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World Cup draw - LIVE!
The United States, Mexico and 30 other nations will find out which group they will be placed in for the 2014 World Cup.

2:09 PM EST


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That's a wrap on the LIVE blog here on the USA side, but we'll keep getting you all the latest news and notes as they roll in.

Happy World Cup Draw Day everybody!!

2:05 PM EST


From our guys in Brazil.

Joachim Low about the weather and Klinsmann:
"We know that it will be very warm and the matches are going to be very hard and we'll have a special moment when we play against USA and Klinsmann. Its one of the most difficult groups and we must be careful at the beginning."

1:52 PM EST


Here's an article from Sporting News' from Mike DeCourcy that's well worth a read. (Click here)

1:45 PM EST


Fernando Santos (POR), Greece coach:

On his knowledge of his own team:

"I had four years with my players, I started to work in 2010 in Greece and players know me. It's possible we can do a very good job in this group."


"I have already been to Fortaleza, where I spent some holidays on the beach. I don't know Belo Horizonte. I know the rest of Brazil, I really know it and we will have some trouble with humidity and temperature in some places. In Greece it's very hot in that time but it's different due to humidity. I come very often to Brazil because my son came to live here and I know how hard is to prepare ourselves."

On where they will stay:

"We have to decide where to stay. Our first option was Sao Paulo but given the venues where we have to play, we will have to think a little bit. We will have to think in the distances."


"They are all balanced. Some group seems less difficult like ours, but you must know that a group like ours will be very open and anyone could beat anyone. If there's a good result, it's seems you can go forward. The groups are homogeneous."

On Colombia:

"As a team they are very good individually as some of their players have been to Portugal and I know them. Guarin, James Rodriguez, Falcao have been really good but the most important thing is how good they are as a team. I was really surprised on how good they are as a team. They are well organized defensively and offensively. Now, Colombia are favorites in this group because they don't have to travel much and the humidity won't be a problem for them."

1:32 PM EST


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1:22 PM EST


More from our guys in Brazil.

Carlos Queiroz, Iran manager:

"Great. I'm really satisfied. To us, the draw is a gift, it's a privilege to be here playing against the teams, that's why we came here. We get to play Argentina, with Messi, and Nigeria with a very strong group, so we're really happy."

"We will make that the focus in our preparation. We know it will be really hard, but that's our ambition. To some teams it's about each game, to Iran it's about each minute."

"Our players are used to these climate conditions. And anyway, these are the rules, we're not supposed to argue, we need to obey. We're here to enjoy and be happy."

"I think Italy's group is the toughest one. But now it's time to think, to be calm and make the best decisions."

1:18 PM EST


Cesare Prandelli on Italy’s “death group”

“We don’t have to be angry because of the draw, we’re at the world Cup and we must be happy. The toughest opponent? Costa Rica, because we don’t know them. Usually, when Italy is in a tough group, it always work out. Last year we experienced the Confederations Cup, so we already know all the problems - heat, distances, and so on. I’ll need 23 footballers, I’ll need 23 athletes”

1:14 PM EST


Roy Hodgson on England's draw: 

"Well it's a tough group, there's no doubt about that. I think a lot of people of course were saying they're in tough groups but there's no doubt that with Uruguay and Italy we've almost got two number one seeds in our group because Italy were very unlucky not to be seeded amongst the first eight.
"And of course we know how good they are because we lost to them on penalties in the quarterfinals of the Euros. But the good thing I suppose is that we know each other, which isn't such a bad thing, and the other thing I suppose which works in our favour is the game we've got in the north, where conditions are going to be tough climatically is that it's against another European team so we're both going to be in the same boat."

1:08 PM EST


Cameroon manager Volker Finke on Group A:

"The Mexican team - my friend Klinsmann we talk all the time and to play against Mexico he knows how difficult they are, we know in Germany that Mexico is a good team. In Cameroon we know them as well. They struggled to make the World Cup and went through the playoffs, but in the last years Mexico has been the best team in North America."

"They [Mexico] play big tournaments at a high level because they have a very strong financial base. They play technical football, this is a good level of play."

"It's a very difficult group: Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon and Brazil. It will be a struggle for second place."

"We know who the best Mexican players are. We know about the key players, but we're not thinking about that, we must prepare for the team."

12:52 PM EST


Early projections show the USA picked to finish third, just one percentage point behind Portugal and ahead of Ghana. Funny that the team that eliminated the USA in '06 and '10 is rated to finish fourth.

12:47 PM EST


Jack Wilshere on Twitter, seems to like where England ended up.

"Tough group...but so what? If we want to win it we will have to play the best teams anyway!!"

12:33 PM EST


On the other hand, history says this will be a bad World Cup for the USA, and the team will fail to slip out of the group. 94 the team advanced, 98 it didn't. In 2002 the USA had a magical run but 2006 came up short. The 2010 World Cup the USA won the group, and here we sit heading into a really tough group again in Brazil.

12:31 PM EST


The upshot for USA fans, if you're looking for positives: This is the type of group where it's likely that nobody comes out with a perfect record. A win over any of the three coupled with a draw could very well be enough to get the Red White and Blue through to the next round. And to be honest, getting a win over Ghana would be some kind of sweet revenge for the last two World Cup oustings. Also of note, Klinsman should at least have a good understanding of how to play Germany, and Portugal, while sporting the best player in the world at the moment, is the type of team the U.S. might be able to sneak a result from.

12:25 PM EST


Here's a fun image for the draw. Jurgen Klinsmann in his German playing days.

12:22 PM EST


Mexico and Honduras are both in much better groups. The USA and Costa Rica both got it rough. Costa Rica pulled Italy, England and Uruguay. That's not any easier than the USA's group. Mexico is in with Brazil, but with Croatia and Cameroon in the group there shold be a chance to make it through. For Honduras, the Group of Life, drawn in with Switzerland, Ecuador and France. Nothing will be easy, but there it is, on a platter for Honduras to pull an upset and maybe sneak through.

12:18 PM EST


So there it is. The USA, what a draw there. Ghana, Germany and Portugal. The Group of Death for the USA, but man a bunch of great storylines that leaves us with. Klinsmann against his old team, the USA facing Ghana again, and a rematch from the '02 World Cup against Portugal. What a run it would be to come out of that alive.

12:16 PM EST


Russia into Group H with Belgium.

12:16 PM EST


USA pulls Portugal into the Group. Germany, Portugal, Ghana and the USA. What a draw. The Group of Death it is for the USA.

12:15 PM EST


Argentina draw B&H for it's opening game in Group F. Great draw for Argentina again.

12:14 PM EST


Group E's final team is France. Ideal draw for the French.