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Premier League

  • March 20, 2011
  • • 12:00 PM
  • • Stamford Bridge, London
  • Referee: C. Foy
  • • Attendance: 41741

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 5'
    ...and with that, I'm signing off. Again, Shane Evans (@shanevans) here with you, saying Godspeed and Golden Balls! Good day, all!
  • 90' + 5'
    Is the title race back on? If you ask any Chelsea fan, you'll get a resounding 'yes' as your answer. Still much to play for...
  • 90' + 5'
    There goes the final whistle. Chelsea 2-0 Manchester City. Two goals by the Blues two Brazilians. City really had nothing in this match today.
  • 90' + 3'
    The result will see Chelsea jump over City into third place.
  • 90' + 2'
    Yellow Card David Luiz
  • 90' + 2'
    Assist Michael Essien
  • 90' + 2'
    Goal Ramires
  • 90' + 2'
    And that's that. Chelsea break on City and Ramires is the man who takes the ball from about 25 yards and cuts the defense to shreds. A quick bang with his right peg and the net bulges, thus ending the match. Fully deserved victory for the home side. 2-0 Blues.
  • 90' + 1'
    City see the ball bounce around the Chelsea area but they STILL can't test Cech. He hasn't had much to do all day...
  • 90'
    Yellow Card Aleksandar Kolarov
  • 90'
    Four minutes of extra time. That's one, two, three, fourrrrr minutes!
  • 89'
    Drogba continues his good form by forcing a corner out of Kolarov. Could see off the match here.
  • 88'
    Three minutes remain...
  • 86'
    Adam Johnson gets on the ball for the first time and can't do much with it. Chelsea looking too strong.
  • 85'
    Chelsea really pushing for a second here. City barely have had a touch on the ball in the last few minutes.
  • 84'
    You have to say that since he's come on, Drogba has been the difference maker. If you don't start him, he comes on firing.
  • 82'
    Let's see if City can push for an equalizer in the game's last 10 minutes...
  • 82'
    ...or Chelsea could add another?
  • 82'
    Ohhhhh Drogba puts in an enticing free kick from deep that misses three outstretched teammates inside the six-yard box.
  • 82'
    Yellow Card Gareth Barry
  • 81'
    SubstitutionJames Milner Adam Johnson
  • 81'
    SubstitutionYaya Touré Mario Balotelli
  • 81'
    Toure and Milner taken off.
  • 80'
    City to make an immediate reaction by bringing on Adam Johnson and Mario Balotelli.
  • 80'
    That'll surely be the points for Chelsea. Surely...
  • 79'
    Assist Didier Drogba
  • 79'
    Goal David Luiz
  • 79'
    GOAL!!! There it is! Drogba fires a rocket free kick in from the far side of the field and Luiz gets his head on the ball to push it past Joe Hart. The cult of Luiz continues to grow!
  • 77'
    SubstitutionSalomon Kalou Yuri Zhirkov
  • 77'
    Kalou coming off as Yuri Zhirkov comes on. A defensive move for the Blues...
  • 76'
    City have a quick jaunt in the Chelsea end and manage a decent chance that comes to nothing.
  • 74'
    The ball continues to stay in City's end but with nothing substantial coming from it.
  • 74'
    Still waiting...
  • 71'
    Yellow Card Edin Dzeko
  • 71'
    SubstitutionFlorent Malouda Nicolas Anelka
  • 70'
    SubstitutionFernando Torres Didier Drogba
  • 70'
    ...and Torres comes off still without a goal. Drogba on. Malouda also withdrawn for Anelka.
  • 69'
    Torres gets ball in the corner but Joleon Lescott handles him well.
  • 68'
    Yellow Card Ramires
  • 67'
    Ruh-roh redux. Drogba AND Anelka getting ready to come on. Mr. Carlo really wants these points.
  • 67'
    City win a free kick that is directed at Dzeko who flicks it past the far post with a tricky back header type thing.
  • 66'
    Dzeko finds himself going up against Luiz once more as City break. Only able to shoot right at the Brazilian's feet though.
  • 65'
    This match could end 0-0. I hope I'm wrong.
  • 64'
    Less than 30 minutes remain. Still scoreless. Come on, lads! Give me something to go crazy about!
  • 62'
    Off a corner, Lampard gets the ball back in a good crossing position. Finds Ivanovic in the area who's open header is blocked by Kompany. Best chance of the match so far.
  • 61'
    Ruh-roh, Drogba and Anelka warming up on the sidelines. Could we see a 4-1-5?!
  • 61'
    Chelsea passing City to death here but simply cannot break through. The visitors are simply too compact and organized.
  • 58'
    Yellow Card Nigel De Jong
  • 58'
    Dzeko runs at Chelsea box with Luiz covering. The Brazilian comes out on top with a lovely challenge on the forward.
  • 56'
    City with a half chance as Silva slips in Toure on the far side of the box. Cech out like a shot to bundle it up.
  • 55'
    ...and he's back up, moving gingerly.
  • 53'
    John Terry down. John Terry down. Went lunging in for a tackle on Toure and appears to have really hurt something.
  • 51'
    Torres, Kalou, Malouda. Five passes, one great chance in front of goal that Malouda hits right at Hart. Should have scored.
  • 51'
    Lovely bit of work from Toure. Holds off one man, works around another and plays a lovely ball through midfield. Top class.
