1 (8) vs 1 (9)
August 6, 2013 6:30 PM EDT
44′ (PG) Arturo Vidal
0+92′ (PSO) Claudio Marchisio
Andrea Ranocchia 0+92′ (PSO)
0+93′ (PSO) Fernando Llorente
Ricardo Álvarez 0+93′ (PSO)
0+94′ (PSO) Andrea Pirlo
Mauro Icardi 0+94′ (PSO)
0+95′ (PSO) Arturo Vidal
Ishak Belfodil 0+95′ (PSO)
0+96′ (PSO) Angelo Ogbonna
Parick Olsen 0+96′ (PSO)
0+97′ (PSO) Martín Cáceres
Marco Andreolli 0+97′ (PSO)
0+98′ (PSO) Giorgio Chiellini
Á. Pereira 0+98′ (PSO)
0+99′ (PSO) Paolo De Ceglie
Jonathan 0+99′ (PSO)
Pablo Carrizo 0+101′ (PSO)
Inter Milan claim seventh place at the International Champions Cup with a mammoth 9-8 shootout win over Juventus. That's it from me, Mohammed Ali, tonight. I'll be back for the start of the new Ligue 1 season on Friday - join me then! Good night!
FULL-TIME in the seventh place play-off at the SunLife Stadium in Miami. The game will go to penalties.
Pen SO Goal Pablo Carrizo
It's the goalkeeper Carrizo to win the game for INTER -- AND HE SCORES!!! FANTASTIC PENALTY!!! What a strike. Inter claim seventh place, winning 9-8 on pens after a 1-1 draw.
Pen SO Miss Mauricio Isla
Next up it's Mauricio Isla --- SAVED BY CARRIZO!! Finally, what a save by the goalkeeper. Is the end in sight. Juventus 8-8 Inter.
Pen SO Goal Jonathan
Pen SO Goal Paolo De Ceglie
Jonathan up next for Inter, dear me, when will this end?! GOAAAAL!!! Straight down the middle, beats Storari easily. Juventus 8-8 Inter
De Ceglie up next for Juventus --- GOOOOOOAL!!! Goalkeeper goes the right way again, as has been the case, he almost gets a hand but it squirms in!! Juventus 8-7 Inter.
Pen SO Goal Á. Pereira
Pen SO Goal Giorgio Chiellini
Alvaro Pereira next for Inter Milan --- GOOOOOOAL!! Slotted in with ease, what a strike. Juventus 7-7 Inter.
Giorgio Chiellini up next -- GOOOOOAL!! Just about, squirms under the reach of Carrizo and in! Juventus 7-6 Inter
Pen SO Goal Marco Andreolli
Pen SO Goal Martín Cáceres
Marco Andreolli next up for Inter --- GOOOOOAL!! Curls it past the goalkeeper with a fine attempt - Juventus 6-6 Inter.
Caceres up next for Juventus --- GOAL!! Sends Carrizo the wrong way. We might be here all night folks. Juventus 6-5 Inter
Pen SO Goal Parick Olsen
Pen SO Goal Angelo Ogbonna
Olsen - he can't miss ------- but GOOAAL!!! Strikes it low, and into the net. Juventus 5-5 Inter.
Into sudden death now, Angelo Ogbonna for Juventus ----------- GOOOAL!! A fine shot, into the top corner, with Carrizo having no chance with that penalty. Juventus 5-4 Inter.
Pen SO Goal Ishak Belfodil
Pen SO Goal Arturo Vidal
Ishak Belfodil - if he misses, Juventus win the game --- but GOOOOOOOOAL!!! 4-4 it is, out of five taken by each team. Fires the ball with aplomb.
Arturo Vidal for Juventus -------- GOAAAL!!! Powerful, low effort and it's a fine penalty. Juventus 4-3 Inter.
