegra and the defender almost scored.
  • 4'
    The visibility is very poor today at Petrol Arena.
  • 3'
    Howard is immediately tested off a corner as a Slovenian header lands into the hands of Howard.
  • 2'
    Bradley's corner gets trapped in between the feet of Dempsey and Slovenian defender and jets into a counter attack.
  • 1'
    Fabian Johnson gets his first cap off with a great strike from just outside the box that earns the team a corner.
  • Kick off!!! The game begins and the U.S. has the ball.
  • Foggy conditions in Slovenia
  • Players are walking out on the pitch.
  • One surprising exclusion is Oneywu, who was participating in full training yesterday.
  • The U.S. has only scored 2 goals under Klinsmann's tenure. Will he be able to implement his offensive approach?
  • Here is Slovenia's lineup: Handanovic, Cesar,Suler,Jokic, Brecko, Bacinovic, Vrsic, Krhin, Ilicic,Matavz, Ljubijankic
  • Today's start marks Carlos Bocanegra's 100th cap. Well-earned for the U.S. captain.
  • Here is the US starting lineup: Howard, Cherundolo, Goodson, Bocanegra (captain), Chandler, Beckerman, Bradley, Johnson, Dempsey; Buddle, Altidore. This is the first time that Klinsmann has used a 4-4-2 formation.
  • Hey readers, welcome to our LIVE commentary of today's friendly between Slovenia and the United States. It is a rematch of last year's controversial World Cup fixture where the U.S. had a game winning goal called back for a mysterious foul. This is Alex Labidou (@sportslab) stay tuned as the U.S. tries to settle the score against Slovenia.