  • 50'
    Nothing comes of the dead ball.
  • 49'
    Chelsea work a nice little interchange at the top of the box. Kalou the last man with it as he gets a shot towards goal that's deflected for a corner.
  • 49'
    Our first glimpse of David Luiz pushing forward. Looks a bit clumsy today.
  • 47'
    Chelsea come out pressing, much in the way that they ended the first half.
  • 46'
    ...and we're off. Again!
  • Teams are back on the field with the kickoff seconds away! Woo!
  • Just a reminder, folks: this is's Shane Evans here with you doing LIVE commentary of today's match. For more, follow me on the Twitters @shanevans.
  • 45' + 2'
    ...and there is the halftime whistle. Chelsea were definitely the better side in a pretty fast-paced first period.
  • 45' + 1'
    On the corner...Terry gets head-butted by Kalou, falls, and gets kicked in the face by the same player. Tough as nails.
  • 45'
    Nearing the end of the half now. Just one minute of stoppage time to come...
  • 45'
    City win a corner thanks to some hard work by Aleksandar Kolarov
  • 42'
    As I say that, Kalou gets the ball from a Malouda cross. Quick turn and fires straight at Hart who catches confidently.
  • 41'
    Kalou looks Chelsea's best player in the first half. Shows De Jong his heels with some nifty footwork. Gets ushered out of play though.
  • 40'
    Nope, no stitches. Some grease will do the trick for now.
  • 39'
    Malouda coming off. Apparently needs to get his head sewn back together. Stitches, you see.
  • 37'
    Torres looks hungry. Hungry for GOALS!
  • 36'
    Well, that was nice. Torres takes a pass at the edge of the box and flicks it on behind him to Ramires. The Brazilian then plays in Lampard who has his shot blocked by Vincent Kompany. A goal is coming, people...
  • 34'
    Kalou and Torres break after a lovely touch by the Ivorian. He slides it to Torres who gets blocked off by De Jong. Nice work by both teams. Out for a corner...that comes to nothing.
  • 34'
    Over a half an hour into the match and no cutting edge chances to be spoken of. To be expected, I suppose.
  • 33'
    Chelsea taking their time in the set up. Some nice passes. Until the final one that is given away.
  • 31'
    Milner has a crack from about 25-yards. Wasn't one of his best efforts.
  • 29'
    City working hard as Toure and Milner link but again, nothing comes of it.
  • 26'
    Yellow Card James Milner
  • 26'
    Lampard then fires the rangey free kick right into the bottom of the wall.
  • 25'
    The following play? Milner fights to get possession back but his tackle is sloppy and he's given a yellow.
  • 25'
    Toure bursts through the middle and plays to Milner who passes right into Cech's grasp. Could have been a big moment for City.
  • 23'
    Chelsea work the ball through into the area but Lampard was about a Tevez-length offsides as he shoots hard at Hart.
  • 22'
    Torres working hard to get into the box and put in a cross. Showed some great explosiveness. Didn't come to anything though as Hart punches away his cross.
  • 20'
    Chelsea definitely looking the better side going forward but City are defending admirably at the moment.
  • 18'
    Franky Lampard has a go with his left foot from just outside the box. Result? Sails over. Keeping the pressure on though.
  • 17'
    Both teams are playing quite narrow at the moment with the six midfielders preferring to keep things through the middle.
  • 16'
    City seeing a bit of the ball in these last few minutes but not making anything of it.
  • 14'
    The ball is dashed into the box by Kalou. Has it bounce away from him to Ashley Cole who puts his foot behind it and powers it over the crossbar. Chelsea definitely looking like the more eager side at the moment.
  • 13'
    Malouda works down the left and fires a shot in on a very tight angle. He's the side netting.
  • 12'
    Kalou and Ramires have a nice exchange but end up running into each other as the ball rolls to Joe Hart. Unfortunate end to a nice move.
  • 11'
    Fernando Torres with lots of space, passes the ball to Kalou who really had no chance of getting on to it. Wasted chance for the home side.
  • 10'
    End to end stuff here. City with a half chance at one end that immediately is brought back to their goal by Chelsea. Excitingggg.
  • 8'
    Another foul on Chelsea. This time it's Ramires. The Blues are not messing around in the early minutes.
  • 7'
    Michael Essien isn't afraid to get tucked in. Takes out Dzeko with a hard challenge but the whistle is for his handling of the ball. DeJong'ed.
  • 6'
    Yaya Toure gets a hard low shot on Petr Cech who parries affectively. Nice effort by the Ivorian.
  • 5'
    Dzeko and David Luiz do battle in the Chelsea box but it's pushed wide. Two big money EPL newboys there.
  • 4'
    The teams are lined up in similar formations with 4-3-3 being the preferred set-up.
  • 2'
    Chelsea content knocking the ball around the back to start. Not being very adventurous.
  • 1'
    ...and we're off!
  • A moment of silence for those who suffered through the tragedy in Japan.
  • The teams are on the field and we'll be kicking off soon.
  • For Chelsea, we won't be seeing Didier Drogba or Nicolas Anelka either. All on Fernando Torres to get it done.
  • No Carlos Tevez for Manchester City today as the Argentine striker is out with a groin strain. Looks like the attacking load will be on Edin Dzeko's shoulders.
  • Hello everyone!'s Shane Evans here with you for some live commentary of today's Chelsea-Manchester City match. Hope you enjoy it!