Pen SO Goal Mauro Icardi
Pen SO Goal Andrea Pirlo
Mauro Icardi next up for Inter ---- GOOOOOOOAL!!! It wouldn't be a shootout without a PANENKA! Lovely chip down the middle. Juventus 3-3 Inter.
Andrea Pirlo for Juventus --- GOALLLL! Stunning effort that, powerfully placed past Carrizo. Juventus 3-2 Inter.
Pen SO Goal Ricardo Álvarez
Pen SO Goal Fernando Llorente
Ricky Alvarez for Inter -------- GOAL!!! Alvarez caps off a fine encounter, with a well-taken penalty. Top corner. Juventus 2-2 Inter.
Llorente now for Juventus --------- GOAL!!! Brilliant low effort, despite Carrizo going the right way, it's too powerful for him to get any reach to it. Juventus 2-1 Inter.
Pen SO Goal Andrea Ranocchia
Pen SO Goal Claudio Marchisio
It's RANOCCHIA for Inter ---------- GOAL!! Goes exactly the same as Marchisio, sends the goalkepeer the wrong way. Juventus 1-1 Inter.
It's MARCHISIO for Juventus --------- GOAL!! Sends the goalkeeper the wrong way. It's a superb penalty. Juventus 1-0 Inter
Pen SO Miss Fredy Guarín
Pen SO Miss Sebastian Giovinco
It's Guarin to take for Inter -------- and it's SAVED!! Weak shot, and it's simple for Storari.
First to take is Sebastian Giovinco ------------ and it's SAVED!!! Superb stop by Carrizo, who does brilliantly well to deny the forward.
FULL-TIME: Juventus 1-1 Inter - PENALTIES TO COME.
Inter making a late charge for the victory as Jonathan pulls the ball pack for Olsen, who fails to connect cleanly with the ball.
Edging towards the end of the match here; and we're still level. The stadium is filling up for the second game - the fifth placed play-off between Everton and Valencia, whick kicks off at 21:00 Eastern time, 02:00 in the UK, 03:00 in Europe.
Andreolli watches Llorente, who is a danger in the area, Chiellini attempts to get the final touch but Carrizo holds firm to grab the ball.
Well, he has succeeded! Giovinco takes the free-kick with power, and strikes the ball off the wall and out for a corner. He's to take that as well.
Giovinco is tripped up under the challenge from the midfielder, and Juventus get another free-kick about 25 metres out. Giovinco attempts to talk Pirlo out of it, but the midfielder isn't having that....
Alvaro Pereira goes down clutching his hamstring, after a tough collision with Mauricio Isla. The Uruguayan should be fine, nonetheless.
Into the final ten in Miami, and in the seventh place play-off it's Juventus 1-1 Inter.If scores are level at 90 minutes, we head to a penalty shootout.
Vidal makes contact with Ranocchia and again goes to ground, but referee Toledo issues play on, and Carrizo restarts play from the back.
Belfodil still hunting for the Inter winner, but he in the end gets Caceres, who is awarded a free-kick. Juventus playing a dangerous game at the back.
PIRLO! What a shot, what a strike, and it's OFF THE POST!! Carrizo rooted to the spot, and well away from the action, as Pirlo's effort cannons off the woodwork!
Substitution Zdravko Kuzmanovic Ishak Belfodil
Free-kick to Juventus after Vidal goes to ground once more, and is awarded a free-kick right on the edge of the area for his trouble.
SUBSTITUTION - Inter: Ishak Belfodil on for Zdravko Kuzmanovic.
Yuto Nagatomo, who has largely been ineffective tonight races forward and fires a long shot towards goal. Saved by Marco Storari.
An all new front line for Juventus, who are aiming to bag another goal in the remaining time before a penalty shootout if the scores are level after 90 minutes.
Substitution Mirko Vučinić Sebastian Giovinco
Substitution Carlos Tévez Fernando Llorente
JUVENTUS SUBSTITUTION - Carlos Tevez off for Fernando Llorente. Meanwhile, Sebastian Giovinco is on for Mirko Vucinic.
