Daniel Montenegro said America have what it takes to compete in both the Clausura 2011 season as well as Copa Libertadores.

America will have a difficult challenge lying ahead in the first half of 2011.
Domestically, America will try to reach the Clausura 2011 final, a goal set by club executive Michel Bauer at the end of the Clausura 2010 season. Internationally, the allure of Copa Libertadores awaits.
Does the team have what it takes to compete in both tournaments? Daniel Montenegro said it does.
"We feel that the roster is there to succeed in the two tournaments," Montenegro told Mexican daily Record. "It's just a question of believing in ourselves, to realize that both competitions are important. We start with the local league and we have to do it well, with a win, because it would be very important."
America will open the season at home against Pachuca and said his team was ready for the challenge.
"We closed out the preseason well, with energy, dreams and the hope that we'll be able to start the year off well," Montenegro said. "We're prepared to have a good game against Pachuca and start the year off on the right foot."
Such a start to the year would set a positive tone, and that would be favorable for the club given their difficult task and their lofty expectations.
"This is a big club who needs to win trophies," Montenegro said. "We want to win and we're working hard for that. We give our full effort in order to accomplish that, so it merely depends on us to get it done."