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The former Kop favourite showed his competitiveness with a strong display to help Liverpool Legends dominate its way to the IG Masters Football Singapore Cup 2013 title

Former Czech Republic midfielder Vladimir Smicer revealed his hunger to win after playing in -and winning - the IG Masters Football Sixes Singapore Cup 2013 with the Liverpool Legends.

Putting in attacking shifts reminiscent to that of his time at Anfield throughout the tournament on Sunday afternoon, Smicer said the only objective was to achieve victory.

“Anytime you play [in] something, you would want to win and I am happy we did,” the 40-year-old said.

After beating the EPL All Stars 7-5 in the final, Smicer credited the win to his team-mates, whom he felt were always going to be contenders.

“I enjoyed it (the win) because we had a very good team and I knew we can win this tournament and I am glad that we won it,” he enthused.

The former Kop hero could not resist having a dig at his opponents after ruthlessly triumphing over them, but he admitted that opposing striker Pierre Van Hoijdonk still impressed him.

“We controlled all the games, we were winning and we had more energy but we didn’t need it because we were better than the others," the ex-Czech Republic international chuckled.

“Pierre Van Hooijdonk scored many goals, and they were nice goals. [He] created many chances too, so he made an impression.”

Even though the event has just come to a close, Smicer expressed hops that he would be invited back again for the next tournament.

“If I have the chance to come again, and as I have friends here, I would be glad to come here,” he said.