Fowler: We were more organised and had a younger team

The player referred to as "God" by the Liverpool faithful revealed what he thought were the reasons behind his Liverpool Legends team's IG Masters Football Singapore Cup triumph

There was no denying who was the best team at the IG Masters Football Sixes Singapore Cup 2013, as the Liverpool Legends cantered to the title with relative ease on Sunday afternoon.

And Robbie Fowler felt that his side had enjoyed an age advantage, which allowed them to dominate other teams.

“I just think the fact that there is a lot of good players out there, I think you probably need younger legs and we were probably one of the younger teams out there,” the Englishman said.

“But we were good, organised and we work really well as a team. When one of the defenders went forward, there would be two defenders [staying back] so we must be organised and comfortable.”

Fowler also paid tribute to the vocal Liverpool fans at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and expressed his gratitude for the support even though they were no longer with the club.

“We always enjoy it, we love coming to Singapore, it’s a brilliant place,” he said.

“The support we get over here is tremendous and I will probably look a little biased, but I think the Liverpool fans are by far the best in the world.

“Look, we have not played for a number of years but the support we get from them [just] because we are associated with Liverpool Football Club is immense and we are very grateful for that.”

As with all champions, the next target would be to defend their title and that’s what Fowler was looking forward to at the next edition of the tournament.

“We need to come back and try to defend it now, but the [main] thing is we enjoyed it, we came here to win and we did so,” Fowler concluded.

Photo: Dentsu Sports Asia