Zdravko Kuzmanovic is limping here, with Inter readying a few substitutions as we approach the last 20 minutes.
Isla wins a corner off of the defender, after good work by Vucinic who was fed the through ball in turn by Tevez. Lovely defending from Inter here, who are aware of every threat.
Ricky Alvarez drifts in a cross on the edge of the area, but that's headed away first time by Giorgio Chiellini. Another cross-field ball towards Tevez is roundly dealt with by Ranocchia.
Both sides relinquishing possession pretty quickly here, as they struggle to maintain their authority on the ball. It's turned into a training ground sort of game, lack of fluidity.
Slight lull in play, what with the spate of substitutions. Meanwhile, Andrea Pirlo has a cross with substitute Carrizo punching the ball away - the goalkeeper has replaced Handanovic meanwhile.
Substitution Stephan Lichtsteiner Mauricio Isla
Substitution Gianluigi Buffon Marco Storari
Substiutions for Juventus - Mauricio Isla and Marco Storari are off for Gianluigi Buffon and Stephan Lichtsteiner.
Substitution Esteban Cambiasso Parick Olsen
Substitution Kwadwo Asamoah Paolo De Ceglie
Couple of substitutions -- Juventus: Kwadwo Asamoah is off for Paolo de Ceglie. Inter -- Patrick Olsen is on for Esteban Cambiasso.
MARCHISIO! Into the side-netting. Fine chance for Juventus to take the lead, and the Italy international fails to strike on target.
Oh, Kuzmanovic. Brilliant thinking from Palacio, who takes the free-kick quickly and releases Kuzmanovic who steals a march on Asamoah. But the control is so poor, and the ball is out for a throw-in. Frustrating.
Cambiasso concedes a free-kick for what was effectively a kick at Marchisio's backside there, but play continues. Juventus really hitting the spot with a couple of fine long range passes.
Asamoah's being brought into the game more, playing some deft touches on the far side of the pitch. Pirlo chips a hopefull ball into the area towards Tevez, but Ranocchia holds clear to get a goal-kick.
Good technique from Vidal, who attempts the audacious from Pirlo's corner. On the edge of the area, fires on the volley towards goal, and under pressure from Kuzmanovic. Over the bar.
Asamoah does brilliantly to maintain a promising run off a cross-field ball from Lichtsteiner. Uses his trickery to hold off two defenders to strike at goal. Loses balance a little, but manages to get the shot away.
Fine piece of build-up play from Juventus, who lose the ball under the challenge of Guarin, with the Colombian leading the Inter charge.
Physio's on, and Cambiasso is fine to continue, as Juventus regain possession from the back. Lichtsteiner with a fine cross-ball to Asamoah, and Vucinic passes back to Pirlo to maintain the move.
Vucinic and Asamoah connect well down the right, but Asamoah is forced to track back under pressure from Juan Jesus. Cambiasso has gone down in the Inter box.
UNDERWAY IN THE SECOND HALF! No substitutions to report, its Juventus who get us started, attacking from left to right.
HALF-TIME in Miami - as both sides go into the interval level. Ricky Alvarez put the hosts ahead with a simple finish before Vidal's penalty equalised just before the break. Inter have perhaps the upper hand, but there's all to play for. Join me again in 15'
45′ +1
HALF-TIME: Juventus 1-1 Internazionale (Vidal 44' pen, Alvarez 29')
Into the one additional minute here at the SunLife Stadium in Miami.
Penalty Goal Arturo Vidal
GOAL! JUVENTUS EQUALISE! Superb penalty from Arturo Vidal, who can't really miss from there. The Chilean strikes with aplomb, despite Handanovic guessing the right way.
Good decision from the referee, but an appalling piece of defending from Juan Jesus. So amateurish, as he trips Vucinic, with the striker's back to him. Referee, who failed to award Juve a pen moments ago, does so now.
