Goal Singapore Football Awards voting process explained

With the public voting process for the awards now over, take a look at the breakdown of how your votes help determine the eventual winner
The Goal Singapore Football Awards began two weeks ago on November 17, and we have now concluded the public voting process.

The Awards are the first all-inclusive football awards in Singapore and include five different categories, Player of the Year, Young Player of the Year, Foreign Player of the Year, Women's Footballer of the Year and Coach of the Year.

With almot 10,000 votes cast in total, the awards are fulfilling the goal of involving the public in our process of determining the winner.

To ensure a worthy winner is chosen and to eliminate public bias, we have established our own unique voting system that enables a winner to be selected, based on equal consideration for public opinion, and merit as determined by our Goal expert panel.

Hence, the Goal Singapore Football Awards winners will be determined in a thorough three round voting process.

Round 1:
- From November 17 to December 1, public votes for their favourite nominees.
- The winners of the public votes in each category, the Readers' Choice winners, are automatically handed two votes and given a bye to enter Round 3, the final round of voting.
- In addition, the lowest vote-getters of each category in Round 1 are eliminated.

Round 2 :
- 5 nominees from each category remain in contention with the lowest vote-getters from Round 1 already eliminated.
- The Goal expert panel votes on their favourite nominees. Only 4 nominees from each category are considered.
- Readers' Choice winners from Round 1 are not voted on and given immunity. They automatically enter Round 3.
- The lowest vote-getters in Round 2 for each category, based on the votes by the Goal expert panel, are eliminated.

Round 3 :
- At this stage, only 4 nominees from each category remain in contention, including the Readers' Choice winners from Round 1.
- The Goal expert panel votes on their favourite nominees. At this stage, the Readers Choice winners automatically receive 2 votes earned from the public in Round 1.
- The highest vote-getters in Round 3 for each category are declared the overall winners.

In short, the public serves as a crucial member of our voting panel, and your votes play a huge role in deciding who the eventual winners are. The overall winners of each category, the recipients of the Goal Singapore Football Award, will be revealed on December 8.

Round 1, the public voting process, ends this Sunday, December 1 at 1159pm. To ensure your favourite candidate remains in contention or earns the crucial two votes, do keep voting!

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