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Serie A

  • May 13, 2012
  • • 9:00 AM
  • • Allianz Stadium, Torino
  • Referee: G. Gava
  • • Attendance: 36000

Live Commentary

  • The full time whistle blows, and Juventus have gone the entire season unbeaten! Quite amazing. I've been Alex Mott, thanks for joining me.
  • 90' + 3'
    And that's it! The referee blows for full time, and the scoreline here in Turin is Juventus 3-1 Atalanta.
  • 90' + 1'
    Assist Marco Borriello
  • 90' + 1'
    Penalty Goal Andrea Barzagli
    GOOAAALLL!!! Barzagli scores from the spot to make it 3-1! The central defender smashes his shot at goal, leaving Frezzolini with no chance, as the ball sailed into the top left-hand corner.
  • 89'
    PENALTY! A throw in from the right for Juve, went all the way into the box, where Manfredini pulled down Borriello to concede the spot kick.
  • 88'
    SubstitutionGiorgio Chiellini Andrea Barzagli
  • 88'
    In being dispossessed, Chiellini slipped and looks to have pulled something. That could be a worry for Italy come Euro 2012.
  • 87'
    Bonaventura was unlucky there. He dispossessed Chiellini 40 yards from goal, and drove forward with the ball. He got into the box, but Lichtsteiner charged back, and made a vital last-ditch tackle.
  • 85'
    It's going to be a nervy last five minutes here. Juventus will be desperate to end the campaign with a win, but it's all Atalanta at the moment.
  • 83'
    Assist Gianpaolo Bellini
  • 83'
    Own Goal Stephan Lichtsteiner
    GOOOAAALLL!!! And Atalanta have one back! A cross from the right by Bellini went all the way across the box, and Lichtsteiner was there to inadvertantly put it into the back of his own net.
  • 82'
    SubstitutionRiccardo Cazzola Luca Cigarini
  • 81'
    It's Giaccherini now for Juve. He gets the ball on the right-hand side, 15 yards from the touchline. The Italian looks to skip in between two Atalanta defenders, but Manfredini blocks the run and clears for the Nerazzurri.
  • 78'
    Bellini has it now for Atalanta. He bombs upfield with the ball, before putting in a decent cross towards the head of Denis. The on-loan Udinese man gets his header in, but Storari saves easily.
  • 75'
    This game has really died down since Del Piero went off. No one's really attacking with any intent, and both sides seem happy to just knock the ball about in midfield.
  • 73'
    Del Piero watch: the lap of honour is still going on, and some fans are now crying.
  • 72'
    Pepe gets it now on the left-hand touchline. He cuts inside Peluso, and once inside the area, goes for a shot at goal. Frezzolini though, gets down well, and stops it fairly easily at his near post.
  • 70'
    Quagliarella has his first strike on goal, but the effort from 30 yards goes well over the bar.
  • 68'
    Del Piero is still doing his lap of honour. Whilst the game is on. This is brilliant.
  • 67'
    Juventus come forward now for the first time in about 15 minutes. Pirlo plays it out to Pepe on the left-hand side, but the former Udinese man is flagged offside.
  • 66'
    SubstitutionMarcelo Estigarribia Fabio Quagliarella
  • 66'
    On the pitch though, Bonaventura whips in a corner from the right. It's played towards the far post, and headed back into the mixer. It's bundled out to Bonaventura, who smashes it first time at goal, only to see his effort hit the post.
  • 64'
    Del Piero is now doing a lap of the pitch, waving to the fans. Fantastic.
  • 63'
    Juve have taken their foot off the gas somewhat in this second half, and that's left Atalanta to try and bring this game back to life. Something that they are trying to do as Carmona comes down the right. He gets a cross in, but it doesn't beat the first man and Juve clear.
  • 60'
    The crowd are still singing Del Piero's name. And to be honest, the game has become a bit of a sideshow.
  • 58'
    SubstitutionAlessandro Del Piero Simone Pepe
  • 58'
    Del Piero comes off, and the reception is phenomenal. He bows to all four sides of the ground, with every single player shaking his hand. Unbelievable.
  • 57'
    Some excellent defending from Juve there. A cross from the right by Cazzola found Denis, who had his header blocked. The ball then went out to Carmona, who then had his volley blocked.