Inter should be 2-0 up here, with Palacio and Alvarez having an extremely productive first half here in Florida. Marchisio and Vidal combine at the other end, as they seek a break.
RICKY ALVAREZ!! Oh wow, what a run. Deserved a goal that. Fantastic dribbling which completely bamboozles Bonucci. He cuts in on his left, strikes on his right and slams the ball into the side-netting.
PENALTY? NO! The referee waves play on despite frantic calls for a spot-kick after Vidal was tripped inside the box. The official had a good view, mind. Inter are away on the counter....
Guarin, who has been decent so far in this encounter, again opts to shoot from distance, but this time, it's an easy catch for Buffon.
Vucinic and Tevez combining well up the other end of the pitch as Tevez aims to set up Marchisio on the overlap from Nagatomo, but the ball goes out of play, igniting frustration from the Argentine.
Corner for Inter and taken by Alvarez, cleared at the first attempt by Chiellini. It's been all the Nerazzurri in the last few minutes, pushing at the other end with a first half performance that Mazzarri will be happy with.
Palacio, looking quite sharp in Miami, and he's off again on the edge of the area, chased by Chiellini. He gets the ball over the defender, but with too much power to get the shot away, Bonucci in place to divert the ball away.
Moment of trouble at the back for Inter, and it's averted in time as Cambiasso hurriedly clears the ball under pressure from Tevez.
LICHTSTEINER! Almost the equaliser there. Brilliant build-up from Tevez, who picks out the Swiss international seamlessly on the wing, but on the bounce he attempts to lob Handanovic, and the result is - it goes over the bar.
That was also Inter's first goal in what is their third game at the International Champions Cup. About time....
Goal Ricardo Álvarez
GOOOOOOAL!!! INTER SCORE! Ricky Alvarez with the goal, after some fine work from Palacio. The striker turns his man inside out and with a low shot which Buffon spills into the path of Alvarez. Two Inter strikers, two v one, Alvarez slots home. Easy.
Inter open up the Bianconeri once more, with Kuzmanovic lifting the ball towards Palacio, but the final ball into Alvarez is too long, and the midfielder just can't get that in time.
PIRLO! Fired just wide of Handanovic's goal, but the Slovenian goalkeeper is forced to watch that all the way. Mazzarri unimpressed on the touchline.
Yellow Card Juan Jesus
Asamoah showing a fantastic bit of skill to bamboozle two Inter players, with a cheeky backheel. Ball into the path of Tevez, who is roundly hacked down by Juan. Yellow card.
Well, Palacio was offside - but Buffon wasn't to know that!
BUFFON! WHAT A SAVE! Brilliant from the legendary goalkeeper. Alvarez slips through Palacio with a finely balanced through ball, before the Argentine striker fires towards goal, Buffon getting down quickly to deflect the ball behind for a corner.
Inter step up their efforts and plough through the midfield with Cambiasso attempting to pick out Palacio, but it's a fine block from Caceres once again.
Good feel to this friendly, in what is essentially the seventh place playoff for the International Champions Cup. Both sides have fashioned decent opportunities so far.
MARCHISIO! The Juventus midfielder races down the other end and strikes his effort narrowly wide of the post with a low shot. Good try that.
GUARIN! Just wide, the Colombian picks up possession after Palacio's failed move, tees himself up but drags the ball wide, to the right of Buffon's post.
Fine defending from Martin Caceres, who stops the mazy run from Rodrigo Palacio. The Argentine capitalised on a loose, bobbling ball, turning in two defenders with his run before being kept in check by the defender.
Another free-kick, as Chiellini is felled by the challenge of Hugo Campagnaro, with the former Napoli man protesting the decision to the referee.
LICHTSTEINER! Cheeky delivery from Pirlo who chips the ball delicately out wide. Evades the forwards, but not the Swiss international, who races into position, but the tame header is simple for the goalkeeper.
