Hitzfeld: No special plans for Messi

The Switzerland boss says his team will not man-mark the Argentina captain, who proved decisive in each of his side's group games in the World Cup
Switzerland have planned no special measures to deal with Lionel Messi when they meet Argentina on Tuesday, according to coach Ottmar Hitzfeld.

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The Albiceleste captain made the difference for his side in each of their World Cup group stage games and is second only to Colombia's James Rodriguez in the World Cup scoring charts.

However, Hitzfeld is confident that his team, as a collective, can deal with the 27-year-old and says they aren't planning especially for him.

"Man-to-man marking against Messi? No," he is quoted as saying by Blick, "[We'll use] a very well-functioning network.

"In this way each player needs his concentration and attention levels to be extremely high.

"We must correctly take care of all our essential [roles], be ready to anticipate and be error free.

"And in this way, we can stop Messi.

"I don't dream about Messi. I enjoy him when I see him play football. I am a fan of him, like everybody who likes football.

"However, nothing he does on Tuesday will be able to inspire me, regardless of how successful he is."