  • 56'
    Atalanta have a corner now on the right. It's whipped in by Carmona to the far post, where Manfredini is there to head back across goal. Lucchini dives at the ball, but he can't quite get his head to it, and Juve have a goal kick. So close from the Orobici there.
  • 53'
    Estigarribia has it for Juve on the left-hand touchline. He plays the ball inside for Pirlo, who, on the half turn, sprays the ball out first time to Lichtsteiner on the right. The former Lazio man tries to get around Peluso on the outside, but the Italian full back blocks his course and comes away with the ball.
  • 52'
    SubstitutionMaximiliano Moralez Manolo Gabbiadini
  • 52'
    SubstitutionE. Schelotto Nadir Minotti
  • 50'
    Lichtsteiner has it now for Juve. He brings the ball forward down the right to the byline, before winning a corner off of Peluso. The corner is taken by Del Piero, but it;s headed away by Lucchini.
  • 48'
    Borriello receives the ball now with his back to goal inside the area. He takes a touch, and turns Manfredini, before getting a shot away. Frezzolini gets down well though, and saves low to his right.
  • 47'
    Pirlo has waited until the last game of the season to MISPLACE A PASS. I suppose we'll let him off.
  • 46'
    We're back, and it's Juventus who get us underway, kicking from right-to-left.
  • @arg3tlam is almost poetic in his love for Del Piero: "Old habits die hard,especially when its 19 years we speak of. Alex,no one can terminate the contract that binds you to our hearts!" I'm welling up.
  • A superb early strike from Luca Marrone set the tone, but it's Alessandro Del Piero's goal that eveyone will be talking about. I'll be back in 15 minutes for the second half, but in the meantime, hit me up @alexjmott on Twitter.
  • 45'
    And that's it. The referee blows for half time here in Turin, with the scoreline: Juventus 2-0 Atalanta.
  • 44'
    That is stunning play by Estigarribia. Chiellini, from centre back, plays a long ball into the corner for the Paraguayan to chase. Against all expectations, he gets there, but his cross is to no one, and Atalanta clear.
  • 42'
    Giaccherini challenges Bellini by the left-hand corner flag, but the Italian comes in too late, and the referee blows for a free kick.
  • 40'
    Borriello wins a corner for Juve. Pirlo takes it from the left, and plays it short to Estigarribia. The Paraguayan then plays it back to Pirlo, but the former Milan man is offside.
  • 38'
    Marrone skips past two Atalanta players in the centre circle, and drives forward with the ball. He then sprays it wide right to Padoin, who comes forward to the byline. The former Atalanta man then cuts the ball back to Del Piero, but Manfredini closes down the veteran forward and blocks out the shot.
  • 35'
    CORRR. Borriello, on the left-hand side of the area, smashes a shot at goal, but the strike goes just over the bar.
  • 33'
    Bonucci does brilliantly well there. A through ball from Moralez looked to have found Denis, but the Italian defender came across, and just muscled the on-loan Udinese man off the ball.
  • 30'
    And straight away, Atalanta come up the other end, and attack Juve. Denis drives past Bonucci inside the area, but fires his shot over the bar from 10 yards.
  • 28'
    Assist Emanuele Giaccherini
  • 28'
    Goal Alessandro Del Piero
    GOOOAAAALLL!!!! And would you believe it? Alesandro Del Piero has scored! The veteran received the ball on the edge of the area, and with his second touch, just guided the ball into the bottom left-hand corner of the net. A wonderful goal by a wonderful player.
  • 25'
    Moralez receives the ball in the centre circle, and looks to clip a pass out to Schelotto on the right-hand touchline. His through ball is inch perfect, but the linesman flags for offside.
  • 24'
    @Realbossstory has this to say on the pink kit: "seriously stop hating on that reverse strip! We've drawn less in it. plus it's very eyecatching." Yes, 'eyecatching'.
  • 23'
    Giaccherini does excellently well to beat his marker down the left-hand flank. He then cuts inside and tries to slip the ball into the path of Borriello, but Lucchini slids across and blocks the pass.
  • 21'
    Schelotto, who's been one of the discoveries of Serie A this season, attacks with purpose down the right. He gets to within 10 metres of the byline, and whips a ball towards the far post and Bonaventura. The Italian though, fouls Padoin trying to get up and win the header, and concedes a free kick.