Only 11 minutes gone, and the free-kicks are totting up, with Cambiasso going down under the challenge of compatriot Carlos Tevez, with the referee immediately awarding a free-kick.
VUCINIC! Poor, should've been 1-0. Fine delivery from Pirlo off the set-piece into a crowded penalty box. The Montenegrin gets his head on the ball first, with Caceres perhaps slightly blocking his way, and heads the ball narrowly over.
Vidal fouled on the edge of the area, with the referee awarding a free-kick the Bianconeri's way. Pirlo standing over this one.
Asamoah making progress down the left and fires the ball into the danger zone, after beating off the challenge of Campagnaro, but the shot is also beaten away by Handanovic.
Juventus now enjoying a spell of possession, as Inter hang off the ball slightly. Pirlo moves forward, and picks out Chiellini who lets fly from all of 35 yards and fires wide.
Conte looks on with hands clasped over his mouth as Vucinic goes down on the edge of the area. Play continues, as he collects the ball in off the flank, turns the defender and curls an effort over the bar.
GUARIN! Good save from Gianluigi Buffon, in the face of an encouraging start from the Nerazzurri. A cross is whipped in from the left, headed away into the path of Guarin on the volley. The Colombian lacks power on the effort, and it's roundly saved by the Juventus number one.
Chiellini feeds the ball to Vidal, who prompts a return, but the Italy international is penalised for a late push on his opponent.
The referee is already getting a little busy, asserting his authority after Kuzmanovic goes to ground. Positive start from Inter though, but Palacio fires the ball far over the bar despite a fine cross from the wing.
Free-kick given against Juventus, after Ranocchia is tripped by the outstretched leg of Vucinic. Great conditions here in Florida, nevertheless.
KICK-OFF - More than 10 minutes after the allotted kick-off time, we're underway at the Sun Life Stadium in the first Derby d'Italia game to be played outside Italy.
Slight delay in the kick-off time here, we're five minutes over the scheduled 18:30 local time start (23:30 BST, 00:30 CEST, But we should be getting on soon.
INTER XI: Handanovic; Campagnaro, Ranocchia, Juan Jesus; Nagatomo, Guarin, Cambiasso, Kuzmanovic, Pereira; Alvarez; Palacio.
JUVENTUS XI: Buffon; Caceres, Bonucci, Chiellini; Lichtsteiner, Vidal, Pirlo, Marchisio, Asamoah; Tevez, Vucinic
Later tonight, Everton take on Valencia in the fifth place play-off, with LA Galaxy featuring in the third place match against AC Milan, before Thursday's final sees Real Madrid face Chelsea in Miami.
Meanwhile, Walter Mazzarri's Nerazzurri side fared even worse, with no games won, and no goals scored. A 2-0 defeat to Chelsea followed by a stunning 4-0 reverse at the hands of La Liga side Valencia. Tonight, both sides aim to salvage some pride, defeat in this match will mean that side will finish last in this eight-team tournament.
Both sides' brief sojourn Stateside has been a rather disappointing one ahead of the new Serie A season that kicks off in just under three weeks. Champions Juventus lost both of their pool matches with a 1-1 draw to Everton followed by a 6-5 penalty shootout loss, before a surprising 3-1 defeat to Los Angeles Galaxy.
Firstly, let me introduce myself. I'm Mohammed Ali, and I'll be bringing you all the coverage from tonight's encounter, the first Derby d'Italia to take place outside the Italian peninsula. To quote Rodrigo Palacio pre-match, Inter v Juve is never JUST a friendly.....
Good evening and welcome to Goal.com's live text commentary from the International Champions Cup pre-season tournament in the United States. The final stages commence tonight, with Italian giants Juventus and Internazionale clashing in the seventh place play-off at the SunLife Stadium in Miami.
7th Place Final
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Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo
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Arturo Vidal Arturo Vidal
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Alessandro Matri Alessandro Matri
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