  • 19'
    I forgot to mention at the start of play: Juventus are wearing that hideous pink kit of theirs. Sponsorship, eh?
  • 18'
    @jelle_99 makes a very valid point: "This should be the last time the # 10 shirt should be worn by a Juve player. Forza Del Piero." Agreed.
  • 16'
    OOHHHH. That should have been 2-0! Padoin comes forward with the ball down the right-hand side. He takes it into the area, and unmarked, just has to strike it across goal. Instead, he tries to cut the ball back for Del Piero, but Manfredini comes across to clear.
  • 14'
    Atalanta though, aren't letting that early goal get to them. They bomb forward for Bonaventura, who wins a free kick, 25 yards from the Juventus goal. Carmona strikes it, but the shot goes well over the bar.
  • 12'
    That is some stike from the youngster who grew up around here. And it's also his first Serie A goal. Lovely stuff.
  • 10'
    Assist Marco Borriello
  • 10'
    Goal Luca Marrone
    GOOOAAALLLL!!!! And it's Luca Marrone who scores for Juventus!! Borriello made a darting run into the area, backheeled the ball to the youngster, who then fired it first time into the top left-hand corner of the net. 1-0. And what a finish.
  • 8'
    OHHH. So close for Juventus! Del Piero drops deep, and slips the ball into Borriello's path on the edge of the area. The former Milan man strikes it first time, but the shot goes just wide of the left-hand post. Great chance.
  • 6'
    The Pirlo-Lichtsteiner combination works its magic again, as the Swiss international wins a corner for Juve. The ball is whipped in from the right by Del Piero, but Manfredini manages to clear the ball.
  • 5'
    Atalanta certainly aren't going to roll over and let Juventus stroll to victory here. Another deep cross from Bellini goes to the head of Denis. This time though, Chiellini gets across and heads away the danger.
  • 3'
    WOOFFF. A chance early on for Atalanta. A cross from Bellini goes to the head of Moralez, but Storari manages to tip the ball over the bar.
  • 2'
    Play is stopped as Del Piero pulls up. He looks ok though.
  • 2'
    Manfredini gets the ball at centre back, and looks to play a long ball up field to the head of Denis. Estigarribia though, gets up well, and heads away.
  • 1'
    Atalanta will get us underway, kicking from right-to-left.
  • @Realbossstory is taking his love for Del Piero to new levels: "4 years ago told my friends i'd stop watching football when Del Piero left Juve...2 more games til that happens."
  • Here we go then. The players are leaving the tunnel, with the atmosphere here at Juventus Arena absolutely exhilarating.
  • Only five minutes to go until kick off here at Juventus Arena. Are the Bianconeri going to go the whole season unbeaten? Let me know what you think @alexjmott on Twitter.
  • And as always, if you have anything to say on today's game, or the campaign, hit me up @alexjmott on Twitter.
  • Only 15 minutes until kick off here in Turin, and the party atmosphere has started already.
  • Atalanta (4-4-1-1): Frezzolini; Bellini, Lucchini, Manfredini, Peluso; Schelotto, Carmona, Cazzola, Bonaventura; Moralez; Denis.
  • Juventus (4-3-3): Storari; Lichtsteiner, Bonucci, Chiellini, Estigarribia; Marrone, Pirlo, Padoin; Giaccherini, Borriello, Del Piero.
  • Stefano Colantuono's side have had a magnificent first season back in Serie A though, and with a win today can finish in the top half.
  • This looks like a foregone conclusion today: Juventus haven't lost to Atalanta in nearly eight years, and have conceded, in 19, the least amount of goals of any side in Europe's top five leagues this season. And, the reverse fixture earlier on in the campaign saw Juve win 2-0 in Bergamo.
  • As well as hoping to finish the season unbeaten, the Old Lady will want to bid a fond farewell to Alessandro Del Piero, who plays his last game for Juventus today.
  • Good afternoon Serie A fans, and welcome to's LIVE, play-by-play coverage, of Juventus vs Atalanta. This is, of course, the last game of what's been a magnificent season, and the Bianconeri will be looking to end the campaign unbeaten as they face up against an Atalanta side that have been superb in their first season back in Italy's top division.